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7 Best Amazon Price Trackers To Always Get The Best Deal

Have you ever felt your heart sinking because the price of a product you bought on Amazon yesterday, has dropped today? You’re not alone. This happens to plenty of us, more often than you would think. And it’s not your fault that you didnt get the best price!

When a category of products begins to sell well, it sparks off a ‘sales war’ on Amazon. Competing sellers race to offer discounts, cashbacks or deals on the same category to catch a buyer’s attention. This is when you see prices for that trending category drop rapidly. To us buyers, this can be pretty unpredictable and we can miss out on some excellent deals. This is when the best Amazon price trackers come in handy.

How do the best Amazon price trackers work?

Price trackers are here to alert you to the lowest prices in this ever-changing marketplace.  The best Amazon price trackers use Amazon APIs to monitor the prices of the items that you choose. They automatically track any developments that are happening for those items and send you notifications when the prices drop to a range that you are interested in. Trackers can also be set up to notify you when a popular product is back in stock so you can get your hands on it before it’s sold out.

We’ve found some of the best Amazon price trackers for you!

Trackers are designed to do the heavy work of finding the best deals so, you can buy the product you have your eye on at the optimal price. This leaves you with a purchase that you can feel good about.

1. Carrot

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Want to get notified about price drops on the items in your cart? Try Carrot!

BUT WAIT! It’s not just something you can use for Amazon products, you can use Carrot to track your wishlists from any store on the web!

Organize your finds in neat shoppable collections, compare pricing, get notified for price drops, and even create gift registries from any store.

This ‘Pinterest for shopping’ app is a great shopping assistant that takes care of the nitty-gritty of shopping so you can reap the rewards!

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2. Keepa

For the best experience with this app, we recommend that you create an account so you have access to more features. You can do this for free. Keepa has the price details you need for products listed on 11 different Amazon marketplaces besides the US. This is over 3000 million products!

With Keepa, you are alerted to price drops, product availability, and the best deals available every day. You also have access to international product pricing and history charts for the prices of these products.

3. Glass It

Just enter the link for the product that you want to track and submit your email ID. Glass It sends you alerts if the price drops. You could also import your Amazon wishlists and track the prices of your favorites. Glass

It is an excellent tracker to get the price history of certain products and find good deals on them. This tracker has a website that you can use as well as apps that are android and iOS compatible. Browser add-ons are available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

4. Price Before

Track the prices of the Amazon products you’re interested in for free with this comprehensive app. All you have to do is paste the product link to the item you have your eye on. Price Before will pull up the product’s entire price history.

To make your shopping experience more efficient, it also lets you decide your price range and sends you alerts when the prices fit in there. You could also search for a certain category and filter the results for the highest and lowest prices, price drop time, brand, and so on.

5. Earny

Earny has your back when it comes to Amazon shopping. Not only does it notify you of the right time to buy a product but if you link it to your Amazon account, it can track the product price 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Additionally, it offers users a lot of fringe benefits including cashback on products from 4000+ brands. If your Amazon delivery is late, it lines you can get a refund as well. Using Earny for Amazon purchases puts you in the running for winning cash prizes and even Amazon gift cards!

6. CamelCamelCamel

This price tracker has been designed with a whole host of features, most of which are free to the public. It works for ecommerce markets not just in the US but also in other countries like Australia, Germany, Spain, the UK, and Canada, among others. It tracks your search pattern to throw up product suggestions that you may be interested in. This makes it all the more likely that you find the products that you’re looking for. 

Key among its many features are the browser extension availability, a chart with price drop analyses, a timeline of a product’s price history, and a management interface that allows you to track bulk product rates. Registering an account is optional on CamelCamelCamel. You’re also able to import your wishlist from Amazon to set up notifications when prices drop for your favorite items.

7. Honey

As a price tracker, Honey’s best feature is its droplist. You get to save items from different stores and receive a notification when the prices fall. The Honey app is compatible with both android and iOS phones. It’s also available as an extension for your Chrome browser. With the extension, you can add the products you want to track from Amazon marketplaces in certain countries.

Using the best Amazon price trackers isn’t just for people who are looking for good deals on their wishlists. These trackers are also great for sellers on Amazon including individual or family businesses and small businesses. These tracking tools can come in handy to keep tabs on their competitors’ prices.

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