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5 Best Coupon Apps of 2023 for Smarter Savings

5 Best Coupon Apps of 2023 for Smarter Savings

Back in the day, savvy shoppers gathered coupons from newspapers and magazines and spent hours organizing them into coupon folders or binders. That sounds like it was too much of a chore. Of course, a lot has changed since then. The rise of coupon apps has been a game-changer for super shoppers, and why not? With just a click, you can access incredible deals at your fingertips. 

Ready to explore the five best apps for coupons? Dive in, then!  

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1. Carrot


Source: Urban Outfitters Coupon Codes on Carrot

Shopping for as many products as you want while saving a good chunk of money sounds like a distant dream for super shoppers. And Carrot, the best app for coupons, is determined to make your dream come true. Every time you browse products from your favorite brands with Carrot, it will bring forth tons of coupon codes. You can use them during checkout and save extra pennies on already discounted items. 

Carrot AI

Coupon codes aren’t the only way to save money while shopping through Carrot. The recently launched “Deal Hop” feature further helps in maximizing savings. This AI-powered feature searches for similar products or dupes across various brands in different price ranges. That way, you get to save more on your orders. 



  • Access Carrot-exclusive coupons on all things from pet products and eyewear to beauty and cosmetics
  • Create mood boards, wishlists, and collections that you can later share with your friends and followers
  • Get recommendations for dupes or similar products across various retailers and shop smartly
  • Save up to 90% on each order by enabling the “Deal Hop” AI-powered feature
  • Receive timely notifications about price drops, the latest deals, and other offers on your finds


Carrot Pricing

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2. Rakuten


Source: Rakuten’s Official Website

Shopping is fun, but Rakuten is all focused on making it therapeutic. How? By offering you cashback for buying stuff. Getting cashback isn’t the only aspect that makes Rakuten great. But it also gives shoppers access to exclusive coupon codes that are hard to find. No wonder it’s among the best apps for coupons. Quite surprisingly, it has paid its 15+ million members more than $2 million. 

Waiting for a check to arrive in the mail isn’t a thing with Rakuten. This app pays its users through PayPal. As a first-time shopper, you’ll be in for a treat, which will pay you a $10 bonus after spending $25. 


  • Earn cashback and get coupon codes on everything from ride-sharing to electronics and clothes
  • Applies coupon code automatically to your shopping cart
  • Transfers cashback on PayPal 
  • Rewards are redeemable when you have $5.01 in your account


  • Free to use

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3. Ibotta


Source: Ibotta’s Official Website

An app offering you up to 30% cashback, and that too from top retailers—yes, that’s Ibotta— one of the best coupon apps for groceries. Visit online retailers through the Ibotta browser extension or mobile app and shop as you would otherwise. After that, Ibotta will calculate the cashback amount and add it to your earnings. Easy enough, isn’t it?

If you’re more of an in-store shopping person, Ibotta has you covered, too. All you need to do is open the app and scan the barcode of items you buy. If discounts are available on any of them, Ibotta will add those to your account as cashback. As your total earnings reach $20, you can cash them and buy whatever you want. 


  • Allows users to enjoy a more rewarded experience both online and in-store shopping
  • Linking loyalty accounts to Ibotta accounts allows users to earn cashback without hassle
  • Receive cashback in your Ibotta earnings within 24 hours of receipt submission
  • Sends offer alerts from nearby Ibotta retailers to help you earn whenever you shop


  • Available to everyone at no cost

4. Honey


Source: Honey’s Official Website

Your shopping experience could get a lot sweeter if you add Honey to your browser. After all, it saves you time and money by giving you access to coupon codes from 30,000+ retailers. Be it booking flights, buying shoes, or ordering pizza, you can use coupon codes for anything and everything. 

A feature we like most about the Honey extension is that it applies coupons automatically to your cart whenever it comes across one relevant to the store you’re shopping from. Price tracker is yet another feature that makes Honey among the best apps for coupons you can rely on to save money while shopping. 


  • Compares prices and factors in shipping on items you plan to buy on Amazon
  • Offers a reward program, “Honey Gold,” to its users to maximize savings
  • Automatically finds coupons across 30,000 stores and applies them


  • No fees associated with using Honey

5. Dosh


Source: Dosh’s Official Website

Love shopping from Adidas, Costco Wholesale, Casper, and other similar brands? Dosh is a must-have in your phone and browser in that case. Though a typical cash-back app, Dosh eliminates some of the trouble from the process. With Dosh, you can earn cashback without promo codes, barcode scanning, or receipt photos. 

So, how do you receive cashback? Well, you only have to link your debit card to the app. It keeps tabs on your purchase history and rewards you with cashback occasionally. 


  • Rewards users with cashback without scanning any receipt or paper coupon
  • Offers users a maximum of 40% discount on hotel stays
  • Doesn’t store or sell banking or card information 
  • Receive cashback on more than 10,000 brands, including Crocs, BOSS, and Lyft


  • Accessible by everyone free of cost

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Elevate Your Shopping Experience by Gaining Access to Exclusive Coupon Codes With Carrot

Elevate Your Shopping Experience by Gaining Access to Exclusive Coupon Codes With Carrot

Source: CVS Coupon Codes on Carrot

So, which of these five coupon apps are you planning to give a shot? If you’d ask us, we’d say Carrot.

Where you have to search for coupon codes in most apps manually, Carrot eliminates the hassle by gathering coupons from various retailers across the internet. That way, you can access coupon codes for all the items you need under one roof. 

That isn’t all; Carrot tracks all your unique finds and turns them into shareable collections.

Bumping into unique styles but don’t want to purchase right away? No problem. Add them to your wishlist and get notified about price drops. 

Carrot extension

Even better is its “Deal Hop” feature that comes in handy in finding dupes or similar items at a steal—need we say more, folks? 

Unlock a Treasure Trove of Exclusive Coupon Codes and Shop Affordably With Carrot 

Tap into a world of coupon codes to enjoy special offers and discounts so you can shop them at cheerful prices. With an easy-to-use interface, and the ability to create wishlists and mood boards and receive price drop notifications on your fav items, Carrot has made shopping easier than ever.