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70s eye makeup

The Most Iconic 70s Makeup Looks And Where To Buy Them

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The 1970s were a time of tremendous transformation! The hippie movement was in full swing, and the disco era erupted – giving way to new fashion and makeup trends. This decade is known for its unisex style, and the use of bright colors and natural textures. Check out some of these iconic styles and use Carrot to create collections to give a nod to add a touch of ’70s funk to your look!

70s eye makeup

1. Far out lashes

Great lashes can change your whole face! They bring out the depths of the colors in your eyes and make them look sexier and larger. Humans have been trying to accentuate our lashes since ancient times, but when Twiggy showed off her luscious lashes in the 60s, it took lash maximization to a whole ‘nother level! The bold fad carried over into iconic 70s makeup for many – especially icons like Diana Ross and Cher.

Source: Wikipedia

Embrace your inner disco queen with a couple of coats of mascara like this volumizing best seller from Lancome.

If you’d rather go the falsies route, Sephora reviewers are obsessed with these faux mink lashes from Lilly Lashes.

False lashes can be intimidating, we know! Step off the struggle bus with this easy lash applicator!

2. Eyeliner to the max

Eyeliner has been a staple throughout the decades – and 70s eye makeup is no exception! Some continued to embrace the super thick and bold liner of the 60s.

Channel your inner Mary Tyler Moore or Goldie Hawn with the ultra-precise type, Sephora’s liquid eyeliner features a super-fine-tipped applicator.

Many iconic 70s makeup looks shifted to a softer, more natural look. Farrah Fawcett, for example, was a big fan of a smoky eyeliner.

Get down with Urban Decay’s wildly popular glide on eye pencil – it comes in over 30 colors and even has metallic and glitter options to embrace the 70s glitter makeup trends!

3. Peace love, and pastel eye shadow

The First Lady of Rock was an icon of 70s makeup looks – Stevie Nicks loved pastel eye shadow!

Pastel eyeshadow has somehow survived decades of makeup trends… which means there are a ton of excellent options if you’re wanting to incorporate it into your 70s makeup looks! Check out this Huda Beauty pastel obsessions palette, for starters.

4. Glitter glam eyes

Cher was the queen of 70s glitter makeup! She sported disco glam in every color with a pastel, nude, or neon base. Cher was, and still is, fearless with her eyeshadow! If you’re adding glitter to your lids, Carrot’s got you covered with a variety of popular, affordable, and well-reviewed options!

For glitter with a neutral base, this nude eyeshadow palette is exactly what you need!

Love an eyeshadow stick? So do we! This cream shadow stick is super versatile and available in metallic, shimmer, or matte so it can be used for daily wear or to dress up any look.

Iconic 70s makeup looks – Stone fox foundation

Look at these untouched, photoshop-free faces! We’re talking flawless finish without the filter.

You can’t get there without a stellar foundation. These are some of our favorites to give you a glassy glow.

Groovy foundations

Rare beauty liquid foundation comes in 48 different shades, so you’re sure to find a match.

With a tagline like “like your skin, but better!” this CC cream is a no-brainer. Full coverage foundation, sunscreen, and an anti-aging formula all in one!

Down with setting powder

Setting powder is the key to an impeccable face, extending the life of any foundation and reducing fine lines and pores.

Weightless, talc, paraben, and phthalate-free this mineral setting powder is an excellent option.

Boogie with bronzer

Bronzed beach babes ruled the 70s makeup looks. Luckily, these days we are embracing SPF rather than dangerously baking our skin in the sun! But that doesn’t mean we love the golden glow any less. This bronzing powder comes in four standard size varieties, and one color in the traveler’s size.

70s makeup looks – groovy lips

Lipgloss was a staple of 70s makeup, ranging from bright pink to nearly nude.

Get stoked about glossy lips

This lip jelly channels your inner Ali MacGraw. It comes in 9 colors, clear, and a shimmer finish to create whatever look you like!

If you’re more into a lip stain than a lipgloss, you’re in luck! With over 10 thousand reviews and almost 900k favorites on Sephora, this all-day liquid lipstick is a favorite!

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