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90's mens fashion

The Best 90s Men’s Trends Making a Comeback

Don’t call it a comeback! Or, maybe we should, as 90s men’s fashion has been making a major resurgence over the last few years.

Now, although many current fashion trends pull inspiration from the past, the return of 90s style is making a significant impact in men’s fashion. Influenced heavily by pop culture sitcoms like Friends and Hip-Hop music, the 90s embodied an era that ushered in new forms of self-expression through fashion. We started to see the creation of new styles like streetwear and grunge being shaped by youth subcultures. On the other hand, established heritage brands were crossing over to new demographics. Preppier brands like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger started making their way into Black men’s fashion in the board room and in music videos.

Like it’s said, fashion always comes back around. So, In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the ’90s men’s fashion trends that are making a comeback and ways to recreate them today.

The Oversized Suit

In the 90s, the suit changed from the office to the street. Usually reserved for the stuffy businessman, suits became dressed down and more casual. They were commonly worn loose, boxy, and oversized. You could find them paired with thin colored glasses, an open button-down, or a white t-shirt for an everyday or club look.

For that 90s nostalgia, check out this double-breasted, oversized nude suit from Asos to give you the classically casual look that embodied the smooth-talking man of the 90s.

The “Dad” Sneaker

The dad sneaker didn’t always have a good rep. Usually considered a look for the guy that has given up on fashion, the resurgence of this 90s men’s fashion has made it a wardrobe staple. And for that, you can thank designer brands like Balenciaga and Raf Simons. When this silhouette started appearing on the runways, this once ignored style was catapulted into the fashion must-haves for footwear.

The chunky, thick design makes for a perfect all-day wearing shoe. Plus, it can be dressed down for a sporty look or even thrown on with a suit for a true 90’s style throwback. Check out these high-fashion sneakers that give you an elevated look. This is not your normal 90s dad style because you’re a cool dad (even if you don’t have kids)!

Bucket Hats

Are you a fan of 90s hip-hop? Then you will recognize the bucket hat as a piece of rap history. Although this style was originally made in the early 1900s for use by fishermen, the style became popular with Black men’s fashion due to rappers RUN DMC and LL Cool J wearing them in the 90s.

These lightweight, circular hats, which resemble an overturned bucket on the wearer’s head (hints at the name), are the perfect ’90s style addition to your closet for the summer. Not only does the wide brim protect your neck, but it’s very on-trend. Try this minimalist bucket hat from Hugo Boss for a 90s men’s fashion piece that’s easy to mix and match into your wardrobe.

Snap Back

Another ’90s style piece inspired by hip-hop and Black men’s fashion is the snapback cap. Once deemed not cool and replaced by the fitted, the snapback is back!

If you were heading to the basketball court or simply accessorizing an outfit, this cap was a finishing piece to take your outfit up a level. Think of the classic 90s movie ‘White Men Can’t Jump’. Your favorite NBA team drawstring shorts, paired with a sleeveless tank and a snapback cap, were the summer essentials for 90s men’s fashion. Add this retro piece to your closet in a range of teams and colors from Eastbay to complete your throwback look.

Graphic Button Downs

90s men’s fashion was not afraid of color or bold prints. These vibrant prints were seen in everything from outerwear to pants. But if you’re looking to add a splash of 90s-inspired personality to your wardrobe, try a printed button-down shirt. You can wear them in everything from geometric prints to Hawaiian florals.

These are an easy transitional piece into your wardrobe and can be combined with neutral and solids to give you a fun, colorful look. Check out these printed button-downs from Perry Ellis for eye-catching retro prints in modern styles.

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