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Baddie outfits

The Perfect Baddie Outfits For Every Occasion

Girls with the most confident attitude and stylish outfits are known as baddies — always on fleek and ready to steal the show.

But baddie outfits aren’t always about clubbing and party styles. Today’s baddie looks put together yet sporty, channeling the utmost poise and tenacity with on-trend tracksuits, perfectly paired trench coats, and outlandish accessories.

  • Boujee pink baddie aesthetic? Yes, please.
  • Gangster chains and jaw-dropping lipstick? Give me more.
  • Small round glasses, tight-as-heck patterned leggings, and bucket hats galore? Yes, you go, girl.

Who comes to mind when you think of a baddie? We’re thinking Billie Eilish, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande, to name a few. But baddies aren’t just on TV or center stage. They’re walking around the city, eyes on their prize while catching your eye on the subway, a trendy bar, or a low-key hangout.

Ready to dress and impress like a baddie? We’re going to cover some cute baddie outfits that you can put together from local stores. And to tie it all together, we’ll show you how to save every piece so that you never miss out on an online score for baddie outfits.

Bulky Sneakers

Remember the sporty-chic aspect we mentioned for baddie outfits? Bulky sneakers finish off casual baddie outfits with a bang. But imagine a sexy halter dress and eye-popping pastel sunglasses. You can pair it with a kitten heel or pump, but why not look edgy and confident with a comfortable pair of bulky sneakers?

Or maybe you bare it all with a barely-there skirt and long coat. The piece de resistance? A chunky, poppin’ sneaker, like Ariana Grande wears.

Shop the Bulky Sneaker Look at Bloomingdale’s

Alexander McQueen Oversized Clear Glitter Sole Sneakers | Bloomingdale’s

Ripped Jeans

Before they were baddies, they were rebels in the ‘90s. Think Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears in their naughty days, sporting ripped light denim with skin-tight crop tops. The ripped jean made a comeback in today’s baddie summer outfits, adding a touch of “I don’t care what you think” to any aesthetic. If you want to maximize your ultimate baddie aesthetic, go for a cheeky rip below the butt, like Selena!

Shop Ripped Jeans at Asos

Oversized Blazers

The best baddie outfits dip into the masculine style just a tad. But that doesn’t take away from the stylish feminine of the look – in fact, it just strengthens the wearer’s command of the room! Oversized blazers channel effortless sophistication and pair well with other baddie outfit statements like thick, chunky necklaces or crop-top sets. We just love how Hailey Bieber styled hers with pastel-yellow boots and short denim shorts.

Shop the Look at Nasty Gal

Matching Sets

The beauty of a matching set is how on fleek you look without having to think too much. These baddie outfits already did the work for you, and now you just need to accessorize. The best part? The sky’s the limit with matching sets — you might find cute, tight track sets or knit sweaters with oh-so-smooth miniskirts. Pro tip? Pick bold matching sets for the most on fleek birthday baddie outfits! Check out this devilish plaid number Cardi B’s sporting!

Shop the Look At Nasty Gal

Acrylic Nails

Did you know acrylic nails used to symbolize status in the olden days? Today, they give you certified BADDIE status.

Feel like an absolute baddie boss every time you click your fingers or flip hair away from your face. These long-black talons Billie Eilish sports ooze edginess and mystery — the perfect addition to baddie club outfits!

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