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Billie Eilish Nails

10 Products to Help You Get the Billie Eilish Nails of Your Dreams

Are you a fan of Billie Eilish? Well, of course you are! Who isn’t right now? She has become a dominating force within the music and fashion industry. In 2020 alone, she won the Best Album, Song, Record of the Year, New Artist, and Pop Vocal Album awards at the Grammys! Add her signature streetwear style and Billie Eilish nail designs, and she kills it from the studio to the red carpets.

So, If you’re looking to get edgy, long nails like Billie Eilish, you are in the right place. Here’s a round-up of Billie’s stunner manicure moments and where you can shop them.

Nothing is more quintessential to Chanel than the use of black with a splash of glam. Therefore, outfitted in head-to-toe Chanel, it was only fitting that Billie Eilish’s nails also matched the part. At the 2020 Oscars, she sported 2″ long nails in a gloss black hue and crystal stone to finish. This is a look anyone can do at home with the use of a few simple pieces.

A Nails Inc. gel effect nail paint combined with these classic crystal stones (available in 3 sizes) will give you a high-fashion look for a fraction of the cost. Hey, every little bit counts toward that Chanel bag you’ve been eyeing!

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1. Classic Crystal Stones

2. Nails Inc. Gel Effect Nail Paint

For the cover of British Vogue, Billie shocked the world with a sexier look. Straying from her typical gender-neutral outfits, she went full-grown and sexy in sheer corset dresses and understated nude nails. She swayed from her typical Billie Eilish green nails to a classic long, square manicure.

Now, this design was created by her long-time manicurist, Tammy Taylor. However, you don’t have to have a manicurist on retainer to get these nails. Try these full-coverage nude nail colors for a clean and classic color to get the Billie Eilish nails of your dreams.

3. Gucci Nail Paint

4. Deborah Lippmann Nail Paint

Eilish’s love for all things nail art is evident. Plus, when you include the love fashion designers have for her, she comes up with unique ways to incorporate the designer logos into her nail art. Check out these matte, red long square nails with a blue Gucci logo. We swoon over these Billie Eilish nails! It’s a fun update to a typical red manicure.

Plus, you can easily duplicate on your own nails too. All you need is Revlon’s red nail paint! Complete with this blue Nail Inc. nail polish( and a steady hand) to get your double “G” logo for a design on a dime that could give Billie Eilish’s long nails a run for their money.

Image Source: Instagram

5. Nails Inc. Blue Nail Paint

6. Revlon Red Nail Paint

Image Source: Fashionista

She’s at it again! This time for the cover of Vogue, she is sporting her trademark Billie Eilish green nails. On this March 2020 cover, she shows off long lime green nails, matching her lime green jacket and hair. Yet another look created by Tammy Taylor, she picked the perfect hue to embody the signature green she’s known for. If you want to get this look try these bold neons to get a vibrant pop of the Billie Eilish nails we all wish we could have.

7. Neon Color Club Nail Paint

8. Neon L.A. Colors Nail Paint

Image Source: Allure

These clear, clustered gem nails are simply amazing! Have you seen anything like it? Billie Eilish’s nails are decorated with clear, crystal gems, sitting atop a translucent acrylic nail. They may not seem practical for our everyday lives, but you can still create a toned-down version of your own. You can find these acrylic nails easily on Amazon, plus an assortment of stones to make this look your own. Play around with combinations and layering to create an exaggerated design that will still allow you to cook dinner and look great for a night out.

9. Nail Diamonds Glass Metal Gems Jewels Stones for 3D Nails Art Decoration

10. Acrylic Nail Art Full Cover Almond Fake Nails

Billie Eilish’s nails are consistently pushing the envelope in design, creativity, and colors.

So, whether it’s the token Billie Eilish green nails or a design that defies logic, these products will help you achieve your version of these unique manicure moments.

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