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8 Stylish Brands That Rival SKIMS in Comfort And Cost

8 Stylish Brands That Rival SKIMS in Comfort And Cost

Kim Kardashian’s popular brand, SKIMS, has taken the market by storm since its launch in 2019 and for good reason. Their body-hugging intimates and everyday basics are super comfy and stylish for all figures. Everyone from TikTokers and influencers—like Patrick Starr—to celebrities like Addison Rae and Selena Gomez can’t get over how flattering SKIMS apparel looks on all body sizes and types. 

But the quality and style come at a high cost—SKIMS products are by no means light on your wallet. However, Kim’s line of apparel, intimates, shapewear, and more served as inspiration for many other cheaper brands that are like SKIMS. With Kim’s competitors launching affordable dupes, finding brands like SKIMS at a better price tag is no longer a challenge. 

Here are eight stylish brands that offer SKIMS dupes without compromising on quality or comfort. And the best part? Tiktokers and rave reviewers have given their stamp of approval. So, let’s check them out! 

1. Reoria  

An unrestrained brand where fashion meets comfort. Reoria’s belief that fashion isn’t exclusive but rather belongs to everyone is reflected in their line of stylish, yet comfortable loungewear and shapewear. It’s no surprise they’ve got loungewear and shapewear for bodies of all sizes, from small to XXL.


If you’re a fashionista on a budget, you’ll love Reoria for their high-quality, buttery-soft loungewear and shapewear at an affordable price. And the best part? Reoria’s products are backed by a 40-day return policy so you can shop worry-free! 


On the hunt for maxi dresses or casual workout clothes that are like SKIMS brand but don’t break the bank? How about a two-piece set that’s super soft and available in more than ten appealing colors? AYWA has got you covered with their wide variety of women’s clothing. 

Casual workout sets? Check. Bodycon dresses? Check. Activewear? Check. You can grab all these SKIMS alternatives from AYWA at a fraction of the price. AYWA’s price tags are hard to beat, ranging from $19–$36.

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3. Urban Outfitters

Micro thongs are a hotly debated offering from SKIMS, yet they can always be found on the wishlist of many. 

Urban Outfitters

If the SKIMS price point is preventing you from placing an order, look no further than Urban Outfitters. Their Featherweight G-String will fit your budget and your booty even better than SKIMS!

Urban Outfitters also offers other great SKIMS dupes, like lounge sets, separates and pajamas. And the best part? The price tag on their women’s clothing starts as low as $8 so you can get more for less.

4. H&M

Find a whole range of wallet-friendly SKIMS alternatives from everyone’s favorite affordable fashion house—H&M. Check out their jersey biking briefs, thongs, satin bathrobes and more. Are you fond of streamlined basics in ripped fabrics and neutral hues from SKIMS? Take a look at this tee from H&M that rivals the comfort of SKIMS and beats the cost. From XS to XXL, it’s available in a range of sizes and in a variety of colors from breezy beige melange to classic black.


5. Nordstrom 

What’s Kim Kardashian famous for? Sure, her personal life is fascinating, but we all know it’s her coordinated sets that are the real talk of the town. Somewhere between the underwear-out-of-the-house style and athleisure’s resurgence, lounge boxers have soared in popularity. Why, you ask? Well, they not only offer pajama-like comfort but also enough coverage to double as workout shorts. Win-win!


And where SKIMS sells them for $37, Nordstrom sells their lounge shorts for just $27. Also find a slip dress, flared pants, and much more when you browse Nordstrom’s appealing SKIMS dupes.

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6. Parade

Racer tanks have become all the rage in recent years, and why not? They offer exceptional comfort without compromising on style. If you opt for the one offered by SKIMS, you’ll have to shell out more than $30. Meanwhile, Parade provides the same for less. 

Selling items at a lower price point doesn’t mean Parade’s racer tanks are inferior. In fact, the ribbed fabric of Parade’s racer tanks is quite similar to the cotton rib collection of SKIMS. 


Parade’s vintage fit bodysuits are also worth a try. They are super-breathable, which makes them ideal for sensitive-skinned beauties. They are also size-inclusive, with their sizing ranging from XS to XXXL. Oh, and did we mention that their bodysuits are offered in an array of colour options so you can find the perfect fit for you. 

7. QQQ

Are seamless, active styles your fav? Look no further than QQQ. Their activewear gives off SKIMS vibes, particularly those with one-shoulder profiles. Many SKIMS bras and tops come with a one-shoulder silhouette but with a hefty price tag attached. 


QQQ is a brand like SKIMS that sells these pieces at a steal. You can grab these sets for less than $40 from QQQ. And because they are so comfy, you can wear them for outdoor sports or even high-intensity workouts without any discomfort. 

8. Everlane

One of the reasons SKIMS bodysuits are so popular is because they are thin enough to wear underneath a shirt yet thick enough to wear on their own. If the $58 price tag doesn’t appeal to you, Everlane’s look-alike will be a worthy investment.


Everlane’s bodysuits are made of a similar fabric as the SKIMS collection, so you won’t be sacrificing quality. They also resemble SKIMS’ bodysuits when it comes to shapes and styles and are sold in neutral colours black, white and grey. They are even available in extra small sizes so all body types can achieve that sought-after snug silhouette fit. 

Buy Wallet-Friendly SKIMS Dupes With Carrot

Buy Wallet-Friendly SKIMS Dupes With Carrot

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There you have it! Eight stylish brands that rival SKIMS in comfort and affordability. 

Getting your hands on the best-selling items from SKIMS isn’t difficult at all. Thankfully, the brands mentioned above sell dupes of SKIMS loungewear, dresses, bodysuits and other apparel—all at affordable prices. 

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