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clean girl aesthetic

How To Get The Clean Girl Aesthetic?

It’s minimal, glossy, sleek, and elevated. If you haven’t seen the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ going viral on TikTok and Instagram- you’re missing a LOT. Similar to the ‘no makeup, makeup look’, the ‘clean look trend’ is all about light everyday makeup, slicked-back hair, and juicy, dewy skin. Think Zendaya, Selena, the Hadid sisters, and Hailey Bieber.

Orrr a glazed donut. No, seriously, that’s the dewy finish we’re going for in this look.

Anyway, if you’re looking to nail that clean girl aesthetic effortlessly- we’re here to help, so let’s get glowing ✨

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How To Get The Look?

When you think of the clean girl look, it’s radiant, kinda, an after-shower effortless glow- so what we need here is a medium coverage foundation or a full coverage CC cream with minimal contouring.

But first things first 👇🏼

1. Prep your skin

This is an extremely important step in creating this look. Start with cleansing and hydrating your skin. We recommend going in with a Hyaluronic acid serum to draw more moisture for a dewy base. Our favorites are the Inkey list and First Aid Beauty’s Hyaluronic acid which plumps up the skin and is fragrance-free for all you cuties with sensitive skin.

2. Conceal Strategically

Now for the concealer, you only want to highlight areas that need the lift we’re talking areas around the inner and outer corners of the eye, bridge of the nose, forehead, and just a wee bit around the mouth.

If you have deep-set eyes and dark circles, we recommend using a color corrector before the concealer to even out the skin color. This amazing video tutorial by Christen Dominique will help you ace the lifted look using concealer.

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3. Choose Full Coverage But With CC

Instead of going in with a foundation, go for a full coverage CC to conceal any blemish spots, active acne, or hyperpigmentation. Girls, the idea for this clean girl aesthetic look is to not hide under layers of heavy foundation but to conceal it lightly and embrace your skin. If you don’t have a full coverage CC, you can go for a medium coverage foundation. They both work equally well.

We personally love the ‘It Cosmetic CC cream’, it gives an excellent coverage that doesn’t become cakey, with SPF 50 and a radiant finish that’s a staple for this look.

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4. Liven Up With Contour & Blush

We love powder-based contours and blush, but there’s something so soft and dreamy about cream-based products that it’s always going to be our first preference. Especially for this clean girl look! Choose a contour that works well with your skin to deepen and add a contrast to the soft look that we’ve created with the highlight. We also recommend using a brush to get sharper edges and more precision while blending. New to the whole blending business? Nina Ubhi’s eye contour tutorial explains the eye contouring technique really well using a blending brush. Once the contour is done, use your creamy blush on the highest points of your cheekbone and blend it all the way up to your temples. If you like a nice pinky flush, you can also set the cream blush with a powder one.

5. Define Your Eyes

Ditch your regular black eyeliner and use a more tonal shade. If you’re fair to medium skin tone, a brown would look more natural on you. If you’re a dark beauty, choose either a shimmery brown or a gold liner. Instead of going in with a full cat eye or dark-lined eyes, use the liner only to accentuate the shape of your eyes and give them more definition. The best way to do that is to use the liner on the outer corner of your eyes to extend, followed by an angular brush to smudge and lift the eyes. Here’s a tutorial by Nimz Nemisha showing how you can get that subtle foxy liner using a brown liner.

6. Final Touches & Cheff Kisses

Girllll you look like a dewy dream come true!

Now for the final touches, you need mascara, a highlighter, a gloss lippy, and a good spritz of your setting spray so you stay looking gorgeous all day long. Throw your hair in a slick back bun or pony and add favorite gold accessories like hoops chains & rings.

The Clean Girl Aesthetic Gallery: Aesthete Fashion & Inspiration

Nobody pulls the clean girl trend like our celeb favs and supermodels. Their outfits are chic, make-up on point, and accessories so minimal and luxurious. If you’re looking to get on the clean girl bandwagon, here’s an inspo & style gallery to get you started.

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