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flare jeans

The Best Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

It’s no secret that flare jeans have made a comeback. But no 70s nostalgia outfit is complete without a chic pair of shoes to go with those bell-bottoms. And reaching for a pair of jogging sneakers or any old set of black flat sandals won’t cut for this trendy flare jeans style.

So, what are the best shoes to wear with bell-bottom jeans? Let’s find out!

1. Platform Boots + Flare Jeans

Ahh, yes. The classic black platform boots and the rugged look. An ideal look to complement any pair of flare jeans. The heel’s height lets the length of the bell-bottom jeans extend as far as it can go. Plus, boots make a great fall and winter wardrobe addition.

Photo by Nasty Gal

2. Get Groovy With Splashy Platform Sandals

If platform boots are for cooler weather, sandals with platform heels are a must during summer’s heat. Contrast the blue denim of bell-bottom jeans with bubble gum pink sandals for a standout look. Catch their attention, make a statement, and be someone unique. Or, simply say that flare jeans ensemble is Elle Woods-inspired.

3. Pump It Up

Black pumps with a heel can dress up flare jeans inside and outside the office. Go from day to night without having to change a thing. The best pumps that show off bell bottom jeans have a 3-inch or higher heel and a pointed toe.

Photo by Bloomingdale’s

4. Sneakers From the Past

Modern sneakers might not look good with flare jeans, but retro styles do. Think comfy yet dashing designs that bring back the best of the past. Play it down with subtle colors and understated designs. Or flare it up with bright shades and unique block patterns.

Photo by Goop

5. Strappy Sandals for Bell Bottom Jeans

Summer can be too hot to keep those toes and feet undercover. Why not wear strappy sandals to play up a good pair of flare jeans? From sparkles and heels to retro colors and peek-through designs, strappy sandals make any pair of bell bottoms shine.

Photo by ModCloth

6. Bell Bottoms and Clogs

Think of clogs as classier Crocs. Wear them with any pair of flare jeans, whether it’s summer, spring, winter, or fall. Clogs keep those toes covered and are comfy enough to cushion the feet all day.

7. Birkenstock Style Sandals

If anything says 1970-something, it’s Birkenstock sandals and their knock-offs. That’s why they go so well with flare jeans. Peace, love, and light, dude!

Photo by Boohoo

8. Bell Bottom Jeans and Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are some of bell bottoms’ best companions. Available in a mix of colors and styles, anyone can wear those long flare jeans with confidence. Get a pair with a zipper, a higher heel, or a slightly pointed toe to jazz it up!

Photo by Princess Polly

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