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Gender Neutral clothing brands

Gender Neutral Clothing Brands Reshaping the Industry

As the world works to break down the gender binary, so too are fashion brands starting to move beyond simplistic ideas of menswear and womenswear. Gender-neutral or non-binary clothing is for those who wish to shop for clothes that are not restricted to gender molds made by society. It denies the stereotype of male and female clothing and helps people shop for the style and fit that makes them feel good. Marketing agency Wunderman Thompson found that only 54 percent of millennials only buy clothes for their own gender. That number is shrinking – the same study found that just 44 percent of Gen Z shoppers don’t “cross-buy.” With each generation, consumers are pushing back against traditional gender roles and rules.

People are stepping out of the binary and shopping for gender-neutral clothing. Brands are listening.

We no longer need to shop according to the bygone rules of fashion for “men” or “women” or “trend” – but by our own rules guided by comfort, style, and functionality. Gender-neutral clothing, or gender-fluid, gender-inclusive, unisex, or non-binary clothing is without men’s or women’s sections – it’s just… clothes for people.

We’re not talking about strictly big, boxy, neutral pieces. We’re talking about clothing constructed for celebrating natural bodies and individual styles. Whether you’re looking to do a total wardrobe makeover, or if you’re just after a few select pieces, Carrot can help! For beautiful, high-quality clothing that celebrates all genders, check out these five amazing brands with options for everyone.

1. The Human Nation (The House of LR&C)

The Human Nation, a gender neural clothing brand

The House of LR&C was founded by Russell Wilson and Ciara, who partnered with Christine Day in 2020. This B corp-certified clothing brand focuses on giving back, sustainability, inclusive sizing, and fluid styles- human and planet first. The Human Nation collections can be found on their website, popup shops in Seattle, Kohls, and Amazon.

2. TomboyX


For Fran & Naomi, it all started with underwear. In the search for universally comfortable underwear options for real bodies, people of any gender or size, TomboyX was born. B Corp certified, TomboyX proudly holds a heap of other certifications focused on sustainability, diversity, representation, and safety for people and the planet. This unisex clothing brand has evolved from underwear to loungewear, swim, accessories, and even adult onesies – there’s something comfortable for everyone!

3. The Phluid Project

The Phluid Project

This is a brand bringing other like-minded brands together to celebrate the non-binary and to spread empathy, equity, and compassion. Rob Smith embarked on a mission to challenge antiquated traditions that stifled self-expression and personal freedom. He founded the Phluid Project to improve humanity through fashion but takes it even further with inclusivity activism and education. The Phluid Project sets itself apart by featuring all types of products modeled on all types of bodies.

4. One DNA

One DNA Gender neutral clothing brand

One DNA was created to crush barriers. Their website states, “One DNA’s gender-neutral pieces break down the boundary between womenswear and menswear without sacrificing style.” One DNA regularly runs promotions to donate a percentage of sales to charities, and many of their items are eco-friendly.

Unisex clothing from other brands

Brands we have known and loved for years are now offering gender-neutral clothing. Some stores may never remove the men’s and women’s respective sections, but it’s becoming more common to find unisex clothing on both sides – from baby to adult. The demand is clear, and it’s awesome to see brands rising to meet it!

A favorite unisex clothing brand is COLLUSION.

The COLLUSION collection is animal-free and a proud member of the Better Cotton Initiative, which sources its cotton responsibly while restoring the environment. Check out these inclusive pieces from the COLLUSION collection:

The unisex logo sweatpants in khaki have a relaxed fit, elastic waist and cuffs, and a minimalist design – the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

unisex logo sweatpants in khaki

The unisex checkerboard palm print beach shirt & shorts set features a relaxed fit button close top with a revere collar and high rise elastic shorts – super comfy and versatile.

unisex checkerboard palm print beach shirt & shorts

Elastic waist, pockets, lightweight and breathable – these unisex shorts are perfect for summer no matter who or where you are (unless you’re summering in Antarctica)!

unisex grey shorts

Graphic T’s are probably the most popular cross-shopped item, right? The COLLUSION collection offers a variety of fun new and reclaimed vintage unisex t’s like this MTV graphic t shirt .

MTV Graphic T’s

The second most cross-bought items are hats and shoes! But in the COLLUSION collection, they’re going all the way and labeling ’em gender-neutral. Check out these comfy beige unisex sliders.

beige unisex sliders

And there are lots of trendy hats like this bleach-washed unisex cord cap to choose from!

unisex cord cap

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