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10 Golden Goose Dupes to Get the Look for Less

10 Golden Goose Dupes to Get the Look for Less

With their artfully rugged, worn-in appearance and distinctive charm, Golden Goose sneakers have become a true icon in footwear fashion. These sneakers have captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike, but their luxury price tag can leave many of us yearning for an alternative.

If you’ve ever found yourself dreaming of those effortlessly chic kicks without breaking the bank, we’ve got some of the best Golden Goose dupes that will get you compliments wherever you go. Dive in to check them out! 

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1. Women’s Super-Star With Black Heel Tab Dupe

If you’ve been looking for Super-Star Golden Goose dupes, Gadol sneakers from Vintage Havana are a must “add to cart.” Although the white camouflage multicolor is a sought-after option, you get an array of colors to choose from.

Black/white multi? Check ✅

Gray/silver multi? Check ✅

White/pink/black pop? Check ✅

2. Women’s Super-Star with Silver Leather Star Dupe

Women's Super-Star with Silver Leather Star Dupe

$74.95 – $79.95

In terms of style, these Steve Madden Rezume Sneakers are the closest Golden Goose dupes you can get your hands on. What we love about these Golden Goose sneaker dupes is that they are incredibly comfortable and of good quality. And guess what? These sneakers are pretty easy on the pocket. 

3. Super-Star With a Black Swarovski Crystal Star Dupe

Super-Star With a Black Swarovski Crystal Star Dupe


You can grab the best Golden Goose dupes at Shein without breaking the bank. These black and white sneakers are similar to Golden Goose’s Crystal Star sneakers, minus the Swarovski stones (which a little DIY can fix). So, if you’ve been eyeing the Golden Goose ones for a long time, you know where to order the replica. Like the much pricier pair of Golden Goose, this dupe sports black scuff marks as well as a silver star.  

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4. All-White Super-star Sneakers With White Star Dupe

All-White Super-star Sneakers With White Star Dupe

$54.10 – $79.95

A fashionista’s wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of all-white sneakers. So, here we present these stylish white sneakers from Steve Madden. Just like Golden Goose sneakers, these kicks feature the iconic star in white color, which is almost $490 cheaper.

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5. Super-Star With Silver Star Dupe

Golden Goose Super-Star With Silver Star


Super-Star With Silver Star Dupe


Stylishly pre-distressed for a perfectly worn-in look, these round-toe lace-up platform sneakers from Steven are among the best Golden Goose dupes you can get your hands on. Graphic glittery applique details and shining metallics will make heads turn. 

6.Super-Star LTD in Nappa Dupe

White sneakers with a hint of pink are in vogue. While the Super-Star LTD sneakers with pink screen printed stars come at a hefty price tag, these Steve Madden Starling Sneakers are an affordable Golden Goose dupe. These white-rosy sneakers are classic yet stylish and can be dressed up or down with the outfit of your choice.

7. All Ball Star Leopard-Print Heel Tab Dupe

For those who prefer a little extra quirk with your white sneakers, these Golden Goose leopard heel tabs are the perfect sneakers for you. Well, minus the pricey tag.

We found a close dupe from the High Call Outfitters, which sports both the scruffy worn-in soles and the leopard-print detail at a fraction of the price.

8. AllSuper-Star LTD With Pink Swarovski Crystals Dupe

All Super-Star LTD With Pink Swarovski Crystals Dupe


A pair of stylish sneakers at less than $100—sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But Mi.iM has you covered with its Joann Rubber Sole Lace-up Rhinestone Suede Star Sneakers that cost only $99. Sold in three different style combinations, these sneakers are just as cool as Golden Goose’s, with 5-star reviews by all customers.

9. Men’s Stardan in Light Blue Nappa Leather and White Mesh Dupe

Metallic sneakers are pricey. If you don’t wish to splurge $800 on those offered by Golden Goose, these MI BASKET ROW CUT METALLIC are worth checking out. These Golden Goose dupes are made with comfort in mind. Their padded ankle, low top silhouette, and eight mm footbed provide unrivaled comfort. The premium laminated cow leather of these sneakers is contrasted beautifully by rubber soles, providing a sporty look. Although it misses the iconic Golden Goose star on the side, the worn-in appearance compensates for it.

10. Golden Goose Stardan Sneakers With Silver Glitter Dupe

Golden Goose Stardan Sneakers With Silver Glitter Dupe


A little bling hurts no one. But Golden Goose’s Stardan sneakers with silver glitter will surely put a dent in your wallet. Enter Mi.iM, whose glitter leather star sneakers are super-affordable. With these sneakers, style, and comfort go hand in hand. These feature rubber soles and breathable uppers to stay comfortable in style throughout the day. 

Shop the Best Golden Goose Dupes at Less With Carrot

Shop the Best Golden Goose Dupes at Less With Carrot

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