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Kate Moss

Kate Moss 90s Style Guide

Who doesn’t have a photo of Kate Moss’s 90s looks on their fashion mood board?

Sultry spaghetti straps, pin-thin gowns, and grunge-chic rocker looks color the superstar model’s illustrious 90s fashion oeuvre.

The best part? Kate Moss’s 1990s looks are totally back in style. Craving a powerful, wide-blazered pantsuit for your next work function? Or perhaps a cheeky, sequined party dress?

You can have it all with our curated list of Kate Moss 90s style tips and where to find Moss-esque pieces!

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1. Sport a Sexy Silver Chainmail Dress at Cocktail Parties

In the late 90s, Moss wowed crowds with her sexy chainmail, shiny silver Versace dress. She even coordinated the look with Naomi Campbell!

The dress drapes gracefully on her then-size-0 frame, hung effortlessly by a simple spaghetti strap. Our favorite part? The retro hair piece with hanging golden earrings adds an uber-90s playfulness and wonder to the entire look.

If you want to recreate this shiny metallic party look, you won’t be the first. This signature Kate Moss 90s outfit inspired Paris Hilton, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and many others as well. You can look just as chic with a quick Nasty Gal browse!

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Chainmail Cowl Neck Relaxed Mini Dress| Nasty Gal

2. Always Have a Staple Black Leather Jacket

Image source: Insider

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp were the hottest couple in the mid-90s. And she loved to complement Johnny’s lovable bad-boy look with a cheeky smile and her very own black leather jacket – a fab find for a gender-neutral look, too!

She looks innocent and casual in this picture, but she’d often rock that black leather jacket at a party with a skimpy skinny dress. Talk about dynamic!

Want to add a rebellious Kate Moss flare to your everyday look? Shop her leather style at Bloomingdale’s!

ALLSAINTS Dalby Leather Jacket | Bloomingdale’s

3. Clump Your Lashes Once in a While

Source: Byrdie

Drugstores are filled with no-clump mascaras, but have they ever been smoldered by Twiggy or Kate Moss’s spider-lash eyes? Add some depth to your makeup look with a little extra clump.

The best part? It’s more about the mascara technique than the beauty product brand, but we love Maybelline’s deliciously voluminous colossal mascara. Just add a little more than usual, and don’t worry so much about separating each lash!

Maybelline Volum’ Express the Colossal Washable Mascara| Amazon

4. Buy a Pair of Ballet Flats

Source: WhoWhatWear

Kate Moss was an anti-supermodel in many ways, from her natural face to her less-than-usual model height: 5”7. But here’s the thing – she didn’t even try to compensate with sky-high heels.

Instead, Kate became known for her modest yet rebellious ballet flats. Who needs height with this much glam? Shop the look at ASOS!

ASOS Design Locus Round Ballet Flats in Black Crinkle Patent | ASOS

5. Let Loose

You can’t channel Kate Moss purely in clothes — why not let her carefree, punk attitude compliment your fashion sense? Her see-through silver dress with black panties reminds the whole world who she is: a fashion icon who can wear whatever she wants. Though, you might see her dressed more conservatively these days.

Are you ready to bear it all? Shop Kate’s look at Amazon!

Zaful Women’s Sleeveless Solid Bandage Sheer Mesh Wrap-tie Slinky Mini Dress | Amazon

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