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Senior grad picture

Get Your Grad On: Senior Picture Outfits for Girls in 2022

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Graduation pictures have evolved over the years, from a single formal headshot into an entire photoshoot with multiple outfits, locations, and even props to highlight passions and hobbies. Planning for senior pictures can feel overwhelming. We get it! It’s a celebration of you, your story, and the beginning of the next phase in life.

How to plan the perfect senior picture outfits

Taking senior photos should be fun! You can take the stress out of it simply by having a plan. Key things to consider when choosing senior picture outfit ideas:

  1. Season
  2. Locations
  3. Outfits
  4. Accessories
  5. Hairstyles
  6. Props
  7. Vibe

You’ll want to consider all of the pieces to the puzzle before making any plans for your senior photos! If you have any non-negotiable outfits, locations, passions, props, or accessories that you are absolutely positive you want to include- center your photoshoot around that. If you know you want to be playing the piano, lying in a field of wildflowers in your grandma’s vintage dress, driving your motorcycle, surfing, picking pumpkins, or snowboarding… that greatly narrows down your location, timeline, and outfit selection.

Choose a location for senior pictures

Some seniors have been planning their graduation pictures for years. The rest, however, may not have any idea where to go for rad senior pictures. We have some tips for you!

Think near and dear.

Is there a tree you’ve been climbing since you were little? Maybe you have a favorite theater, coffee shop, or fishing hole. Create a list of the most meaningful places you can think of and find out if they’re photo-friendly. Some places may be privately owned and will require an appointment or permission.

Ask your photographer

This is literally what they do! And they always know plenty of great photo spots. Give them some ideas and describe the vibe you’re after they’ll help you hunt down the perfect location!

Avoid the highest-traffic areas.

You don’t want to be standing in front of the same mural as half of your class and the last five classes before you. Think outside the box. Your photographer will help you with this one, too!

What colors to wear for senior picture outfits

Styling your senior photoshoot around certain colors will ensure your final product is a cohesive collection. Depending on your location and season, you’ll want to stick with cool or warm tones and specific patterns. Picture it beforehand: you probably won’t want a floral pattern outfit in a garden or a dress the same color as your background.

We are sure you already know the cut of the dress and the colors that look most flattering on you. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and patterns, for your senior photos! If you’re unsure, create a mood board or ask your photographer.

How to pick versatile and empowering outfits for senior pictures

Choose outfits and pieces that match your vibe, weather, and location(s). If you have a specific style established, this will be less challenging for you! If you’re a fad follower, choose a favorite theme and run with it! The only rule of senior photos is confidence. Choose outfits that make you feel comfortable, empowered, and happy. These pictures should be a representation of YOU, so go with whatever feels most representative.

Carrot has got you covered If you’re shopping according to Summer 2022 fashion trends!

Shop classic pieces for the perfect collection of cute senior picture outfits

If you want to avoid trends and fads, choose timeless classics. Think solids, traditional cuts and shapes, and patterns that are not era-specific. Try to choose outfits for senior pictures that you would actually wear – that you WILL wear again! Check out these failsafe ideas from Carrot:

1. Classic Black Blazer

The Lagence Kenzie double breasted blazer is about as classic as they come. With strong shoulders and a fitted, tapered waist, you can dress it up or dress it down for any style.

2. Pops of Color

Looking for a pop of color? This satin pleated midi skirt comes in hot pink (or black, if that’s more your speed) and is the perfect versatile piece to build more than one outfit from!

3. Create multiple looks with staples

Sometimes you have only a few minutes between locations or outfit changes. A staple like this comfortable black slim cigarette pant could be worn with a variety of tops and accessories for different looks.

5. Spring for some lilac

Booking some springtime senior photos? Check out these smooth faux leather matte finish pants in lilac. They’re cute, classy, and a little bit sassy!

6. Cozy up with a classic

Cozy vibe senior photos need a go-to soft knit oversized sweater. This cream color will vibe with almost any bottoms you want to pair it with – and it’s definitely a classic item for any closet!

7. Start with a solid foundation piece

An essential: the perfect tank. This solid print scoop neck tank comes in black onyx, cobblestone, paperwhite, or dark indigo to match whatever theme you’re going for. Pair it with a blazer, or jacket, or wear it on its own with a variety of bottoms.

8. Don’t fear the florals!

A classic flowery print dress or romper is a fantastic option. This tiered skirt maxi dress is lightweight and flattering with a shirred stretchy bodice and would be perfect for indoor or outdoor senior photos.

9. Rompers + Ruffles

If you gravitate toward shorter pieces, this luxe bardot romper with ruffles is super fun! Imagine this one at a carnival, on a beach, bowling, or scooting around on a Vespa!

10. Everyone loves a maxi dress

If you love a simple dress but want something with just a little extra touch, this textured metallic plunge maxi dress is a stunner and would make a beautiful senior picture outfit no matter where you’re shooting!

Carrot can help you shop for senior picture outfits

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