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The 10 Spring Fashion Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2023 (+Curated Collections)

It’s official: spring is in the air! And, with the new season comes a fresh crop of fashion trends to choose from. But with so many options out there, it can be tough to know where to start.

But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best 2023 spring fashion trends that we think will be big. Plus, we’ve included a few curated collections to help you get started on your spring shopping!

So, read on to get ahead of the trend curve with this ultimate spring fashion guide!

1. Sheer Fabrics

Want to add a subtle sexiness and feminine feel to your outfits this spring? This is your answer.

Breaking all sorts of fashion barriers, sheer layers are totally in this season. Whether you’re dressing up or down this look is perfect for any occasion! The trick to getting this trend right is clever paneling and layering. Show a little skin without feeling too exposed.

These fabrics can be worn in different styles; from dresses and skirts to blouses and pants – the possibilities are endless! If you love making a fashion statement and adding an element of surprise and drama to any outfit, sheer fabrics are a must-have addition to your spring wardrobe.

2. Suit It Up

This spring 2023 dress trend is focused on comfort, but still looks modern and put together. Suits are the perfect style for anyone who wants to look dressed up without having to sacrifice comfort! With gigantic blazers, billowy trousers, barely-there sandals, and compact clutches, this look is anything but boring.

Get creative with layering like a silk cami under your blazer or add shoulder pads and a belt to create the ultimate power look. Have fun with it! Mix and match your pieces with basic tees and jeans if you want something truly effortless yet fashionable.

3. Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are the perfect spring go-to outfits that you can pair with your fave sneaks! They give you a comfortable, feminine, and breezy look. The long length of the skirt allows for a flowy and relaxed silhouette that is perfect for the warmer months.

As they come in a variety of prints, patterns, and materials, maxi skirts are very versatile and easy to style with different outfits.

What’s more, these skirts are perfect for the fall season too!

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4. Leather Looks

The Whitney Skirt – Vegan Leather
Courtney Mid-Rise Vegan Leather Pants, Black

Next on our list of the top spring 2023 fashion trends are leather items. These timeless silhouettes can effortlessly be incorporated into minimalist capsule wardrobes in classic shades like black and oxblood.

In fact, you can wear leather in items beyond outerwear. Try styling it with skirts, dresses, and even blazers – the choice is yours!

Invest in pieces that you know you’ll wear year after year to master the look season after season, and will give your outfit choices a cool edge.

5. Gothic Style

Zinna Dress Black
Elida Dress

Take a detour from the typical spring fashion trends with all-black looks. This edgy vibe is inspired by Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams portrayal in Netflix’s show, Wednesday.

Achieve the look this season by mixing and matching unexpected elements; mixing sturdier pieces like boots into more feminine attire, layering delicate fabrics over floral prints, or lace and sheer paneling over basic colors. For an extra touch of glamour, you can add jewelry in line with the current 2023 trends such as chokers, merging Gothic influences with ’90s vibes.

Goth Contrast Lace Velvet Pants
Deranged Desire Spiked Hoodie

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6. Y2K denim

Y2K denim outfits evoke the sense of nostalgia and carefree vibes of the early 2000s. This spring 2023 dress trend is characterized by low-rise jeans, oversized denim jackets, and denim miniskirts.

Start small by sporting mom jeans and gradually work up to boyfriend or wide-leg cuts. For best results, pair your looser bottoms with fitted tops to offset their voluminous fit.

What could be more reminiscent of Y2K than wearing multiple pieces of denim at once? From floor-length dresses and skirts to coats, dress head-to-toe in denim and make the ultimate fashion statement!

7. Fringes

Valencia Mini
Mary Embroidered Fringe Dress

The fringe trend is perfect for those who love feather-trimmed dresses and accessories. Take advantage of the breezy, lightweight feeling of soft, colorful fringe as we transition into warmer weather.

For example, a stunning fringe dress can give your look a touch of old Hollywood glamour. Or if you prefer to ease into the trend, try adding a mini bag with interesting fringes to your prom look.

8. Bubble Hems

Luna Taffeta Bubble Skirt
Zia Bubble Skirt Dress in Dark Blue

Bubble hems pop up every few years, offering fashionistas the chance to make a dramatic entrance. With its range of colors, this boisterous look promises drama no matter how you wear it.

To make sure you rock this look rather, balance your proportions carefully. If wearing a skirt, team it with a form-fitting top that draws attention to your waist. Ideally, dresses should show enough skin; try an arm-baring option or one that shows off the legs for the best results!

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9. Ruffles

Harriot Mismatch Ruffle Dress
Izquierdo Dress

10. Cargo Pants

Cotton Parachute Cargo Pants
Women’s Abel Cargo

This spring, why not introduce a functional and fashionable element to your wardrobe? Nothing says comfort, practicality, and versatility more than cargo clothing. Designers have already caught on to the trend, as pocketed trousers were seen in multiple collections including Givenchy.

Cargo pants are being updated with trendy details such as wide legs, cropped lengths, and bold colors. These new takes on the classic cargo pant make it extremely spring-worthy

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