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8 Trendy & Affordable Stores like Cider

8 Trendy & Affordable Stores like Cider

For all the fashionistas in town who are always on the hunt for cute, trendy, and chic outfits, Cider has been the go-to shop.

Being a fast fashion brand, Cider has fresh clothes and pieces that align with the newest trends. If you like Cider and are looking for more stores like Cider, which are trendy yet affordable, you have come to the right place! 

In this blog, we will take you through the top 8 clothing stores like Cider. Let’s upgrade your fashion game together, shall we? 

Trendy & Affordable Stores like Cider

Source: Cider

8 Stores Like Cider With Trendy & Affordable Fashion 

Here is a list of 8 clothing stores like Cider where you can find the latest fashion trends, quirky designs, colorful prints, and more at reasonable prices.

1. Garage


Source: Garage

Garage is a young brand with fashion-forward pieces that are easy on your pocket. From petite women to plus-size cuties, Garage has something for everyone. 

The brand is pretty affordable and has most clothes in the mid-range price, including super-stylish clothes. 

Whether you are a dressy girl or a casual chick, you can find something that defines your fashion style.

2. Zara


Source: Zara

Did someone say luxurious yet affordable? Pssttt… that’s Zara. From dainty dresses to chic pants, Zara’s collection is the epitome of sophistication. 

You will find everything trendy in Zara that will make you look and feel like a runway model. From trends to all-time classics, you can find affordable and high-quality garments that will become your wardrobe staples in no time! 

Carrot shopping Zara collection

Source: Carrot

3. Miracle Eye

Miracle Eye

Source: Miracle Eye

Though Miracle Eye is not in the same price range as Cider, it is worth it given its unique, high quality, and sustainable pieces of clothes. 

A slow fashion brand, Miracle Eye offers beautiful handmade clothes and accessories that are vibrant, quirky, and bold. Walk down the streets in a Miracle Eye outfit, and you will surely make heads turn. 

With a more inclusive size range, you can find bold fits as per your size. And the best part? You don’t need to feel any guilt because it’s sustainable and ethically made. 

miracle eye shop on carrot shopping

Source: Carrot

4. Free People

Free People

All the boho-aesthetic girls assemble! Free People is one of the most stunning bohemian-vibe brands out there that cater to easy-breezy fashion lovers. 

Free People offers a lot of options but with better quality and slightly higher prices. From flowy dresses to aesthetic pullovers, you will fall in love with the brand’s vintage and eccentric pieces that still match current trends. 

The quality of the clothes is worth the extra price. So you should def keep it an option while shopping boho or vintage. 

free people carrot shopping

Source: Carrot

5. The Hippie Shake

The Hippie Shake

Source: The Hippie Shake

Talk carefree and comfort, and you’ll find that The Hippie Shake summarizes all that and more. This one is yet another store like Cider, it has a gorgeous range of boho pieces. From dresses to tie-dye tops, from printed skirts to embroidered tops, their items are super trendy but also affordable. 

The Hippie Shake also focuses on sustainable fashion. They use ethical fabrics like recycled materials and organic cotton and ensure fair wages and proper working conditions for their workers. 

6. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Source: Urban Outfitters

You can’t talk about stores like Cider without mentioning Urban Outfitters. A young store with trendy styles, it’s the place for fashion lovers who look for edgy attire. Though it’s slightly pricier than Cider, it is def worth it!

A perfect balance of vintage and Gen-Z, the brand has niche products that grab attention like never before. 

You can find your vibe from their extensive collection of accessories and clothes. 

Urban Outfitters carrot shopping

Source: Carrot Shop Page

7. Depop


Source: Depop

Sustainable fashion has become trending these days. With lots of people switching to thrifting, you can also find unique, edgy pieces at secondhand stores. 

Depop is an online secondhand store where you can find good quality pre-loved clothing items. You can find lots of independent sellers selling their well-maintained clothes, including fashion lovers and influencers. 

From finding affordable high-fashion designer pieces to vintage items, it’s a perfect alternative for fast fashion. You can also engage with your sellers and become a part of the community. 

Depop shop on Carrot

8. Black Salt

Black Salt

Source: Black Salt

Yet another trendy store like Cider, Black Salt offers a cool mix of bohemian and trending fashion styles. If you like Cider’s collection but are looking for a higher-quality of products, Black Salt is your brand. 

Give your wardrobe a classy revamp with affordable yet super chic dresses and blazers from Black Salt. The best part about the brand? They are size inclusive and give a chance for everyone to try out their fashionable pieces. 

Shop Trendy & Edgy Clothes from Stores like Cider with Carrot 

Shop Trendy & Edgy Clothes from Stores like Cider with Carrot

Source: Carrot Shop Page

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Thus, you can directly shop the look in a few clicks. 

Carrot shopping extension collection page

Carrot also keeps you updated with the latest trends, sales, and deals. Thus, you save items on your wish and shop during price drops. Go easy on your pocket while upgrading your wardrobe. That’s the dream, right?

PS: If you are a fashion enthusiast, you can also create your own fashion lookbooks from brands you like and share them with others. 

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