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10 Unique Stores Like Zumiez for Indie and Underground Fashion

10 Unique Stores Like Zumiez for Indie and Underground Fashion

It’s hard not to fall for Zumiez’s trendy skater aesthetic. Their casual styles have made their way into many a closet and the great news is that there’s plenty more where that came from! Stores like Zumiez offer fashion fans a wider range of outfits with the same vibe.

10 Stores Like Zumiez That You Need To Try!

A well-known brand for clothes and products centered around skateboard culture, Zumiez is available both on and offline. Besides clothes, accessories, and those irresistible shoes, Zumiez also offers essentials you need for skateboarding including boards, hardware, and more. Here, we’ve listed stores similar to Zumiez that you can explore –

1. Urban Planet – Experiment with fresh alt fashion styles

Urban Planet

Accessible and affordable, there’s probably an Urban Planet store in a mall near you. Their designs are made for young adults and teenagers, catering to the many experimental tastes popular with this age group. Well-stocked with fresh finds, this is an excellent alternative fashion store like Zumiez.

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2. PacSun – A taste of sunlit Californian vibes


While Zumiez’s aesthetic is inspired by skateboarding culture, Pacific Sunwear’s designs offer more range. Their shelves hold clothes in the most recent style trends. Their menswear has a distinct southern Californian vibe. While their range of apparel does include brands like The North Face and Champion, their offerings are not limited to just a few sports.

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3. ASOS – The classic streetwear brand


The younger crowd often makes a beeline for ASOS as this UK-based brand is the ultimate choice for fresh streetwear. A store like Zumiez in terms of clientele but when it comes to fashion lines, they have a wider selection of brands, designs and accessories. ASOS also sells these under their own brand name.

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4. Uniqlo -Fashionable & fuss-free


The ideal store for classic fashion pieces, this Japanese brand has made its name for its clean, fuss-free designs. Their graphic tees are very popular amongst their young customers but they also offer casual workwear staples.

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5. Zulily – A fun, young brand for a playful experience


A brand that’s found a new way to keep their audience engaged. Zulily has a diverse range of tempting merch and once you sign up, a small selection of their products is made available to you with huge discounts on their price tags. The site selects the sections that are available with these discounts each day. With Zulily you need to play the long game. Keep a close eye on it and you’ll hit the jackpot at one point or another.

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6. Rebels Market – Edgy, alt designs

Rebels Market

More alternative than other stores like Zumiez, Rebels Market offers you a range of ‘urbancore’ designs. Their collections have more of an alternative edge and they stock more than just clothes. You can also check out their home décor and accessories.

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7. Zaful – Fashion-forward styles


If you’re looking for clothes that carry a Zumiez vibe but that raise their fashionable quota up a notch, Zaful is the brand for you. These designs have more of a mainstream appeal and even have a thriving pop-culture component (like Marvel gear).

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8. Tilly’s – For fashion athletes


Tilly’s offers plenty of pieces that are well-suited for sports such as surfing, rollerblading and even snowboarding. If you like a wide variety of products to explore, you’re in for a treat! Tilly’s also offers camping-related gear as well as clothing, dresses, shoes, and more.

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9. Hurley’s – Stand out in their incredible designs


The summery-beach-y vibe that Hurley exudes is hard to miss. And to resist. This is an excellent brand for those who subscribe to an active lifestyle. Their designs are distinctive for their bold prints and pastel hues. Their collections cater to men and women, also to children. Besides casual clothes such as crop tops, rompers, and oversized tees, Hurley’s also offer you skateboards and paddleboards, among others.

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10. Skate Warehouse – The latest in skate fashion

Skate Warehouse

One of our top picks, if you’re looking for stores like Zumiez is Skate Warehouse! Clothes collections feature hoodies, high-end skater shoes, and graphic tees (oversized of course!). Besides clothing, this online store also offers you accessories and skating gear. Choose a skateboard or a longboard of your choice or build your own.

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