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12 Most Iconic Twiggy Makeup Looks And Where To Buy Them

12 Most Iconic Twiggy Makeup Looks And Where To Buy Them

She personifies boldness, glamour, and style – she’s the iconic Twiggy. In the heart of the 1960s Mod era, she ushered in a touch of drama that forever changed the face of fashion. In a time when beauty was defined by delicate allure, Twiggy stepped onto the scene with her unique style, revolutionizing makeup trends.

With her captivatingly dramatic eyes, accentuated by thick lashes and those unmistakable doe-eyed features, she left an indelible mark on the world of beauty. Twiggy wasn’t just a trendsetter but a style icon whose influence continues to inspire women across generations.

Her daring sense of fashion and those mesmerizing eyes make her a timeless muse for makeup and style lovers. Now, if you’re also a fan of Twiggy’s style, this blog is just for you! Join us as we unravel the 12 most iconic Twiggy makeup looks and guide you on where to find them!

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Look 1: Charismatic Blue Eyes and Pink Lips

In her iconic pale pink coat, she pairs it with a soft, muted blue eyeshadow and a generous application of mascara on both her upper and lower lashes. Complementing her sleek hair and rosy lips, this combination perfectly accentuates her striking blue eye makeup, creating a captivating and on-trend look.

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Clinique Blue Eyeshadow
  2. Anastasia Mascara
  3. Tresemme Hair Gel
  4. Emerson Fry Pink Coat
Charismatic Blue Eyes and Pink Lips

Source: Pinterest

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Look 2: Classic Fur Coat and Nude Lips

This timeless style embodies the essence of Mod fashion, featuring a striking geometric dress paired with her signature crease eyeshadow. The delicate blush tones lend a touch of freshness to her appearance while allowing her iconic eyes to remain the center of attention.

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Sarah Ivory Fur Coat
  2. On the Glow Blush
  3. Kjaer Weis Volumizing Mascara
Classic Fur Coat and Nude Lips

Source: WordPress

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Look 3: Heavy Mascara and Gelled Hair

While this photograph may be in classic black and white, it vividly embodies a world of expression. Twiggy confidently flaunts her signature boyish charm with her sleek, cropped hair. A subtle turtleneck and generous mascara application are the keys to her striking look. Isn’t she simply stunning?

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Hanne Turtleneck Sweater 
  2. L’Oreal Paris Mascara
  3. Shaping Fiber Hair Gel 
Heavy Mascara and Gelled Hair

Source: Pinterest

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Look 4: Pretty Pink Eyes and Dual Lipstick

In this captivating look, Twiggy contrasts with her dual-toned pink lips, adding an instant pop to her visage. Her eyes steal the spotlight, adorned with a subtle pale pink eyeshadow, a bold black crease liner, and a gracefully winged eyeliner. Of course, her signature mascara game completes this iconic ensemble.

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Urban Decay Naked3 Palette 
  2. Patricia Rose Matte Lipstick 
  3. KVD Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
  4. Eye Defining Pen Liquid Eyeliner Duo
Pretty Pink Eyes and Dual Lipstick

Source: Pinterest

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Look 5: Pop Pink with Bold Eyes

This look is nothing short of iconic! A-line dresses, like the one she’s wearing, have truly stood the test of time. Just picture her effortlessly rocking this style back in the 60s. What steals the show here are her captivating and dramatic eyes, adding an exquisite touch of flair to the entire ensemble.

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Halter Dress by SILK LAUNDRY
  2. Matte Black Eyeshadow
  3. Disco Ball Earrings
  4. Silver Mule Shoes
Pop Pink with Bold Eyes

Source: Pinterest

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Look 6: Aesthetic Braided Hair and Nude Lips

In a departure from her signature boyish, sleek hairstyle, Twiggy embraces a more feminine look in this snapshot. Her long, thick braided hair takes center stage, perfectly complementing her chic eye makeup, making this look a real head-turner.

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Scarlett Gauzy Whisper Slip Dress
  2. The Black Orb Enigmatic Eyeliner
Aesthetic Braided Hair and Nude Lips

Source: Pinterest

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Look 7: Bright Red Jacket and Pale Blush

In a striking contrast, Twiggy’s vibrant red jacket electrifies her otherwise pale complexion, accentuated by a delicate blush on her cheeks and a transparent lip gloss. Her eyes take center stage, emanating an edgy and dramatic allure.

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Kaja Beauty Gloss Shot
  2. Pull Over Rouge Femme
Bright Red Jacket and Pale Blush

Source: Blogspot

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Look 8: Baby Blue Outfit with a Vintage Wig

In a look that effortlessly blends simplicity and elegance, Twiggy’s bold, dramatic eyes steal the show.

Moreover, her hair, fashioned in a classic 60s knitted dress style, can be replicated with a vintage wig and a sleek black hairband.

The pale blue ensemble is the perfect backdrop, making her dark, captivating eyes the center of attention. There’s no doubt this timeless Twiggy makeup look is a true favorite!

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Cable-Knit V-Neck Mini Sweater Dress
  2. Plain Black Hairband
  3. On the Glow Blush
Baby Blue Outfit with a Vintage Wig

Source: LOfficiel

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Look 9: Cute Cap and Mellow Make-up

With a red cap and a stylish brown fur coat, Twiggy’s striking blue eyes take center stage. The subtle lip color perfectly complements her mascara-laden lashes without overshadowing them. It’s a look that exudes confidence and coolness.

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Topshop Faux Fur Coat
  2. Red Beanie Cap
  3. Lip Gloss
Cute Cap and Mellow Make-up

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Look 10: Sleek Hair with Geometric Fashion

This image is a testament to 60s fashion. Twiggy’s iconic mod eyes, adorned with dramatic lashes, thick black liner, and soft pale eyeshadow, harmonize perfectly with her vibrant outfit and geometric earrings. The highlighted creases and chic pixie cut take the look to a new level of iconic style.

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Geometric Wood Layer Earrings
  2. Urban Decay Naked3 Palette 
  3. Patricia Rose Matte Lipstick 
  4. Blue & Yellow Vintage Dress 
Sleek Hair with Geometric Fashion

Source: Pinterest

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Look 11: Flared Trousers with Sleeveless Top

This 1966 style from Twiggy is a true embodiment of the era. In this captivating photo, she effortlessly models flared trousers and a chic sleeveless top within the confines of a photographer’s studio. Twiggy’s iconic fashion sense and captivating allure shine through in this snapshot of 60s style.

Re-Create the Look:

  1. Stretch Flared Trousers
  2. Sleeveless Top
  3. Black Shoes
Flared Trousers with Sleeveless Top

Source: PInterest

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Look 12: Short Tunic Dress with Black Dramatic Eye Makeup

In this iconic 1970 look, Twiggy stuns a short, leopard-print tunic dress with bold slashed sleeves designed by Bill Tice for Royal Robes. Her attire in this photograph epitomizes the fashion sensibilities of the era. Twiggy’s timeless style continues to captivate, exemplifying the essence of 60s and 70s fashion.

Re-Create the Look:

  1. The Black Orb Enigmatic Eyeliner
  2. Short Tunic Dress
Short Tunic Dress with Black Dramatic Eye Makeup


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Summing Up!

Twiggy’s iconic looks remain a timeless source of inspiration in the world of makeup. The 12 Twiggy makeup looks we’ve explored here provide a glimpse into her ever-evolving, daring style. Each showcases the unique charm and elegance that has made Twiggy a fashion legend.

Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast, a fashion lover, or simply seeking fresh inspiration for your daily look, Twiggy’s legacy offers many ideas to explore.

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