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iconic Twiggy makeup

10 Most Iconic Twiggy Makeup Looks And Where To Buy Them

She is bold. She is glamorous. She is stylish. She is iconic. That’s how people define Twiggy, the British model who brought a hint of drama to the Mod era of fashion. The 1960s was an era of beauty, from pretty eyes to pink hues, every woman looked elegant. However, from the mid-60s, Twiggy redefined the make-up styles to dramatic eyes with thick lashes and doe-eyes. 

Twiggy was a trendsetter. With her bold beautiful eyes and daring dressing sense, she became a style icon for generations of women who still look up to her for make-up and fashion inspo. 

In this blog, we’ll take you through the 10 most iconic Twiggy make-up looks and where you can buy them! 

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10 Most Iconic Twiggy Makeup Looks 

Though Twiggy is now 71, her graphic eye look with black liner in her crease with lots of mascara, pale eyeshadow, and cat-eyed look are still trending with stars like Ariana Grande recreating them. 

Look 1: Charismatic Blue Eyes and Pink Lips

Her pale pink coat is matched with a dull blue eyeshadow and lots and lots of mascara on her top and bottom lashes. With her sleek hair and pink lips, she draws maximum attention to her blue creases, making her look so fetch! 

Re-create the look:

  1. Princess Morbucks Metallic Eyeshadow Stix Blue by Colorpop
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel
  3. GEL TRIQ | Simple by HANZ DE FUKO
  4. 60s Thomas Coat-Pink Wook Cashmere by Emerson Fry

Look 2: Classic Fur Coat and Nude Lips

This look is the iconic Mod fashion look with the geometric dress and crease eyeshadow. Her blush tone makes her look fresh yet doesn’t steal focus from iconic eyes. 

twiggy makeup with nude lips

Re-create the look:

  1. Sarah Ivory Fur Coat from Reapparis
  2. On the Go Blush by Wander Beauty
  3. Volumizing Mascara Iconic Edition by KJAERWEIS

Look 3: Heavy Mascara and Gelled Hair

Though this picture is black and white, it screams colors of expression. Twiggy sporting her go-to boyish look with sleek, short hair has just a black line on her crease and a lot of mascara. She looks amazing, doesn’t she?

twiggy makeup with heavy mascara and gelled hair

Re-create this Twiggy Makeup look:

  1. Hanne Turtleneck Sweater by CARE BY ME
  2. Velvet Lipstick by ALIMA PURE
  3. Shaping Fiber Hair Gel by PHILIP B.

Look 4: Pretty Pink Eyes and Dual Lipstick

The dual-toned pink lips add a pop to her face in this look. If you focus on her eyes, she has used a pale pink eyeshadow with a thick black liner on her crease and a slightly winged liner. She’s finished her look with her iconic mascara game. 

Re-create the look:

  1. Urban Decay Naked3 Palette by SEPHORA
  2. Patricia Rose Matte Lipstick by RUNWAYROGUEBEAUTY
  3. KVD Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
  4. Eye Defining Pen Liquid Eyeliner Duo by Sephora

Look 5: Pop Pink with Bold Eyes

This look screams ICONIC! A-line dresses like this are still in fashion, imagine her rocking it in the 60s. Her bold eyes add such flair and drama to the entire look.

twiggy makeup and dual lipstick

Re-create the look:

  1. Halter Dress by SILK LAUNDRY
  2. Matte Black Eyeshadow from Etsy
  3. Disco Ball Earrings from Amazon
  4. Silver shoes from Suzzanerae

Look 6: Aesthetic Braided Hair and Nude Lips

Stepping away from her boyish, sleek hairstyle, Twiggy gives a more feminine look here. With her long, thick braided hair-do and her sleek eye makeup, she’s serving looks here. 

Re-create the look:

  1. Hot Pink Slip Dress by SLEEPING WITH JACQUES
  2. The Black Orb Enigmatic Eyeliner by SAFEANDCHIC

Look 7: Bright Red Jacket and Pale Blush

The bright red jacket is an exciting contrast to Twiggy’s pale face and pale blush on the cheeks. Her eyes pop out all the more and give her an edgy look with a touch of drama. 

twiggy makeup with a bright red jacket

Re-create the look:

  1. Lip Gloss Iconic Edition – Affinity by KJAERWEIS
  2. Pull Over Rouge Femme by TRICOT

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Look 8: Baby Blue Outfit with a Vintage Wig

A simple yet elegant outfit with bold, dramatic eyes. Her hair is done up in the 60s fashion. You can do the same with a vintage wig and black hair band. Her pale blue outfit brings her dark black eyes in limelight. Don’t know about you all but we love this timeless and twiggy makeup look!

Recreate the look:

  1. Sister Jane Coord Set Blue by ASOS
  2. On the Go Blush by Wander Beauty

Look 9: Cute Cap and Mellow Make-up

A red cap, brown fur coat, and super cool bold eyes make the blue of her eyes shine. The pale tone of the lipstick also doesn’t steal attention from her mascara-laden lashes. 

Recreate the look:

  1. Faux Fur Wrap Brown by WALMART
  2. Merino Wool Cap Red by Jane Motor Cycles
  3. Lip Gloss Iconic Edition – Affinity by KJAERWEIS

Look 10: Sleek Hair with Geometric Fashion

If this picture doesn’t scream 60s fashion, what will? Her iconic mod eyes with dramatic lashes and thick black liner and pale eyeshadow compliment her bright outfit and geometric earrings. Her creases are highlighted beautifully and the pixie cut only elevates the look! 

twiggy makeup wiith sleel hair

Recreate this look:

  1. Geometric Statement Earrings from ETSY
  2. Urban Decay Naked3 Palette by SEPHORA
  3. Patricia Rose Matte Lipstick by RUNWAYROGUEBEAUTY
  4. Blue & Yellow Vintage Dress by Retro Stage

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