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April Birthday Gifts

7 April Birthday Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With!

The sun, the bloom, and the fresh spring breeze, what’s not to like about April! That and a whole lot of birthdays! Thinking of the perfect gift for your favorite April bunch is no picnic, especially if they’re super-close to you. We understand how important it is to get the best presents for your loved ones, especially something they will cherish or find useful. That’s why we at Carrot have come up with a list of April birthday gifts perfect for those born this month. Let’s begin!

1. Fruit Bouquets!

Fruit buquet
via Edible Arrangements

It feels like the perfect gift for April 1st babies (and fruit lovers)! Expect flowers and get fruit instead. Better yet, expect a fluffy cupcake but bite into a juicy pineapple! A healthy alternative to the classic cupcake box, it’s perfect for the health-conscious ones.

This Edible Arrangements bouquet features chocolate-covered strawberries along with cupcake-shaped pineapples coated in gourmet chocolate. And other fruits too! And since April brings a new harvest, what’s better than fresh fruit for spring gifts?

2. Hiking Pack

Northface bag
via The North Face

If you have friends who enjoy a good trek or hike, deciding April birthday gifts can be super easy!

With the hiking season beginning around May, your adventure-seeker friend will undoubtedly appreciate this The North Face hiking pack.

Slim but spacious, this easy-to-carry backpack will be the perfect gift for regular hikers.

It has multiple straps that allow you to carry it both vertically and horizontally.
This backpack is just one of the many North Face hiking products.

3. April Birthstone Jewelry

April pendant
via Zappos

You can never go wrong with jewelry as a birthday gift! In fact, this elegant Kate Spade pendant will make for a spectacular birthday gift for the precious person in your life.
Kate Spade’s “My Love April Pendant Necklace” is inspired by the April birthstone, diamond, and designed to be affordable. It features a delicate gold-plated chain with a heart-shaped cubic zirconia pendant.

The piece comes with an adorable dust bag and is perfect to be worn for any occasion

4. Aries/Taurus Wine Glasses

Aries Glass

April birthday gifts are incomplete without some zodiac-themed items!
This single-unit wine glass is the ultimate birthday gift for your astrology-loving, wine-in-the-bathtub friend.

The glasses feature a modern symbol of your chosen zodiac, with its associated constellation and ruling celestial body. Such gifts are which you can probably never go wrong with.

5. Birth Month Flower Candles

Candle April Birthday Gifts

We all have that one friend who can’t stop buying candles just because they smell so good. Well, if their birthday happens to fall in April, we have the sweetest-smelling present for them!

These handcrafted soy wax candles from Uncommon Goods are made using essential oil blends with hints of their birth month flower. In this case, sweet pea.
This candle can burn for 50 hours, and once finished; they can reuse the container!

6. Ethique Bath & Body Products

ethique soap bath and body candle

It’d be unfair not to include something sustainable in our April birthday gift list, with Earth Day being the month’s highlight.
Ethique makes everyday bath and body products – in bar form. This also includes products you couldn’t imagine being solid, like moisturizer, conditioner, and shampoo!

Most of their products are 100% soap-free and contain little-to-no water. The brand aims to create a plastic-free world. Besides that, all Ethique bars are vegan, cruelty-free, and living-wage certified!
It’s a wonderful first step to getting someone started on their climate-conscious journey.

7. Grove Subscription

Grove Subscription

Do you know an April baby who may as well be the reincarnation of Monica Geller? Boy, do we have the perfect gift for them!

Grove products are all-natural, non-toxic, and sustainable! The brand sells a wide range of products across the home, beauty, and personal care categories. It’ll no doubt make your clean-freak friend feel like they’re in heaven.

If they like it, they can subscribe to receive monthly deliveries of cleaning products (and more) of their choice right to their doorsteps!

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