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The Ultimate List of Thoughtful July Birthday Gift Ideas

July birthdays are all about Summer outdoor parties, grilling, and waterside fun with friends and family. If you’re lucky, the night will end with fireworks! Sounds fun, right? But finding that right present for your fav July born can be a challenge, especially when you’re looking for something special and meaningful. Everyone loves a gift card, but sometimes it’s nice to have a thoughtful gift to wrap! So all you Carrot babies shopping for trendy, thoughtful July birthday gifts, we’ve gotchu!

July birthday gifts for self-care and pampering

July babies are big on self-care and prioritizing their mental health. A quality everyone appreciates since they can have some big feelings, and we don’t want ‘em gettin’ snappy! (You know… ‘cause they’re crabs and lions!)

Sephora July birthday gifts (2022 top choice)

Estée Lauder was a July birthday babe, so naturally, we have to feature her best seller from Sephora. This multi-recovery night repair serum is hiiiighly reviewed and perfect for all skin types!

All about Armani

The pioneer of red carpet fashion, Giorgio Armani, was born in July. An excellent opportunity to honor the legend and the birthday guy or gal. Add this award-winning oil-free foundation to your cart for the perfect Sephora July birthday gift!

Green clean machine

A brilliant Sephora gift idea for literally anyone who loves their skin, this cleansing balm is a bestseller for all the right reasons. Cruelty-free, clean beauty, and planet positive!

I scream, you scream we all scream for Glowscreen

Glowscreen SPF 40 with Hyaluronic Acid + Niacinamide is the sunscreen of our dreams! It’s a mega hydrating primer with blue-light protection. PLUS – it’s got a pearlescent finish to amplify your friend’s summer glow!

Hemp-derived, skin revived

Did you know that July is national hemp month? Sephora July birthday gift shoppers – look no further than the perfect hemp-derived serum for your favorite Cancers and Leos. This cannabis sativa seed herbal concentrate is a lightweight, non-comedogenic oil that calms skin and reduces redness.

Artsy gifts for July birthdays

People born in July tend to think artistically, so it might not come as a surprise that July is also American Artist Appreciation Month and National World Watercolor Month. Plus! Frida Kahlo, Edgar Degas, and Rembrandt van Rijn are among some of the famous artists with July birthdays. If you’re hoping to inspire the July-born artist in your life, this is the list for you.

Paint me like one of your French girls

Bring out your birthday person’s inner artist with this non-toxic 24-color gouache paint set. Perfect for canvas or watercolor paper with a 4.7-star rating and over 2,000 positive reviews!

Yer a wizard, Harry!

Unless you’re a total muggle, you probs already know that Harry Potter’s birthday is on July 31. Celebrate your July birthday person’s big day with magic and art by gifting this acrylic Van Gogh-inspired Hogwarts paint-by-number kit!

Marvelous meditations

Give the gift of zen with this color therapy sketch therapy book (pens and markers included)! An excellent artsy July birthday gift for your crafty loved one.

July birthday gifts for your favorite caregivers

Known as the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Zodiac, Cancers are deep feelers and highly compassionate. They’re the creators of care packages and safe spaces. Leos are abundantly intuitive, creative, and determined, they light up the room when they walk in. You may have heard of these humanitarians with July birthdays: Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Thurgood Marshall, Dalai Lama – just to name a few! For July birthdays, consider a gift that will support their inner caretaker.

Two in one surprise

July is National Culinary Arts and Family Meal month – and if you’re shopping for someone who is always cookin’ up something delish, you know they’d appreciate a dual function gift! This air fryer doubles as a toaster oven, bringing two of our favorite appliances into one.

The ultimate charcuterie board

If you’re shopping for someone who not only loves an incredible cheese board but loves to host, this charcuterie board is the gift you’ve been looking for! It’s crafted from high-quality bamboo and includes a hidden drawer with utensils. It even comes with a bonus bamboo fruit tray!

Top of the line wine opener

Summer is a time for wine! And wine lovers appreciate beautiful wine gadgets. This rechargeable Secura electric wine opener is sure to make a wonderful July birthday gift!

The perfect serving bowl

There’s something special about spending time in the kitchen to create a beautiful meal for the ones you love. Your birthday guy or gal is sure to appreciate the way you appreciate them with this gorgeous two-tone Noritake kona bowl to present their hard work!

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