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10 Black-Owned Small Businesses Carrot Users Love and Support

The Covid-19 pandemic caused many businesses to shut down in 2020. And while many minority communities faced challenges, Black businesses suffered the most.

The Black Lives Matter protests sparked important discussions on racial injustice and ways to support and empower the black community. And one of the ways that continued coming up was simply, putting your money where your mouth is–that is, buying from black-owned businesses.

We curated a list of Black-owned small businesses you can start supporting today. Some you may have heard of and some not, but we’re excited to feature our favorites that will hopefully become yours too!

So keep reading and be inspired to continue exploring and shopping with black owed businesses like these all year long!

10 Amazing Black Small Businesses to Fall in Love With!

1. Yowie

Yowie is a lifestyle shop as well as a design studio based in Philadelphia. From home decor to textiles, they offer everything you need to live the chic, modern lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

You can explore their curated small collections of decor pieces, personal care, and textiles. Also, look out for exclusive art from independent artists and designers. Put them up on display in your apartment or workspace to feel inspired every day!

And if you’re looking for a sustainable gift from a Black-owned small business, you’ll have plenty to choose from here. But know that whatever you choose, it will be a statement piece for you or the friend you gift it to.

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2. Ami Cole

Did you know that women of color around the world find it much harder to get non-toxic skincare products?

According to a study published in EWG, major skincare brands frustratingly don’t cater to the skin needs of Black and Brown women.

That’s the gap Diarrha N’Diaye-Mbaye is filling with her skincare line. Her small Black-owned business is a clean make-up and beauty brand that offers you safer, non-toxic products made with sustainable ingredients.

With a range of flexible and pigmented shades, buying from Ami Cole means getting high-quality make-up for melanin-rich skin. Check out their curated sets to discover your new favs!

3. Golde

Golde is truly gold when it comes to health, beauty, and self-care. Led by co-founder and CEO Trinity Mouzon Wofford, this unique supplement brand started with one product, the Original Turmeric Latte Blend. And ever since, they have been sharing immunity-boosting superfood products with their thousands of subscribers.

With the goodness of cacao and mushrooms to fight stress and build immunity, their Shroom Shield is a must-try. And green tea lovers alert! If you have been looking for 100% pure shade-grown tea from Japan, their Pure Matcha look no further. Or perhaps you are just looking for some healthy daily drinks. Then you have to try their Superfood Latte Sampler!

4. T.A. New York

T. A. New York is the conscious way to elevate your fashion game. The one-of-a-kind concept store brings you colorful prints and fabrics from around the world. This is the sweetest spot to explore the fashion of places like Tbilisi, Milan, South Korea, Peru, and many others.

With an eclectic range of fashion wear and art, T.A is all about pop culture and style. Check out their rich collection full of bold prints and colorful textures. Their Colorblock Palazzo pants have been quite the rave this season!

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5. Nola Skinsentials

Worried about acne or hyperpigmentation? Well, worry no more! Nola Skinsentials is a vegan skincare line that gives you cruelty-free products and glowing skin!

Here, you’ll find an extensive range of personalized skincare products. Face masks, serums, cleansing foams, exfoliators— yep, the full spread!

Not sure about what your skin needs? Take their 2-minute quiz to find out! Once done, you’ll see which products are made of the right ingredients for your skin.

Looking for more than skincare? You can check out their fantastic range of body and intimate care products. They also have great body cleansers and beard butter for men, along with customized bundles and sets.

And of course, everything made by Nola Skinsential is vegan and free of alcohol, parabens, and anything toxic!

6. Brother Vellies

Founded in 2013, Brother Vellies is a luxury accessories brand that focuses on interweaving African designs into timeless fashion staples. With thoughtfully made handmade products from around the globe, Vellies continues to innovate and surprise us!

Explore their everyday essential mules in designs that perfectly capture the heart of the 90s minimalist movement. And if you’re looking for an exceptional pair of boots, check out their Ronstadt styles featured in bold animal prints and luxurious textures.

They also have sophisticated statement bags including the Negril Tennis Club Tote (shown right)!

7. Telfar Global

Who knew a shopping bag could be the ‘it’ fashion accessory of the moment? Apart from the minimalist design of Telfar, this Black business is built on exploring identity in America and promoting equality. The brand has successfully captured hearts around the world, with even big names like Beyonce taking notice.

Despite being branded as a luxury company, Telfar is comparatively affordable, with bags ranging from $150 to 250. Their shopping bags come in all sizes and are the perfect complement for a date night or a stroll through the market. Also, check out their unique range of hats and durags!

8. Baby Tress

Whether you have straight strands or curls, hair care is a journey of great joy and pain.

This is why Baby Tress offers “modern hair tools rooted in legacy”. They are a haircare brand built on ideas of self-expression and deeply associated with the history of Black culture.

They have developed some of the most efficient and sophisticated tools to manage your hair to perfection. Whether your go-to hairstyle is free-flowing curls with smooth edges or a slick bun, their Edgy Styler makes it work! Try it for yourself or gift it to a friend whose mane is her pride.

9. Ardor Bin

Who doesn’t love a pleasant plant-based scent wafting through your home? Arbon Bin is a Black small business that delivers vegan, cruelty-free candles for every season. Indulge yourself in their exceptional signature range, including The Lavender Moon, which will recast your space into a personal bubble of complete relaxation.

And if you can’t wait for spring, the Fleur collection is unmissable! Try their Orchid Bloom or Jasmine Blossom made with the freshest essential oils.

What’s even better is that all these candles are made with biodegradable coconut and soy wax. And with sustainability at it’s core, you can be sure that this eco-friendly brand follows sustainable practices down to the natural extracts all they use in scents to their packaging.

10. Hanahana Beauty

A conscious skincare brand, Hanahana Beauty is all about making women of color feel confident and strong. By increasing opportunities for workers and mindfully sourcing ingredients, they support the Katariga women in Ghana who create every product with love!

We all know the benefits of using shea butter for your skin. Hanahana’s nurturing products give you them in five amazing formulations that both indulge and enrich your body. While shea butter is quite the clear favorite, you must check out their cleansers and face masks as well!

Shop Your Favorite Black-Owned Small Businesses with Love from Carrot!

By supporting Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, we help empower the Black community, which can and should be done all year long. And with the above list, you can start today.

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