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Ways To Save At CVS A Complete Guide

Ways To Save At CVS: A Complete Guide

In the competitive landscape of American retail giants, price-match policies have emerged as a savvy technique to uphold customer allegiance.

CVS is one of these giants, but they don’t offer a price match policy. However, if you’re someone who wants to save money without giving up on quality, you’re in the right place!

We’re here to help you understand how, despite there being no CVS price match policy, you can get the best deals whenever you shop at the store.

Let’s explore how you can save money and use this policy to your advantage!

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What is Price Matching?

Price matching is a retail practice where a store agrees to match or lower its price to match the price of a competitor for the same product. This allows customers to purchase items at the lowest available price, even if they find a better deal at another store.

Price matching is designed to ensure customer satisfaction, attract business, and create a sense of loyalty among shoppers. It’s a way for retailers to demonstrate that they offer competitive prices and value for money, ultimately benefiting the consumer.

Does CVS Have a Price Match Policy?

Unfortunately, CVS does not price match competitors or offer price adjustments. The chain strategically maintains slightly higher prices due to its emphasis on convenience.

This means that CVS can charge more for its products because it’s a convenient store. People are willing to pay more for convenience, such as being able to shop late at night or having a store near their homes. This approach preserves CVS’s distinct market position and competitive advantages.

And while CVS also operates pharmacies in other retailers’ stores that have their own price-match policies, the latter’s price-match policies won’t extend to CVS-owned pharmacy transactions.

However, CVS has devised alternative avenues for value-conscious shoppers.
These include the popular ExtraCare program, frequent discount vouchers accessible through their website and app, and the acceptance of discount cards like GoodRx.

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Other Ways To Save Money At CVS

If you’re here to learn about the CVS price match guarantee, it’s probably because you’re eager to save a ton of money during your CVS shopping spree. Fortunately, there are several other ways to do that, even without a price match policy!

1. CVS ExtraCare Program

CVS ExtraCare Program


The CVS ExtraCare program is a free membership program that offers a variety of financial benefits, including

  • 2% back on purchases
  • $3 off for your birthday
  • special personalized deals
  • weekly coupons

To access the best savings at CVS, you must sign up for the ExtraCare program and download the CVS app on your phone.

The CVS app gives you access to the weekly ad deals and ExtraBucks rewards, which you can’t get without an ExtraCare account. ExtraBucks are basically free cash that you can spend on future CVS purchases.

You can also view the weekly ad page by page and load coupons and ExtraBucks promos right to your ExtraCare card in the app. Once you link your ExtraCare card to the app, you can use your phone to scan your card at checkout.

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2. Coupon Stacking and Saving Big at CVS

Coupon Stacking and Saving Big at CVS

Via Southern Savers

CVS has got your back with a variety of coupons, some from the CVS app (ExtraCare coupons) and others from manufacturers (MFR). To score big savings, the magic lies in pairing an MFR coupon with an ExtraCare coupon for one item. And hey, remember, those MFR coupons in the CVS app aren’t your only options. You can grab them online or from your Sunday paper inserts too. ExtraCare coupons are everywhere — in the app, on, or on that iconic red kiosk in CVS stores.

Remember, you can use one MFR coupon per item, but CVS is more flexible with ExtraCare coupons. For specific ones, you can even use two for the same transaction — as long as you fulfill the coupon requirements.

Now, the exciting part: the weekly ad offers ExtraBucks promos, like “Spend $40, Get $10 ExtraBucks.” Most items qualify, making it simple to reach that $40.

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3. CVS Rain Check Policy

CVS boasts one of the most impressive rain check policies out there. A rain check is your savior when a discounted item is unavailable at your store. Simply request a rain check from the CVS cashier during checkout, granting you the chance to purchase the item at the sale price once it’s restocked. You’ll receive a paper voucher, effectively extending the coupon’s validity just for you. When the item’s back on the shelves, present the voucher to secure the sale price.

What sets CVS rain checks apart is their timeless nature. These rain checks never expire, allowing you to obtain one for any out-of-stock sale item (and still earn ExtraBucks even after the ExtraBucks promo period concludes).

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4. CVS CarePass

CVS CarePass


CVS CarePass is a membership program that offers discounts on prescriptions, free shipping, and other benefits. For $5 per month or $48 per year, members get:

  • 20% off CVS brand products
  • Free same-day or 1-2 day delivery on eligible prescriptions
  • Free shipping on online orders
  • 24/7 access to a pharmacist helpline

If you regularly use CVS for prescriptions or other products, a CVS CarePass membership can save you money. You can sign up for a membership at any CVS store or online.

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