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How To Make The Most Out Of The Expedia Affiliate Program

You’ve probably heard of the Expedia Affiliate Program (EAP) – but what is it and how can you make money from it?

The Expedia Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn commission on travel bookings made through your website or blog. When someone clicks on one of your Expedia affiliate links and makes a booking, you’ll earn a commission. It’s that simple!

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the Expedia Affiliate Program – from how it works to how you can get started. We’ll also give you some top tips on how to maximize your earnings and make the most out of this great program.

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About Expedia Affiliate Program 

Expedia has an affiliate program in tie-up with several travel brands like Vrbo, Orbitz, Ebookers, Expedia, Travelocity, and So, you can promote products on these select travel websites without having to join multiple affiliate programs for multiple brands. 

How does Expedia Affiliate Program Work? 

Like any other affiliate program, you can drive traffic to the booking sites that Expedia Affiliate Program works with. By using your affiliate links, you can have the sale tracked to you. Expedia will then credit the commission to your account and pay you when you have reached the payout threshold. 

You can choose the payment method depending on whether you need a physical or electronic payment. 

Joining fee for Expedia Affiliate Program? 

The joining fee for the program is completely FREE. All you have to do is apply. However, to maintain the trust of your audience, make sure you try the sites and hotels yourself instead of false advertising. 

How to make the most of the Expedia Affiliate Program? 

Expedia Affiliate Program is made for people who love to travel and share their experiences with the world. Since most of the services and products are expensive, you can make a lot via each sale. Here are some of the best features you can use to increase your income: 

1. Search Widget 

Image Source: Expedia Affiliate Program

You can directly add these widgets to the content on your website without having to redesign anything. 

Your readers can search anything here which will lead to travel-related results that will drive traffic to the sites via your affiliate link. 

2. Banners

Image Source: Expedia Affiliate Program

The program offers you access to banners. They are eye-catching banners that will attract clicks and lead to sales. 

3. Package Deals Widget

The best way to increase affiliate sales is via sharing discounts and sales. This widget will let you convey deals about cars, hotels, flights, and more. 

These deals will help your viewers decide their next travel plans. Each click to save their money will make you money. 

4. Deeplinks

Image Source: Expedia Affiliate Program

You can create trackable links within your dashboard and paste them on your blogs or descriptions. These links will then take your viewers to specific locations on the sites, promote deals, and more.

5. Affiliate Hub

The program gives you access to their affiliate hub which has all the affiliate marketing tools in one place. It also lets you check out your performance metrics, track your earnings, check the number of clicks on your links, and help you understand the audience demographic that clicks

How much does Expedia Affiliate Program pay?

Travel blogging is a profitable niche and hence you can get good money if you promote your experiences & itinerary in the right way. Since the commission rates are low, you should also be consistent with your affiliate marketing. 

Commission Rates

The commission differs from brand to brand on the program. However, for every flight booked via your affiliate link, you earn a flat $2/ 

  1. Hotels: 3-4% (basis brand and location)
  2. Vacation rentals, cars, and packages: 2%
  3. Activities or ground transfers: 5%
  4. Cruise bookings: 6% (highest) 

Vrbo, Stayz, and others pay your commission basis net rental amounts. While and Expedia pay commissions basis net transaction value. 

When Do You Get Paid? 

Once the traveler completes their trip, you will get paid. This could take months sometimes. The program also doesn’t pay for canceled bookings.

Best Affiliates for Expedia Affiliate Program

The program is not suitable for every type of blogger. Since travel blogging is a niche, you may want to see if you can incorporate these brands into your content naturally. 

1. Travel Bloggers who post about their travels. They can mention the booking processes with hotels, flights, and more while mentioning deals. 

2. Lifestyle Bloggers who talk about various aspects of lifestyle can include these affiliate links in their travel blogs. 

3. Local Bloggers who focus on the area where they live can attract people to their city and use these affiliate links to help tourists book a trip to your place. 

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Why Choose The Expedia Affiliate Program?

The program has a lot of benefits that you can use as a creator or influencer:

  • They are a reputable and trustworthy brand which means more clicks and sales
  • They let you promote multiple brands at the same time 
  • They have good, useful marketing tools
  • They have a decent cookie-tracking duration
  • It’s free to join

How to optimize Expedia Affiliate links with Carrot?

If you are a travel influencer working with Expedia Affiliate Program, here’s how you can optimize your earnings by using Carrot as a tastemaker for affiliate marketing: 

1. Create a wholesome experience for your viewers

If you are a tastemaker when it comes to travel, your audiences look up to your experiences and suggestions. Provide them with a list of places to stay, essentials to carry, outfit trends, places to shop, and activities to do, and give them a proper travel itinerary. 

You can add your Expedia affiliate links and widgets on your Carrot page. 

2. Convert Links To Images 

If your affiliate links are messy, broken, or complicated, your viewers will lose interest. Carrot helps you influence better and leads to better conversions by converting blue links into beautiful photos your community will find easy to scroll and access. 

3. 10 X Link Visibility 

No more hidden links once your viewers download the Carrot extension. As they scroll on their browser, Carrot will show them links in optimal moments without seeming pushy like when they search for products you are already recommending or they are shopping from brands you partnered with. 

4. Access your Community’s Email 

Carrot provides access to your community’s emails and a website for all your lists. You can interact with your community and publish right in their inbox. Your community is also ready to pay you monthly for the content you provide. You can control what’s subscriber-only and what’s free. 

Double Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings With Carrot 

Build your community of travel enthusiasts, share your travel itinerary, and increase your affiliate marketing earnings with Carrot today! 

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