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Millennial Gorls Just Wanna Have Fun | 30 Hobbies for Women in their 30s

Thirty, flirty, and thriving! That’s what the thirties are all about, or at least how young Jenna Rink expected to feel in the film 13 Going on 30.

Her reality didn’t meet her expectations, but that doesn’t mean yours can’t! If you feel ready to shake up your thirties, here are 67 creative hobbies for women to make the most of the 3rd decade.

1. Crocheting

Similar to knitting, crocheting is done with a specialized needle. However, you only need one. With crocheted clothing trends rising in popularity, this is a hobby you won’t regret picking up.

2. Papermaking

Another one for stationery lovers — making your own paper is a fun and ecological way to reuse old materials and make something custom! Combine this with calligraphy or quilling to make unique and personal gifts.

3. Painting: Watercolor, oil, acrylic

Whether you took A.P. Art in high school or you’ve never lifted a paintbrush in your life, this relaxing hobby allows you to create cool and unique pieces to hang around the house or gift to friends.

4. Weaving

While weaving takes more specialized tools, you can create very intricate designs. This is a great hobby to take up in your 30s, as you can combine warps and wefts to make tapestries, wall hangings, or rugs!

5. Knitting

Knitting is for everyone! You can start simply by making scarves and potholders. Once you feel more skilled, you can make things like blankets, hats, and even sweaters!

6. Photography

Whether you start with your smartphone or you already have a semi-professional camera, photography can help you be more observant of your surroundings and to see the beauty in ordinary moments.

7. Stationary

If you’ve always admired unique or handmade stationery, this is the hobby for you. You can create customized greeting cards, postcards, or cool posters! This can be done by making your own paper, creating cool designs by hand or on a computer application, or customizing paper by adding your own calligraphy or typeface.

8. Journaling

Some people find journaling useful and, at times, therapeutic. This is one of the hobbies for women that can be a great way to reconnect with oneself and reflect on one’s decisions. Journaling can also be very beneficial for organizing thoughts or planning future goals.

9. Writing Poetry or Prose

This form of creative expression can be a great outlet for people who feel especially inspired to make magic from the ordinary.

10. Sewing

You may be the next Coco Chanel–who knows! Learning to sew can be convenient for repairing pieces in your wardrobe, or for creating new pieces altogether.

11. Embroidery

Embroidery is a neat way to customize and personalize anything from towels and napkins to sweaters and backpacks. Besides its utilitarian use, it can also be a way to make whimsical designs.

12. Drawing/sketching

We all did it in school. Now it’s time to take your notebook doodles to the next level. Try drawing things you see or taking a class if you want more concrete instruction.

13. Singing or joining a choir

For those of us who enjoy karaoke nights more than usual, this could be a fun way to meet new friends and learn how to read music.

14. Playing an instrument

Go beyond the elementary school recorder lessons or pick up that old guitar again. Playing an instrument can be relaxing: you can learn how to play your favorite songs or compose your own!

15. Ceramics

How satisfying would it feel to eat off of your own hand-made plates? Whether you want a custom dishware set or just want to make artistic sculptures, you’ll definitely learn something new when you pick up ceramics.

16. Mixing music

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17. Baking

Unlike cooking, baking is more scientific. It involves taking precise measurements of specific ingredients to get the exact desired result. Baking doesn’t have to be limited to sweets, though. There are tons of savory treats you can make with the right ingredients, your oven, and a little time.

18. Cooking

We know, we know! Cooking can sometimes feel more like a chore than a hobby. However, if you have some free time, it could be a great way to treat yourself to new dishes. If you find you enjoy it a lot, you could even share your newfound talents by hosting dinner parties for your friends or a dinner club for your community members.

19. Mixology

If you prefer to express your passion for consumables in a liquid form, consider mixology. You can personalize the drinks to your or your loved ones’ preferences, and you can make mocktails for those who are alcohol-free.

20. Food styling

Are you a terrible cook? Don’t worry, you can still contribute to the table by styling the food. It’s a great way to make dinner or snack time an artistic event. By arranging food in different dishes, using herbs and other fresh ingredients to set the backdrop, playing with textures and materials, and other important food styling tips, you can make the next dinner party an Instagram-able event.

21. Matchmaking

Connecting with people to find their strengths and interests is a unique skill. This is a good hobby for women in their 30s, as your social network is far more developed than it might have been in your 20s. If you have a penchant for personalities, consider hooking up single friends and acquaintances if they’re interested in meeting a new potential partner.

22. DIY Home Renos and Small Home Makeover Projects

HGTV isn’t just made for watching! When watching Flip or Flop leaves you feeling inspired to tackle your own space, try starting with small home projects and then work your way up as you build confidence.

23. Meditating

Meditation can seem like an elusive hobby, but there are a variety of ways to calm even the busiest of minds. Like journaling, this hobby for women can help you recenter, reflect and prepare for future plans.

24. Experimenting with makeup

Meditation can seem like an elusive hobby, but there are a variety of ways to calm even the busiest of minds. Like journaling, this hobby for women can help you recenter, reflect and prepare for future plans.

25. Starting a (new) fitness routine

Change up your gym routine to work different muscle groups and increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility! This could be as simple as joining a fitness class or running group, meeting a personal trainer, or looking up a new YouTube routine!

26. Hiking

Some of the best views are only seen from the mountaintop. Hiking is the best way to get you there. You’ll take in the fresh mountain air and get in a good workout in the process.

27. Trail and nature walking

A milder form of exercise, walking is great to get your blood flowing and your body moving. You can listen to your favorite playlist, a good podcast, or just take in the sounds of your neighborhood.

28. Soapmaking

Whether you make solid or liquid soaps, body wash, shampoo, or laundry detergent, this scientific hobby is a good way to customize your self-care and cut back on beauty costs.

29. Candlemaking

If your specific home scent profile is hard to find or not existent, try creating it yourself! You can tweak exactly which smells you prefer to radiate in your home. It’s also easy to decide if you want to use classic beeswax or more sustainable soy wax.

30. Jogging

If you’re looking for a more intense hobby, running is a good classic. Take an easy jog just for fun or put yourself to the test by training for local races.

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