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How Carrot Can Help Influencers Double Their Revenue

Whether you’re a nano, micro, or macro influencer, monetizing your content and community on social media can be hard.

For one, it’s highly competitive.

For two, social media platforms don’t give you the personalization options your followers crave.

And third, since platforms like Instagram and TikTok don’t allow you to post links with your content, your precious revenue-driving links are hidden in videos or a linktree–barely getting clicks even with your best efforts.

The restrictiveness of these platforms limits the control you have over your own content leading to lower affiliate conversions, engagement, and–revenue!

But there’s good news! Carrot is here to put the control back in your hands as a tastemaker and influencer.

Here’s how…

What is Carrot?

Carrot is a social shopping platform that lets you collect all your favorite things across the internet and curate them into personalized collections. From clothing to travel, home decor to DIY projects, as an influencer and tastemaker, you can recommend and share your collections, making them free or paid to your community.

(See how much revenue you could make from your collections with this free tool ! )

Who Can Use Carrot?

Anyone who loves to shop online can use Carrot. But if you’re an influencer looking to monetize and grow your community, here are a few of the most popular types of creators doing so:

  • Travel influencers recommending travel itineraries, hotel booking, places to eat
  • Book enthusiasts sharing their recent literary discoveries & fascinations
  • Fashionistas recommending product styles, trends, and best places to shop
  • DIY influencers recommending projects and products
  • Outdoor enthusiasts recommending gear for specific activities
  • Fitness experts & trainers recommend products & sharing diet charts
  • Coffee and wine influencers recommending new beverages and kits
  • Maternity experts recommending the best pregnancy products for moms
  • Tech heads recommending the best new gizmos and gadgets
  • Food influencers recommend places to dine, recipes, ingredients & grocery lists

How Does Carrot Help Me Make Money As An Influencer?

Whether you have 10k followers or 100k followers, Carrot is the platform to help you grow your community and create recurring monthly revenue with our creator program.

1. Boosts Your Link Visibility & Curate Stunning Collections

Branded link used by DogsOfInstagram

Think– a beautiful collection of your products with affiliate links on one scrollable page.

All your community has to do is click the item they like, and you get paid.

And the best part? If your community doesn’t make a purchase right away, your affiliate links can travel with them from site to site.

It works something like this. Once they download Carrot’s browser extension, and subscribe to your page, we automatically connect them to your affiliate links, revealing them in optimal moments as they go shopping in their own browser. Your collections become more accessible to them, boosting the likelihood of monetization up to 10 times.

Plus, we give you a branded Carrot link with all of your collections which you can link to your Instagram bio, YouTube description, or TikTok to boost your traction and revenue.


  • Easy visual bookmarking tool
  • One branded link for all your content and collections
  • Visually stunning format for products and recommendations
  • Wider affiliate link accessibility for your community

2. Helps Create Paid Content For Monthly Subscribers

Carrot’s free collection with affiliate links

Long gone are the days of consumers looking just to celebrities for the hottest trends and recommendations. Influencers and tastemakers are the new “it” girls (and boys)!

As a tastemaker, your community is looking to you for the best product recommendations, and in most cases, they’re willing to pay for your expert taste!

With Carrot, you can ask your subscribers to pay you a small amount of $5 per month tobe the first to know about your exclusive content and get access to deals and discounts. And, folks, this amount can add up fast!

For example: If 10% of your 10k followers are willing to pay $5 per month for your content, you could potentially earn $5000 every month. And as your subscriber base grows, so does your monthly revenue.


  • Flexibility to create exclusive subscriber-only content
  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Freedom to add both affiliate and non-affiliate links
  • Promote products and sponsors at high CPMs.

Carrot uses Stripe to make payments easy and secure for creators and subscribers.

3. Get Access to your Audience’s Emails

An automated subscription acknowledgment email sent by Carrot

When your followers subscribe to you, Carrot will show you their emails in your dashboard. You can export this list anytime to send exclusive deals, subscriber-only content, promotions, and giveaways.

With this, you create meaningful connections with your community by cutting through the social media noise and engaging with them on a personal level. This means you aren’t strictly governed by algorithms you don’t control — your reach to your audience is guaranteed, and your engagement with products and things you recommend see all-time highs.

You can also use your email influence to collaborate with brands who want to reach your community directly. This can help you leverage your email list and create new revenue streams.


  • Access to all your subscribers’ emails
  • Direct connect with your community
  • Publish directly in their inbox

Right Tools & Features = Double Revenue & Traction

Your social media strategy can be the best: great content, consistent posting, and good community engagement, but when you’re at the mercy of algorithm changes and a competitive niche making revenue can be a long, unpredictable battle.

With Carrot’s creator platform, you have all the tools you need to create a solid strategy to grow your community and your revenue!

Maximize Your Content Strategy & Revenue With Carrot