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Shopping eco friendlty

4 Simple Shopping Habits to Help the Environment

Circumstances and resources guide your decision-making process.

When it comes to shopping, it varies. Sometimes…

You buy on impulse.

You need a little retail therapy.

You add to a list for two weeks while you wait for payday.

You shop by brand or past experience.

When it comes to spending money, not everyone’s choices are fueled by the same fires. It’s easy to remember to look for the best options for yourself, of course… but it’s important to question the impact of our decisions on the environment.

Try these shopping habits that can help the environment

Changing the way we shop can feel like a drop in the bucket – but if we’re all working on the same goals, it adds up quickly. There’s extraordinary power in small changes made by the many.

1. Ditch the plastic bags

100 BILLION The number of plastic bags used in the US in one year.

12 million The number of barrels of oil required to produce plastic bags for the US.

12 minutes The lifespan of the average plastic bag before it is thrown in the trash.

1,000 years The time it takes for a plastic bag to decompose.

Say no to plastic bags

These numbers and stats above are staggering, but this is the harsh reality that we can change by taking a small step of switching to reusable shopping bags.

Choosing reusable shopping bags is an affordable, simple change with a lasting environmental impact.

Toss them in your car, keep one in your purse, or ask a friend to make the change with you. Having an accountability partner can boost your commitment and stay focussed on your goal.

Check out this Carrot collection for shopping bag inspo!

Like so – Check out this Carrot collection for eco-friendly shopping bags!

2. Get picky about packaging


The number of marine mammals killed by plastic debris each year.

1 Million+

The number of seabirds killed by plastic debris each year.

Plastic isn’t the enemy.

Plastics can provide benefits to the environment. They reduce our carbon footprint with improved insulation, lighter packaging, advanced medical technologies, etc.

Bio degradable packaging

The problem lies in the lack of appropriate disposal.

80% – The percentage of plastics recovered by seven of the EU Member States (plus Switzerland and Norway).

9% – The percentage of plastics recycled in the US.

Let’s choose eco-friendly packaging made with recyclable materials and actually recycle them!

If learning how to recycle feels like a foreign language, head over to to get started.

Check out local and state regulations to find the best recycling resources in your area. Ask your garbage company for a detailed list of recyclables. If your waste disposal company is behind the times, there are independent recycling centers all over the US. Some retailers and companies partner with specific recycling programs.

It might take a little research, but it’s totally worth it!

3. Buy Local

1500 miles – The average number of miles food travels to land on our plate. If not purchased from locally grown sources.

Consider the boats, planes, trains, trucks, and other vehicles used to transport food all around the globe. Not to mention the facilities used to process, cool, and treat these goods.

Local farm market

The further your food travels, the more fossil fuel burned, resulting in more harmful greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere.

Shopping locally also gives you the opportunity to bike, walk, carpool, or use public transportation.

Keeping it close to home allows you to help the environment by reducing fuel consumption, air pollution, and your overall carbon footprint.

4. Get Educated

Research eco-friendly products, low-impact companies, recycling centers, ways to reduce your carbon footprint, etc.

Make a list of books to empower you to take better care of our planet.

Find companies who are working toward a better tomorrow. Follow them on social media and like/comment/share their content, subscribe to their email lists, and support them when you can.

Books on a table

family, co-workers, or the person next to you in line at the store- open up the conversation to help others help the environment.

Use Carrot to organize & shop mindfully to help the environment

When you shift from the cheapest (and often most environmentally harmful) goods and services, you might experience a little sticker shock.

Some environmentally friendly brands and products are more expensive than alternatives.

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