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16 Small Kitchen Gadgets You Need In 2023

Whether you’re cooking for one or a family of 10, getting food on the table can feel like a race against time – especially on a weekday! All that slicing, chopping, seasoning, and table setting can get super chaotic at times. Or maybe you’re a chef aficionado who just loves cooking and needs the right toolset in your kitchen for that perfect dish * inserts chef kiss sound *

These cool small kitchen gadgets will help save time, prep your dishes chef style and they fit easily in a small kitchen. From a mess-free pancake batter dispenser to an auto-measure spice carousel, here’s our list of 16 small kitchen gadgets for every household. If nothing else, these handy and fascinating cheap kitchen gadgets will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Space Saving Kitchen Gadgets


1. Select-A-Spice Auto Measure Carousel

No more working with those clumsy measuring spoons or rinsing them in between measuring spices, ugh! This rotating, mountable spice rack has a twist dial that auto measures and dispenses ¼ teaspoon of seasoning. It can be easily stacked and is an excellent gadget for small kitchens. Like what you see?

butter churner; small kitchen gadget

2. Butter Churner

Butterrrr! Martha’s fav, our fav, and practically 99.9999% of peoples’ fav. No dish is quite complete without this staple! So if you’re a butter lover or have a friend who loves to cook straight from scratch- this kitchen gadget is for you guys.

Now all you need is to call your mum or google the recipe- best of luck with that!

cutting board

3. Bamboo Cutting Board With Drawer

When you’re whipping up a quick salad (because your 2022 resolution was to eat more veggies!), slicing everything in one go can quickly clutter your chopping board. This is where the bamboo cutting board with a drawer comes in.

The cutting board features three containers underneath to keep your chopped veggies organized.

So, you can keep all the ingredients separate until you’re done with chopping or even pack a lovely salad lunch straight away with these three containers that transform into cute tiffins when you put the lid on.

spud-dude-potato-brush; small-kitchen gadget

4. Spud Dude Potato Brush

Meet Mr. Potato Head’s(from the Toy Story) long lost cousin- Spud! This cute little potato brush is convenient for scrubbing potatoes and other root veggies like beets and carrots. It takes up minimal space, so you can pop it in your kitchen drawer when it’s not in use. And if you have a little master chef in the making at home, they will love working with it. 😍


5. Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner

While microwave ovens are one of the most useful kitchen gadgets, keeping them clean is not our idea of fun! So, we’ve added this Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner to our small kitchen gadgets list.

Fill her tummy with vinegar and water, pop her in the microwave for seven seconds and watch the steam coming out of her head! It cleans your micro and makes the job way more enjoyable!


6. Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

Did someone say “watermelon cocktail”?! How about serving your watermelon cocktail from an actual watermelon punch bowl? This fruit keg tapping kit lets you do just that! A space-saving gadget that’s much easier to store than an actual punch bowl.

And cooler, obv.

herb-scissors; small kitchen gadget

7. Herb Scissors Set

No more ruining your homemade guac by leaving in huge rough-cut chunks of cilantro! Chopping herbs like cilantro and chives can be fiddly. That’s why we included these specially made herb scissors in our small kitchen gadgets list. These are super handy- plus, they keep your fingertips safe from any accidental cuts.


8. SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

Always wanted to try making ice cream at home? Thanks to this SoftShell Ice Cream Ball, the whole thing just got a whole lot easier! Stuff cream, flavoring, and sugar at one end, and rock salt and ice at the other end. Shake and roll for 20 minutes, and your ice cream is ready! Unbelievably cool, right?


9. Batter Mixer And Dispenser

Pancakes are yum to eat, but working with the batter can be a messy affair! This batter mixer and dispenser means you can make fluffy pancakes minus the mess. Add all the ingredients to this dispenser, shake it, and squeeze it into the grill. The cleaning part is super easy too! Just fill the gadget with soapy water, shake, and rinse. No more dreaded batter splatter!

pineapple-cutter; small kitchen gadget

10. Pineapple Peeler, Corer & Slicer

We love pineapple, but we usually walk past it at the grocery store. Why? Because we hate cutting it! But not anymore. This cool pineapple corer is an inexpensive kitchen gadget you will love to have in your kitchen toolset. It works by trimming the top of the pineapple. You then twist it into the fruit to the core and slice it. What’s more – you can use the pineapple shell as a service bowl or pitcher and earn some brownie points for your serving skills!


11. Chef’n Corn Cob Stripper

Cutting kernels off the cob just got a whole lot easier! This corn stripper separates kernels from the cob easily and quickly without making a mess. (No more discovering hidden kernels behind the mixer after a week!).


12. Vegetable Spiralizer

Do you have a picky eater at home? Bring home this Fullstar vegetable spiralizer and create fun spiralized veggies. It’s also perfect for those who love to cook healthy meals at home. The spiralizer comes with four different blade options and can turn any bland veggie like Zucchini into healthy zoodles. Add this cool kitchen gadget to your chef’s toolbox today!


13. Splatter Guard

Cooking a curry for dinner? Good idea! But who’s going to clean up the stovetop spills and splutters? 😉 This cone-shaped guard will prove to be your best friend – it surrounds your pan to avoid any splatter. So no more scrubbing the walls and stovetops after a scrumptious meal. You’re welcome!

vacuum-wine-stopper; small kitchen gadget

14. Vacuum Wine Stopper

If you don’t finish a bottle of wine in one go, you’d want to store it properly to ensure it doesn’t lose that beautiful taste and aroma.

This vacuum wine stopper keeps your wine fresh by sucking the air out of the bottle. All the wine lovers in the house, you gotta try this!


15. Lobster Claw Pot Pinchers

These adorable pot pinchers are a must in every household. They cover your thumb and index finger, so it’s super easy to slip on and pick up hot pots.

Fancy it?


16. Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

If you hate soggy cereal, then this Never Soggy Cereal Bowl is the ultimate solution for you. It’s divided into two neat compartments. Your cereal goes on one side while your milk goes on the other. You can dip in your milk as needed – to keep the crunch and lose the mush. Need it now?

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