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Why You Should Start Supporting Local Businesses

Don’t you just love walking around and surfing different stores, shopping for your favorite things? It’s fun trying to spot things in big-brand retail stores or online and find even more things in the process. But do you know what’s better? Buying local! There was a time when local stores were all we knew. However, with the rise of big retail outlets and online shopping, we tend to visit such stores only when necessary. Keep reading to find out why supporting local businesses is important now more than ever!

1. Support the local economy

Shopping from local businesses brings in revenue that is otherwise funneled through big-box stores. The community benefits and grows as local shops grow. It is important to support the local economy because it also helps to build a sense of community. Local businesses recycle a large portion of their revenue within their own community. This way, the money stays and grows within the community too.

2. Help local stores survive the pandemic

During the lockdown, many small businesses lost their revenue stream and quickly went through their savings buffer. Around this time, many local stores went out of business as they were unable to recover from the financial loss of the pandemic. It is important now more than ever to support local businesses as they are financially recovering after heavy losses. Shop local!

3. Promote sustainability

Local stores are usually within walking distance or just a bike ride away. However, when you travel farther to a bigger retail store, you may be tempted to drive there, using up gas. Ordering things online also means a lot of travel involved for the goods, some arriving from different cities or even countries. This directly contributes to pollution and a large carbon footprint. Shopping local means being sustainable!

4. Support entrepreneurship

Buying from local businesses also means supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of many. Who said only big corporations can survive? In fact, even they started small! Supporting local businesses means supporting someone’s dream to make it big, or just to make it on their own. As we said above, supporting local businesses evokes a sense of community. Wouldn’t it feel great to see someone from your own community happy and thriving?

5. Contribute to jobs and wages

By supporting local businesses, you’re also helping create jobs for more people. As a new store opens up, there’s no doubt they’ll require employees. Plus, many local businesses end up paying better wages and benefits to their workers than mighty corporations.

6. Receive personalized attention, every time

Being a regular at a local store means an enhanced shopping experience. The owners and workers will likely know your shopping habits, your likes, and dislikes, and can give you personalized recommendations on items. Not only that, but they’ll truly put their heart and soul into making sure all your needs are met. You may also end up making friends here!

7. Find something unique

Shopping through the selections available at major retail stores may limit your unique browsing experience… However, when browsing through a local store, you may find a lot of items that are truly unique to that place. Supporting local businesses can help you find some rare hidden gems you didn’t even know you needed!

We believe in supporting local businesses

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