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Black owned Businesses

8 Women-Owned Small Businesses to Support in Honor of Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month in the United States is a time to reflect on and celebrate the significant contributions of women to society. There are tons of amazing women-owned companies, and we think it’s important to support them all year long. In this guide, we’re highlighting 8 of our favorites! These women-owned small businesses embody what it means to be strong and determined women, and we can’t help but love them for it.

8 Women-Owned Small Businesses We Love and Want You to Support

1. AnaOno – Bras for All Chests

Dana Donofree – the founder of AnaOno – received her breast cancer diagnosis in 2010. After one year of tough treatment, she searched for a bra that fit her new body. So, in 2012, Dana created a bra design that was wire-free and comfortable, perfect for her chest since she had lost her breasts to cancer. This led to the creation of the company in 2013, and the brand’s first breast cancer bra was launched online!

AnaOno ****believes in supporting other businesses that align with the mission to help women, especially those affected by breast cancer. Their range of bras are functional, beautiful, and for every kind of body!

2. Caribbrew – Introducing Haitian Coffee in the US

Beverly Malbranche – founder and CEO of Caribbrew fell in love with Haitian coffee while growing up in Haiti and decided to start a Black-owned coffee company.

She wanted to introduce customers in the US to new roasts, and also support Haitian farms. Malbranche is specifically passionate about buying from women-owned farms and helping them get paid equally to their male counterparts.

She wanted to introduce customers in the US to new roasts, and also support Haitian farms. Malbranche is specifically passionate about buying from women-owned farms and helping them get paid equally to their male counterparts.

We work in partnership with associations of small-scale coffee farmers in Haiti to grow the best Arabica beans and create long-term sustainable jobs.

Cabbibrew Team

3. Cocokind – Gentle and Transparent Skincare

Cocokind is a minority women-owned business whose mission is to promote botanical-forward skincare instead of “aspirational beauty.” The company’s founder, Priscilla (P) Tsai, said she never left her house without a full face of makeup in her early 20s because she had severe acne. Now, her company wants to provide customers with simple and gentle ingredients that are effective, no matter their skin type!

Source: Cocokind

We are a company that doesn’t need to hide how we formulate, invests in highly effective but gentle formulas, and sets fair prices based on what’s inside the bottle.

Priscilla Tsai

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4. Ettitude – Sustainable Bedrooms

There has been a growing trend in the fashion industry to use more environmentally friendly textiles. Phoebe Yu, the founder, and CEO of Ettitude, wanted to do the same for the bedding industry, and et voila – Ettitude was conceived! She banked on her experience working in the textile supply chain management and merchandising to create the brand’s proprietary CleanBamboo fabric.

Source: Ettitude

5. Hero Cosmetics – Trending Pimple Patches

Have you been watching the “oddly satisfying” (and really gross) pimple popping videos on Tiktok and Instagram? Did you notice that most videos feature a powerful pimple patch that sucks out all the gunk? That’s the brainchild of Ju Rhyu – the founder of Hero Cosmetics!

Hero Cosmetics offers a range of acne care products, including post-blemish cream, acne patches, and brightening serum. Their body care range includes body wash and moisturizer, and their face care line has cleansers, sunscreens, and serums.

I wanted to build a brand that was empowering and empathetic, and helped people reclaim skin confidence.

Ju Rhyu

6. Partake – Allergy-Friendly Snacks

Let’s move on to some delectable snacks, shall we? Partake is a Black-owned small business, and one of our most yummy picks if you’re looking to support women-owned companies.

Denise Woodard started the business because she couldn’t find allergy-friendly snacks for her daughter. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Source: Partake

Their products are baked with better-for-you, allergy-friendly ingredients like buckwheat, cassava, oats, and cinnamon.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into this brand, we recommend sampling their soft-baked Lemon cookies!

7. Saalt – Reusable Menstrual Care

When Hoeger’s family in Venezuela went without access to period care products during political instability, she started looking into reusable options. This led to her creating a collection of menstrual cups and period underwear.

Source: Saalt

Saalt’s mission is to provide reusable period care products to those experiencing period poverty across the world.

What better way to support women-owned small businesses than investing in period care for yourself and for others?

My family had gone months without period care… No one should have to experience that.

Cherie Hoeger, Co-Founder of Saalt

8. We Dream in Color – Bold, Black-Owned Jewellery Small Business

Source: We Dream in Color

We Dream in Colour is a jewelry line designed and handmade by black artist Jade Gedeon. With sustainability in mind, every piece is crafted with care using sustainable materials. Sophisticated and eye-catching, her pieces feature rich colors and striking patinas. She has been designing jewelry for over a decade!

We know all too well that sometimes you need to cut down on your online shopping. However, there are other ways you can shower women-owned small businesses with love without spending a dime on yourself.

Consider buying gift certificates for your friends and family from your favorite women sellers the next time you’re juggling holidays gift lists! Share their posts and photos on your social networks, sign up for their newsletters, and write reviews—or simply shoot them a supportive DM. We promise you – no gesture will go unappreciated!

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