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Y2K Fashion

Y2K Fashion: Wear the 2000s in 2023

The 2000s are over, but their fashion trends are coming back! If you love the look of y2k fashion but aren’t completely sure how to rock it, let us show you how to put together the best ensembles to make y2k 2022.

What is Y2K Fashion?

Y2k fashion refers to popular trends at the turn of the century. This is when the internet started to become more widely used, pop idols ruled channels like MTV and VH1, and consumerism started to boom.

Because of this, the y2k aesthetic involved big, name-brand logos printed on everything. Cyber fashion also aimed for a glamorous and delicate yet complex look: a crossover between royalty and streetwise. These looks scream power and confidence.

Its revival, while keeping some of the same themes that we all love about y2k fashion, is bringing y2k to 2022. Think back to figures like Destiny’s Child, Usher, Hillary Duff, Chad Michael Murray, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears.

Why These Trends?

What goes around comes back around, and fashion is no exception. We all know that trends are cyclical. The exciting part of this truth is that you can find quirky ways to modernize your old favorites. The best places to find these looks are usually in your family’s storage, your parent’s closet, at a thrift store or yard sale, or at many trendy fast fashion brands.

How to Pull it Off: The Y2K Aesthetic

Now that we know from whom and where y2k fashion originated, let’s talk more about the specific clothing items and accessories that define y2k outfits. Here are some of the most iconic pieces:

Baby tees

This shrunken tee is a mix of a crop top and the classic graphic tee. Often exposing the belly button, this tiny top is loved by many. And there are a variety of colors and prints to suit us all. Pair them with wide-leg pants for a contrasting look or a playful mini skirt to show a little leg!

Mini skirts

Little fabric is a y2k fashion theme. Mini skirts come in all different styles and can show off your amazing legs! Make them multi-season by wearing them with tights or tall boots, pair them with cardigans for a classic “prep school” look, or go with a baggy sweater to juxtapose the two silhouettes.

Hip huggers

Low rise jeans are back, and they’re serving “flaunt-it” energy. If you’re more of a “denim person,” rather than mini skirt, hip-hugging jeans are a great trend to get in on. Choose a baggier fit to add a streetwear element. Otherwise, pair them with a cardigan or baby tee to give it some glam.

Tie-front tops

There are various ways to style these delicate little tops to make y2k work for 2022. Choose them to add an unexpected flair to your everyday look. Plus, they work with all of your outfits! They’re perfect when layered with bras or tees but you can also choose to go bare-skinned underneath. These tops work well with high-rise jeans or flowy skirts, or can act as a nice contrast to baggier pants.

Wide-leg pants

Wider cuts of pants are making their return, and you can get in on the action. Today’s version is a bit scaled back but is still inspired by the sk8r look. Pair them with a fitted top to make them the focus of your outfit, baby tees for the full y2k aesthetic, or a denim jacket to complete the Canadian tux.

Canadian tuxedos

Styling denim on denim can be a risky task, but y2k fashion is all about taking big risks. You can take inspiration from Britney and JT’s 2000s pairing. Try a monochrome wash for a sleek and muted palette, two contrasting washes for some edge, or complementary silhouettes on top and bottom.

Velour tracksuits

Juicy Couture and Baby Phat are two of the most memorable brands when it comes to these cozy sets. Their comfort is complemented by the variety of colors and designs available. Wear them with a bralette or crop top to lounge around the house or run your daily errands.


Metallics and other shiny fabrics are the epitomai of cyber fashion. Turn-of-the-century fashion gave futuristic vibes. This nostalgic look can be earthy with silvers or other natural tones or can be loud in blues, pinks, reds, and more. Try jackets or pants for a bolder look or choose chunkier jewelry pieces for a lower-key styling.

Translucent clothes

Translucent clothes are perfect for layering. This y2k trend allows you to show off the cute bralette or bandeau and is easy to style. Try a variety of materials like lace, mesh, sheer silk or tulle. This look is fun for friend get-togethers or a night out.

Ribbed cardigans

Cardigans have a variety of styles, but y2k outfits call for the fitted, ribbed cardigan. Think Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. The best ways to wear this trend is with a dainty mini skirt, a baggy pair of hip-huggers, or pulled over a silky tea-length dress.

Baguette bags

This on-the-go bag is the perfect complement to a y2k look. In a variety of styles and cuts, the baguette bag versatile. It is the perfect accessory for moving throughout the busy city on a night out with friends or on a first date. It can also provide the perfect metallic accent to the rest of your y2k outfit, should you choose that style.

Other accessories

Accessories can make or break a look, and y2k fashion is no exception. Scrunchies, butterfly clips, quirky hair pins, and fun sunglasses are all ways to level up your look. Try using them to reinvent the late-90s and early 00s hairstyles.

Where to Procure the Y2K Aesthetic

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