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Top 11 Link In Bio Apps Every Influencer Should Know

When it comes to promoting your brand or business on Instagram or any other social media platform, having a clickable link in your bio is essential. But with so many different link-in bio apps out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you find the best link in bio apps. So, whether you’re looking for the most feature-rich option or the simplest solution, you’ll find the perfect app for your needs right here.

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Top Eleven Link In Bio Apps

Below are our top ten link-in bio apps that will make every influencer’s life way easier.

1. Carrot (Most feature-rich Link in Bio App/Extension)

Need one link for all your affiliates, product recommendations, or resources? Try Carrot!

Carrot houses all your links in beautiful shoppable collections and gives you one branded link that you can add to your Instagram Bio, YouTube description, or your TikTok bio.

You can also control what content/collection is free, paid, or exclusive for your subscribers. And that’s not all, Carrot also gives you access to your subscriber’s emails so you can connect with them on a personal level and share exclusive deals and offers.


  • One branded link for all your product recommendations and collections
  • Turn links into beautiful images & collections
  • Highly collaborative & easy sharing
  • Freedom to create exclusive subscriber-only content
  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Freedom to add both affiliate and non-affiliate links
  • Promote products and sponsors at high CPMs
  • Access to all your subscribers’ emails

2. Carrd

Need a website? Try Carrd!

Carrd’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to create a website, even if they have no prior experience in website design.

The app offers a variety of customizable templates to choose from, which can be edited to match your brand or personal style. It is also a very affordable website builder, with plans starting as low as $19 per year.

3. Taplink

Everybody’s favorite feature about this app is analytics. Taplink provides users with detailed analytics, allowing them to track the performance of their link in bio page, including the number of clicks, views, and engagement rates.

It can also be can be integrated with a variety of other tools and platforms, such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Instagram, providing users with more options for customization and marketing. It costs $0 for the basic plan and $15 to access advanced features.

4. InstaBio

With, you can create a custom landing page that consolidates multiple links, allowing them to showcase websites, blogs, social media profiles, and more. The tool enables you to add clickable buttons, embed videos or music, display contact information, and integrate social media feeds.

The free edition has simple customization tools that you can use to switch the site’s color. But if you need advanced customization, you need to switch to a premium plan, which costs $4.99 a month.

5. Link in Bio by Later

Link in Bio by Later is a great tool for anyone looking to make it easy for their Instagram followers to access all of their important links and content from one location.

One of the main benefits of Link in Bio by Later is that it is easy to use. Creating a landing page is a quick and straightforward process, and you can add or remove links as needed. This makes it easy to update your landing page with new content or promotional offers. The bio link is

Another benefit of Link in Bio by Later is that it integrates with the Later social media scheduling tool. This means that you can easily add links to your Instagram posts when you schedule them in Later, saving you time and streamlining your social media marketing efforts.

The free version has restrictions. You need a premium subscription, which starts at $15 per month, if you want to access advanced features like Add-ons and others.

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6. Beacons

This link in the bio app offers a variety of integrations with other marketing tools, including email marketing platforms, e-commerce platforms, and social media scheduling tools. This can help you to streamline your marketing efforts and make it easier to manage your online presence.

Beacons give you the ability to connect all of your social media accounts with the goods and services you wish to market to your followers. The free version of Beacons is limited, but you can unlock additional features by taking up their paid subscription starting at $10/month.

7. Campsite

Campsite allows for multiple links, which means you can link all of your socials with it. You can also monitor your followers interaction with your link using the site.

The app offers both basic and advanced plans. With the basic plan, you can get the simple necessary features but for $7 per month, you can enjoy advanced features.


About Me is a platform that allows you to create a personalized online profile that serves as a digital hub for showcasing your personal or professional brand. With this tool, you can create a visually appealing profile page with a custom domain name, a bio, and various customizable sections to highlight your skills, interests, and accomplishments.

With the app, you can add your portfolio and testimonials, but this feature is only available to pro-version users and costs $6.58 per month.

9. Lnk Bio

Like a lot of other options on this list, Lnk Bio can be used to store multiple links or create your portfolio. It is quite easy to use, thanks to the simple User Interface.

The app also offers fun customization options that let you create a look you love within the app. You can purchase Lnk Bio once for $24.99. A free version is available, but it contains limited features.

10. Luma

Luma is known for influencer profile applications and social media stars. With Luma, you can set up profile pages to make sales and interact with your followers.

Because it is pro sales, Luma allows users to pay directly with their credit cards and other payment options. It also comes with an analytics feature. Luma basic version makes you pay a 5% fee, and it comes with restrictions, but the premium version costs $39 dollars per month, and you don’t have to pay the 5% fee.

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11. Linktree

Linktree lets you create a single landing page that has all your links in one place, so your followers can easily access your website, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram page, and whatever else you want to show off. All you have to do is simply insert a Linktree URL (e.g., Then add the custom links to the content you want people to see

But that’s not all! Linktree also lets you customize your landing page to match your brand or personality, and if you’re a numbers person, then you’re going to love Linktree’s analytics feature. It shows you how many clicks each link on your landing page gets, so you can see what content is resonating with your followers and adjust your strategy accordingly. However, this feature is only open to paid users, but you can still enjoy basic features as a free user.

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