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5 Best Links Saver Apps to Organize Your Shopping and Buy Later!

We live and breathe online now, don’t we? There is so much stuff on the web and a lot of things might catch your eye but ultimately you’re too lazy to go back to them. Now, the old-school way you can shop online is by copying and pasting the links of your favorite products and saving them. But as we all know, some things will always fall through the cracks. So, what’s the alternative? In this guide, we’ll explore 5 great links saver browser extensions so that you can be in charge of your shopping destiny!

5 Links Saver Apps For Quicker and Better Online Shopping

1. Carrot

Carrot is more than just a cute little purple bunny sitting in the extension section of your browser. What can Carrot do? Well, a lot! From creating personalized shopping lists to getting notified about price alerts – the question should be, what can’t Carrot do?!

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Let’s take a look at why Carrot is at the top of this links saver list and the many features it offers online shoppers:

1. Cart Collection: The Carrot extension is a great way to keep track of your shopping and make sure you don’t leave anything behind. It consolidates carts from different pages and also compartmentalizes items into different categories.1. Availability: Carrot is only available in the U.S.
2. Customized Shopping: Create a registry, wishlist, or collection to get year-round updates and find out when the best time to stock up on your favorite items is. You can make occasion-specific lists for holidays or special occasions with this powerful links saver.2. Devices: The extension is currently only optimized for desktops.
3. Track Prices: Track the prices of your wish-listed goodies and receive alerts when they reach your preferred price point.
4. FREE for everyone!

2. Memex

Memex is popular amongst online browsers to save links and bookmark desired pages. However, the links saver falls short when it comes to organization.

1. Save Links: You can save URLs of the products you want to buy on your laptop, tablet or mobile.1. Paid Upgrade: With the free version of Memex, you’ll need to manually sync data between the phone and the extension. For an automatic sync, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid version.
2. Add Notes: If you’re someone who likes adding notes as they read along, Memex allows you to do so with a built-in annotation feature.2. Organizational Features: Saved links are not automatically tagged or sorted.

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3. Ktab

Ktab is great tool if you’re looking to cut down on your tab clutter. Ktab offers a dropdown list of all tabs, with three options for each: rename, close, select/unselect. However, it doesn’t include the same wonderful features of customization, unlike Carrot.

1. Sort Bookmarks: The Ktab dashboard lets you sort bookmarks by tags, website, or the time period they were saved.1. No Search Function: No search function for saved tags.
2. Lowers RAM usage: Ktab lets you select the tabs you want to save, saves them, and then automatically closes them to reduce RAM usage.2. Auto-Selection: When you close a tab, Ktab automatically selects and closes any other pinned tabs, tabs from other windows, or browser-based apps.

4. Prism

Prism makes the list of our best links saver apps because instead of only viewing links as text, it provides thumbnail images from different websites. Nonetheless, Prism’s functionality doesn’t extend to advanced organizational features.

1. View Links at a Glance: You can bookmark the homepage of your favorite websites and set them to auto-update screenshots. This will give you a quick glance of their updates without visiting the page.1. Only for Desktops: Unfortunately, Prism doesn’t work on tablets or mobile devices.
2. Search Engine Function: The link save Chrome extension offers a powerful built-in search engine so that you find your bookmarks easily.2. Not Useful for Multiple Bookmarks: The links saver extension’s thumbnail-style view makes it less useful for users with hundreds of saved links.

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5. Savory

Savory aims to fix Chrome’s bookmarks manager limitations and offers a better way to save links.

1. Organize Bookmarks: Finds links and auto-tags the websites. You can also add your own tags to manage your bookmarks.1. Security Concerns: The links saver extension doesn’t clearly define what your information is used for when you sign up.
2. Delete in Bulk: Savory adds a much needed mass-delete function currently missing from Chrome.2. No Customization: There are no functions to save links to a personalized collection.

The Links Saver to Rule Them All

Carrot is free, an automatic cart collector, and also notifies you of price drops! Plus, you can make personalized wishlists and share your customized organization with others. Say buh-bye to hundreds of open tab and abandoned carts, and hello to your new shopping bestie!

Add to Chrome – it’s freeee!