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How To Say Goodbye to The Problem Of Having Too Many Tabs Open

Who else has about a million tabs open on their browser right now? You and me both, my friend!

It’s very easy for us to get carried away while browsing, working, or online shopping. One second you’re working, and the other, you find yourself gawking, opening a new tab and exclaiming, ‘’Ooh, nice dress…I’ll come back to it in a bit,’’.

One thing leads to another, and you find yourself squinting to locate the tab you were actually working on.

If you’re like us, who have wayyy too many tabs open in their browser and don’t know how to fix the issue (or be productive at work), this one is for you!

Let’s clean up✨

Too Many Tabs Open On Your Browser? Here’s The Fix!

It’s recommended that you have a maximum of nine open tabs at a time. With nine or fewer, it’s easier to spot the tabs you will be needing.

Use these keyboard shortcuts to make navigation between tabs easier: Press Command + No. 1 through No. 9 to switch between tabs (for a Mac) or press Control + the tab number (for Windows).

Aside from digital clutter, too many tabs make your browser use more memory, giving you a super slow computer.

So, how do we solve this issue?

1. Close your tabs, duh

Sounds obvious, right? Our brains can’t focus on two things at once, so for maximum productivity, you need to close those tabs.

Remember that even if you close important tabs, they’re still saved in your browser history. The problem with this, however, is that there may be situations where you may unavoidably need many tabs open at one time, maybe for research, or an assignment.

Still, if you feel like you can handle closing your tabs, then, by all means, go for it!

2. Organize your browser using the ‘bookmarking’ feature

It’s safe to say that many times, most of us come down with a case of internet FOMO (fear of missing information.) We get scared that if we close our email accounts or log out of social media pages, we may miss important updates — so we end up never closing our tabs at all.

The best(and organized) way out?

Let’s say you have some tabs open that you need to complete certain tasks. Instead of keeping them open for eternity, save these pages in a bookmark folder labeled with the name of the task. Pretty simple, right?

This step will help you clear your messy browser and won’t let you miss out on anything!

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3. Use multiple browsers or windows

We feel we can juggle everything at once or are excellent at multitasking, but that’s hardly the case. By opening up endless tabs, what we’re really doing is task switching and not multitasking. This means our brains are constantly switching from one task to another, ultimately slowing our progress and leaving us super distracted.

So, why don’t we make things easier and use multiple browsers to get the job done? Group your tasks into dedicated browser windows or, better yet, different browsers. Instead of using just Google Chrome to do all your research, work, assignments, and shopping, why not divide it? You can use Firefox for one task, and either Chrome or Microsoft Edge for another. It will help you focus on one task at a time boosting your productivity 📈

4. Suspend, Suspend, Suspend!

You obviously wouldn’t like how having too many tabs open slows your device down. There’s a simple solution to that: suspend your tabs.

This means that your tabs stay visible, but they don’t take up any memory until you need them.

Chrome extensions like The Great Suspender help to temporarily suspend your web pages when they aren’t in use. The thing is, this extension doesn’t help with clearing digital clutter as it doesn’t visibly hide the tabs.

However, using the OneTab extension, on the other hand, helps to merge all your tabs into one. This makes your browser look less messy and more organized.

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