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A Guide to Creating the Best Universal Wishlist tor Any Occasion + Free Resources Inside!

Let’s say you’re a shopping fanatic and you’ve seen a few things that caught your eye. Say you’ve compiled these products in one place, and you’re dreaming of when you can finally get your hands on them. Well, my friend, you’ve just created a wishlist!

Now, the task of creating a wishlist may seem tasking, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re compiling a wishlist for your significant other, best friend, or family member, there are a few simple tips that will make the process easy and fun. In this blog, we’ll be giving you all the deets on how to create the best universal wishlist.


What’s a Universal Wishlist?

First off, what’s a wishlist? It’s a modern and shareable gift registry created for any special gift-giving occasion, such as holiday seasons or personal celebrations. These lists are made for birthdays, holidays like Christmas or Easter, or even house parties.

When doing some shopping online, you’ve probably come across a small heart or the option “Add to List” next to a product. Once you click on the heart or the option, you’ll be able to add the product to a wishlist.

Wishlists essentially help you to compile all your desired items from a particular website in one place. These lists make it extremely easy to share with your friends and family what you want for important celebrations. A universal wish list is basically a compilation of all your wishlists in one place, making it easier for your family and friends to shop for you!

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What Should You Look for in a Universal Wishlist?

A universal wishlist makes the process of selecting items super easy. Some of the features to look out for in a universal wishlist include:

  1. It should be free, or if payment is needed, the cost should be very little.
  2. It wouldn’t be a universal wishlist if it doesn’t allow you to create multiple lists; so watch out for this.
  3. It should make it easy for you to share with others.
  4. It offers a variety of recommended available items that you can add to the list.
  5. It should update easily, with features that allow you to mark off the items you’ve bought.

Free Resources to Help You Curate a Universal Wishlist


1. Carrot

Want the freedom to choose any item, from any location? You have that with Carrot. Carrot is the best tool for creating universal wishlists. With Carrot, you’ll never lose track of items that you love. Once you click on ‘’Add to Cart’’ on almost any store, the product will be auto-saved to Carrot, keeping it locked and cozy until you come back to it. Also, with the save button, Carrot helps you store items you don’t want to add to your cart.

Carrot even notifies you when the prices of your saved items have dropped so you can quickly buy them. Carrot allows you to organize and share collections for any occasion at all, and the best part is that these collections are made giftable to you with literally one click! How cool is that?

2. WishList

Though not as advanced as the first two, WishList lets you collect your favorite items from anywhere on the web with bookmarks and a Chrome browser extension. You can even use your phone’s camera to directly send the products to your account while you’re out shopping.

If you want to know how to make a wishlist, then WishList is a good choice.

3. Pinterest

With Pinterest, it’s easier to curate a universal wishlist by allowing you to quickly save products you find as you search the web. Pinterest’s web browser extension lets you save any picture across the web to an organized board that you create.

You’ll need an account to use Pinterest. However, it’s free and Pinterest boards are simple to share with your friends and family. You also can follow your favorite people for more gift ideas in one go-to spot. The downside is that Pinterest doesn’t allow you to buy products directly from the site.

The Wishlist Creator to Rule Them All

Carrot is an all-in-one shopping tool that not only helps you create the best universal wishlist but also allows you to collect, curate, shop & share your products. Just add Carrot to your browser today, and transform your whole shopping experience. By the way, it’s totally free!

Add to Chrome – it’s freeee!