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11 Hidden Amazon Hacks That Will Help You Save Big Bucks in 2023

When was the last time you ordered something from Amazon? Yesterday? Last week?

The retail giant has become a virtual staple of many of our lives. It sells pretty much any and everything you can imagine and is a one-stop-shop for most of your buying needs. However, have you ever stopped to think, besides the convenience of Amazon, are you truly getting the full value? Are you getting the best deal you can get or just purchasing because it saves you time and effort?

Well, what if we told you that there are lots of tips and hacks out there to help you save money on Amazon?

In this guide, we’ve come up with a few that will probably leave you kicking yourself for not finding it out sooner. But, don’t worry. Always better late than never!

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1. Amazon Prime Hack: Get a Free Membership Extension

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, we’ve read the fine print so you don’t have to! Amazon Prime has a delivery window guarantee. If you order a parcel through Amazon Prime and it takes longer than 2 days to arrive, you can ring Amazon customer service. They’ll either credit your account with a few dollars or extend your Amazon Prime account by a month. Pretty neat, right?

2. Click to Add Amazon Coupons

Coupons may mean you save just a few bucks at a time, but in the long run, this adds up to a big pile of savings. All you have to do is pay attention to the orange banner below the MRP. If there’s a coupon available, you’ll find it right there. Just check tick the check box to apply the deal.

However, if you want to save more and spend less, you’ll want to try this! So where can one find these amazon coupons anyway? Well, pay attention to the orange banner below the MRP. If there’s a coupon available, you’ll find it right there.

All you have to do is tick the box!

After all, every single drop in the ocean counts when it’s your money on the line.

3. Amazon Lightning Deals Hack

We’re all hoping that the products we have an eye on come up in the Amazon Lightning deals for the day, aren’t we?

You get these with a MUCH lighter price tag for a limited period. There’s usually a countdown timer that tells you how much time you have to catch the deal. If the item you’re looking at has a Lightning deal offer on it, it will appear on the right, as shown here:

Source: Vertical Rail

Also, if you want to get price alerts for your Amazon shopping cart, make sure to add the Carrot extension to your browser.

4. Search Amazon Discounts By Percentage Off

Did you know you can type in customer search parameters to view items on sale? Even if you’re not a coder by trade, you can master this Amazon hack in a jiffy!

If you want to search Amazon discounts by the percentage off, All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your Amazon account.
  • Choose a category you want to browse.
  • Copy these characters exactly as they are – &pct-off=50-80
  • Paste these characters at the end of the Amazon category page URL.
  • Press “enter” and wait for the page to refresh.

Voila! Now you can browse items that are currently 50-80% off. If you want to browse, for example, items at 25% off instead, replace 50-80 with 25. Simple!

Here’s an example:


5. Amazon Trade-Ins

So, you know how you can trade-in your old iPhone through Apple for a discount on a new device?

Well, Amazon offers something very similar!

An easy way to save money while shopping on the website is to trade in your old devices for Amazon gift cards. Amazon has a page dedicated to the Trade-In Program.

Source: Amazon

There are thousands of products that can be traded in. If an item is eligible, you can send it to Amazon and receive a gift card in return. They accept all sorts of electronics and will even pay for shipping. How cool is that?

6. Subscribe and Save

Are there certain items that find their way into your Amazon cart every month? Maybe it’s your favorite hand-wash or laundry detergent.

Well, we love this Amazon hack because every time you buy the same item, you save money! This is called the Subscribe and Save Program.


Source: Amazon

Here’s how this Amazon hack saves you time and money:

  • Schedule future purchases so that they are shipped to your home at regular intervals.
  • The subscription comes with free shipping!
  • If you subscribe to 5 or more products and choose a single auto-delivery to one address, you’ll save 15% off your total order.

7. Amazon Hacks 2023: Same Product, Different Prices

Have you noticed that some colors of products are priced higher than others? This is because the more popular the color, the more it drives up the price of the item on Amazon! Take a quick look below at how a simple color choice affects your money-making decisions:

Source: Amazon

If you choose a color or an option that isn’t in high demand, the price is lowered to help the inventory move faster. This is your golden window to snag the best deals and save money by only choosing a less popular color! Mind = blown!

Note: If you’re looking to track prices of products on Amazon, Check out list of the best tools to track prices!

8. Share Your Prime Benefits With Your Spouse

You can actually use the Amazon Household hack to share your Prime membership benefits with your partner or other members of your family. You can add up to 5 children, and all of you get access to Prime Video, early access to Lightning Deals, and so on.

9. Get Huge Discounts As A Student

A big part of life as a student is budgeting your finances. Here’s some good news for you – if you have an EDU email or you’re a student, Amazon gives you six months of Prime free! This includes the 2-day shipping benefits. When you decide to get the full Prime membership, you can enjoy it at fifty percent off!

10. Combine All Your Leftover Gift Cards

With the Amazon Gift Card Exchange offer, you can put together all the little amounts you have left on your gift cards. Just exchange them for Amazon cash so you can use it for one or more products you need!

11. A ‘No-Rush’ Delivery Gets You More Credit!

A really cool Amazon hack is that members with a Prime student account can opt for a no-rush delivery at checkout for cool returns! A ‘no-rush’ option means that you’ll get your order a couple of days later than usual but you’ll score promotional credit or get discounts on other items.

With these Amazon hacks, you’ll never have to pay full price when shopping! They’re easy, available for most items, and guaranteed to save you money, and when you’re buying a lot, every penny counts.

Wrapping Up

With these Amazon hacks, you’ll never have to pay full price when shopping! They’re easy, available for most items, and guaranteed to save you money and when you’re buying a lot, every penny counts. This is why we want to introduce you to Carrot, to help you save even more time and money!

Save As You Spend With Carrot

Having a more organized shopping experience is also something you can also probably appreciate, and we’ve also got a hack for that called Carrot! Carrot is a free chrome extension and app that makes it easier for you to save no matter where you shop! It automatically saves your shopping carts and then gives you the option to organize them into collections you can track.

So whether you’re a shopaholic or an essentials shopper, Carrot’s the free shopping tool you’ll wonder why how you ever managed your shopping without it.

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