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8 Best Online Thrift Stores For Eco-Conscious Shoppers 2022

We’ve all been living indoors for almost two years, and online shopping has become second nature for most of us, right? But let’s take a step back and reassess our shopping lifestyle. Did you know that 2,150 pieces of clothing are discarded each second in the U.S.? We know, it’s insane. And the statistics get scarier with each passing year. So, we’re here to introduce you to the best online thrift stores that are both affordable and earth-friendly! So whether you’re an unstoppable thrifter or a newbie, we promise there’s something here for everyone. Folks, it’s time to channel Macklemore!

Why Online Second Hand Shopping?

When you spend time on online thrift shopping, here’s what you get:

  • The thrill of finding a great bargain because thrift stores are treasure troves of amazing deals!
  • The opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind wardrobe
  • A chance to find inspiration for your next DIY project – from chairs to lamps to teacups, get ready to up-cycle!

Oh and, you’ll also be breaking the cycle of fast fashion in your household while saving the environment one purchase at a time!

The 8 Best Online Thrift Stores For Shopping Sustainably

1. ASOS Marketplace – All-in-One Online Thrift Shopping

ASOS Marketplace is connected to the cult fashion website, ASOS. Rather than dealing in new clothes, ASOS Marketplace focuses on the sustainable resale of high-quality vintage clothing. It is truly a magical place made up of designers, consignment shops, and over 900 boutiques!

Asos Marketplace website

We think it’s one of the best online thrift stores because of the specific filters to match the vibe of the items you want. You can filter by New, Vintage, Vintage Era, Style, and many more!

2. Tradesy – Online Vintage Store for Luxury Items

Who doesn’t love taking a walk down the fashion memory lane? And when you can get an authentic Chanel bag for a fraction of the retail price…mamma mia! * Inserts Chef Kiss* On Tradesy, you can find designer clothes, shoes, and accessories from various popular brands. Plus, the store has a dedicated section for vintage luxury items.


We love Tradesy because if you want to sell your old clothes, you can use the money you earn to fund your online thrifting habit!

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3. Ragstock – Pre-Internet Vintage Store

Ragstock was founded in 1954 – yes, before most of us were born and when the Internet didn’t exist. Now, that’s quite an origin story, don’t you think? Today, the company is one of America’s longest-running sellers of cheap vintage and recycled clothing! As you can see below, they’ve certainly

Source: Ragstock
Source: Ragstock

If you’re looking for an online thrift store that is genuinely vintage even in its origin, explore Ragstock’s 1950s-era items!

4. Luxury Garage Sale – New and Old Luxury Pieces

The name of the store delivers what it promises – luxury items at garage sale prices! (Well, relatively speaking to their retail price.) They offer high-quality, second-hand luxury clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry from top brands around the world at discounted prices. And not to mention their clearance section 😍

Luzury Garage Sale Online Thrift store
Source: LGS

Indeed, it is one of the best online thrift stores in the US because their team ensures that each piece is inspected and verified as authentic.

5. Goodfair – Giving Rejected Clothes New Lives

When going to a brick-and-mortar second-hand shop isn’t possible, Goodfair will keep you good company. They take what would have been wasted (like rejected items from other stores) and sells them at a hugely discounted price. They also check the quality of each item before they send it out to find new homes. While individual items are available, most people buy in bundles.

Goodfair online thrift store
Source: Goodfair

We love Goodfair because of their strong emphasis on sustainability. Their mission of “No New Things” cuts down on the need for low wage factories and fights clothing waste and pollution, as a direct result of fast fashion.

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6. Refashioner – Vintage Clothes with a Story

At Refashioner, they don’t just sell clothes; they sell stories. For every vintage item listed on the platform, there’s information about who wore it, where it was worn, and whether anything notable happened while wearing the outfit. They have a solid quality control system in place that ensures the pieces they’ve curated are in the best condition possible.

Refashioner online thrift store
Source: Refashioner

Refashioner makes the list of the best online stores around because you can even find pre-loved pieces as early as from the 1940s! Cool, right?

7. MAW Supply – Black-Owned Etsy Vintage Store

MAW, short for Man and Women, was jumpstarted in 2012 by a couple, Norman and Rachelle Clark. Their funky pieces include dockers and retro print button-downs for men and plaid pleated skirts and blazers for women. Browse through their shop and get ready to turn back the clock by a few decades!

Maw supply products

We’re not the only ones who think MAW is one of the best online thrift stores! They’ve been featured by the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and Refinery29.

8. Rogue Retro – Quirky and Cheap Vintage Clothes

Rogue Retro is a great online thrift shopping destination for finding creative fashion pieces from the past. You can find anything you need from any decade, from suspenders to tunics. If you want to break the monotony of your wardrobe, explore Rogue Retro to create a look that expresses your style!

Rouge Retro branding
Source: Rogue Retro

We love this store because they also sell books, comics, accessories, dolls, and stuffed animals. Love that!

Ethical Fashion FTW

When you shop second-hand, you are contributing to a healthy ecosystem that reduces water waste, carbon emissions, and marine pollution. Who knew?!

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