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The Best Time to Buy an Engagement Ring for Your Beloved

We’re so happy that you’ve found your lobster! Are you ready to propose to the love of your life? Are you thinking about planning a proposal sometime soon? Well, don’t be shy! In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about the sparkler you’re going to buy for your beloved. So, what’s the best time to buy an engagement ring? Let’s find out!

The best time to buy an engagement ring is before you pick a proposal date.

There are several factors to keep in mind before you sneak out to shop for an engagement ring. This includes the type of ring you want – pre-designed or custom, how you plan to propose, and the retailer you choose.

When is the Best Time to Buy an Engagement Ring?

The best time to buy an engagement ring is during the months of September and October. These are slower months in the jewelry industry, so diamond vendors may offer promotions to lure customers. This also means that you can snag the sparkler of your choice without worrying about someone else taking it up first!

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When Do Engagement Rings Go on Sale?

If you’re shopping on a budget or have a set price point, we’ll break down the best time to buy an engagement ring based on seasons and holidays:

1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Many retailers don’t offer significant discounts on high-quality diamonds, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can be great opportunities to find deals. Deals on jewelry, including diamonds, may not be as common as deals on other types of items. Instead, you can often find perks like expedited shipping, free gifts, or discounts on ring settings.

2. Just Before Christmas

Conventional wisdom suggests that you should buy a ring during the holidays. This is because most businesses offer sales and discounts around this time of year. Competition among stores can lead to better deals for customers, and you might be able to snag a beautiful sparkler!

Although, you might want to keep a jewelry expert’s opinion in mind:

“The holiday season from October through New Years’ is incredibly busy because clients are also competing for attention with those designing fine jewelry as gifts.”

– Hannah Florman, Custom Jewelry Designer, Boston

3. Before Valentine’s Day

The business of love goes into hyperdrive leading up to Valentine’s Day. Did you know that almost 6 million couples are likely to get engaged on February 14th? If you want to beat the crowds of other lovesick proposers, start looking in December, and lock down a ring by mid-January.

4. Spring Season

Once the Valentine’s rush has died down, jewelers will have more time to spend with you on the perfect ring. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by large crowds! While the sales and discounts will dwindle, the spring season is the best time to buy an engagement ring for those looking to find their dream ring at leisure.

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3 Tips to Guide You to the Ring of Your Dreams

These tips aren’t season exclusive, so keep them in mind before you invest in your partner’s most important piece of jewelry.

1. Browse For Your Ring Online

Shopping Wishlist

We highly recommend looking for a ring through a reputable online vendor. Brick and mortar stores typically don’t have as good of a selection or as good of a value as online vendors.

This is where Carrot can help you create a (secret) wish-list of the sparklers you love. First, install the Carrot browser extension and go the online retailer of your choice. When you see a ring you like, just click “add to Carrot”! You can then save this as part of your online collection of engagement rings – it’s easy as pie!

2. Start Looking in Advance

In the days and months leading up to the proposal, your jeweler will be your best friend. Your jeweler needs to know when you’re planning the proposal, how, and the creative experiments you want to try out with the ring. They will likely appreciate knowing this so they can provide you with an estimated timeline for creating your ring.

Also, keep in mind that the jewelry industry is still recovering from the pandemic, so it may take longer for you to receive the ring!

3. Don’t Panic and Rush Into a Decision

Don’t feel pressured into buying an engagement ring during a sale just to save a couple of hundred dollars. This is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and your partner will be wearing this ring for the rest of their life.

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In Sum

All things considered, the best time to buy an engagement ring is when you’re ready to pop the question. And we are firm believers in the magic of love ✨

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