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The Best Days To Shop: A Comprehensive Guide to 2022’s Upcoming Sales

For many of us, outside of holiday shopping, we don’t really think about strategic shopping and capturing deals. We’ll stand in long lines on Black Friday, wake up at the crack of dawn for cyber Monday, but for the rest of the year, we essentially leave our shopping and the deals we come across to fate!

But that shouldn’t be the case.

Building a shopping strategy and knowing when the best days and months to shop can you save you a ton of time and money throughout the year–not just during Christmas!

So grab those brand-new planners and mark your calendars as we take you through the best days to shop in 2022, to save you some mula!

1. January

With the holiday season gone, you probably aren’t too keen to spend much money in January and you don’t have to because there are tons of spill-over Christmas deals you’ll love!

Items to look out for :

  • Winter Clothes: To clear their racks for the spring, most retailers throw a clearance sale on winter clothes like coats, jackets, and hoodies. A lot of these offer discounts of up to 70% off. That’s why January is the best time to get your winter wardrobe for the year!
  • Exercise Equipment and Clothing: Many New Year’s resolutions, as we know, are usually fitness-related. And retailers know this too. That’s why fitness and sports stores usually offer discounts on exercise equipment and clothing.
  • TVs and other home theater essentials: The Superbowl takes place in February. So, to prepare audiences, electronics stores usually launch sales on TVs and other home-theater essentials.
  • Home and lifestyle products: At the end of the holiday season, most stores want to get rid of their overstock. You might find some amazing discounts on home and lifestyle products.

Holidays in January

  • New Year’s Day – Jan 1
    • So many cool sales take place on the first day of the year, to make space for new stock.
  • National Science Fiction Day – Jan 2
    • If 2022 is your year for geeking out, you’d better check out all your favorite comic bookstores for the best deals on comics, movies, and figurines!
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Jan 17
    • He is the only non-president to have a national holiday in his name and for all good reasons. Celebrate this day by grabbing discounts of up to 50% off on most online stores.

2. February

The month of love! But, there are several sales in February besides the obvious V-Day offers.

Items to look out for :

  • Electronics sales usually spill over from January to February. TVs, laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones are some items you can get the best deals on.
  • As the spring approaches in February, most online stores try to empty their shelves to make way for summer items. Expect heavy discounts on winter stuff like sweaters and jackets, as well as blankets and winter sports gear.

Holidays in February

  • Lunar New Year – Feb 1
    • Lunar New Year is the beginning of a calendar year whose months are based on moon cycles, forming the lunar calendar. It’s particularly celebrated in East, South, and Southeast Asia. Many online stores put up various offers for the Lunar New Year, which you can check out by visiting their websites.
  • Valentine’s Day – Feb 14
    • You’ll be feeling the love with stores that offer great discounts on Valentine’s-related products, such as chocolates, jewelry, and soft toys. Not in a relationship? Treat yo’self!
  • President’s Day – Feb 21
    • Get amazing deals on mattresses, electronics, and home appliances on President’s Day!

3. March

There may not be a lot of notable holidays in March, but seasonal sales are ever-present! Take a look at the upcoming sales and items on discount here:

Items to look out for :

  • If you file your own taxes, you’ll probably need tax prep software to help you out. Most tax software companies provide great deals on their products in March to prepare for Tax Day in April.

Holidays in March

  • International Women’s Day – Mar 8
    • Get discounts of up to 30% on products like makeup, women’s clothes, stationery, gadgets, and more!
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Mar 17
    • While it’s not a federal holiday, many online stores have sales on St Patrick’s Day-themed items. Think green-colored stuff, mostly.
  • National Puppy Day – Mar 23
    • If you’re a pet parent, this one’s for you! Get sweet deals on pet accessories and make your furry friend happier than ever!

4. April

Sorry, there aren’t any holidays or upcoming sales in April…

…just kidding! Did you fall for our April Fool? Grab a look at April’s deals and discounts down below!

Items to look out for :

  • With Spring on the brink, online stores tend to discount cleaning items so you can get started on your spring cleaning. If you plan to buy a new vacuum this year, we recommend holding off until April!
  • With the buzz surrounding Tax Day, most retailers give out offers on office supplies like paper shredders. What better way to spend that hard-earned money?
  • Spring clothing is always on discount in anticipation of Easter. Expect to find up to 70% off on everything from sundresses to tracksuits.

Holidays in April

  • National Sibling Day – Apr 10
    • Look out for 2-for-1 discounts at various stores to celebrate your sibling bond! Personalized items are also a hit around this time.
  • Easter – Apr 17
    • Easter means spring discounts. Find great deals on chocolates, clothes, and so much more!
  • Earth Day – Apr 22
    • With so many brands going sustainable, you can find some super green deals at a lot of online stores.
  • World Book Day – Apr 23
    • The best day for bookworms. Check out your favorite online bookstores for amazing discounts on the books you’ve been wanting to read for so long! If you prefer e-books, the Kindle store will have some pretty good offers too.

5. May

May your wallet and your closet always be full! Here are the upcoming deals for the month of May:

Items to look out for :

  • As online stores gear up to clear their warehouses for summer clothes, expect some flowery deals on everything spring!
  • Home and kitchen appliances are usually on pretty cool offers around the time of Memorial Day. So get that new fridge or coffee maker you’ve been eyeing for months!

Holidays in May

  • Teacher Appreciation Day – May 3
    • Express your gratitude by gifting your gurus something well-deserved. A lot of stores offer discounts to teachers on supplies, gadgets, software, and more.
  • Star Wars Day – May 4
    • May the fourth be with you and give you some great purchases. Enjoy this day with your fellow geeks to snap up discounts on Star Wars merch!
  • Mother’s Day – May 8
    • Show your mothers how much you love them by buying them that thing they always wanted but never treated themselves to. Expect to find amazing Mother’s Day sales all over the web.
  • Memorial Day – May 30
    • In the US, Memorial Day means sales on a lot of big items, like mattresses, furniture, and home appliances.

6. June

June’s pretty dry in terms of the weather as well as offers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any at all. Here are a few sales you can usually find in June.

Items to look out for

  • Gamers rejoice! Steam’s summer sale can help you get up to 90% off on your favorite video or PC games.
  • Victoria’s Secret’s semi-annual sale happens in June and December, so get your hands on some amazing discounts on lingerie and cosmetics.
  • ACs and grills are a great buy in June. Summer means cookouts and air conditioning, which makes for good deals on these items.

Holidays in June

  • Father’s Day – Jun 19
    • Gift your fathers some cool stuff they never knew they needed! Online stores put up discounts on a lot of items for Father’s Day.

7. July

Warm days, sunshine, and some good ol 4th of July BBQs and fireworks. July is a fun month to shop!

Items to look out for :

  • If you’re in dire need of summer clothes and don’t want to wait until the end of the season, now’s the best time to get them!
  • Many online retailers tend to offer Black Friday-like discounts in July. Take advantage of them and get that new phone you need!
  • With Independence Day kicking off the month, you can find patriotic items like flags and other things on sale.

Holidays in July

  • Independence Day – Jul 4
    • Offers and discounts everywhere!
  • National Lipstick Day – Jul 29
    • Celebrate your love for lipsticks by buying as many as you can on this day!

8. August

“August slipped away into a moment in time, ’cause it was never mine…”

Don’t be like Taylor Swift. These upcoming deals in August won’t slip away, as long as you grab them in time…

Items to look out for :

  • With the new school year approaching, August is the time for a lot of back-to-school sales on clothes, school supplies, books, and laptops.
  • Pre-Labor Day sales usually begin in August to prepare for the big day in September.
  • As summer comes to an end, discounts on summer clothes begin to rise. Stock up on those cute swimsuits and tank tops for your next vacation during this end-of-season sale.

9. September

September’s seasonal sales provide you with deals on a great range of items. Check out the month’s upcoming sales in the list below.

Items to look out for :

  • The summer clearance sale usually spills over into September, with even lower prices. Prepare for next year with a brand new wardrobe!
  • In the excitement of Labor Day, you can find some great offers on home appliances. So, if you were looking to buy a new washing machine, now’s the time.
  • During this month, Apple also usually (but not always) announces its newest models of iPhone in September, and to get its users excited for the launch, they drop the prices for the older models.

Holidays in September

  • Labor Day – Sep 5
    • Be on the lookout for deals and offers on just about everything on Labor Day!
  • National Grandparents Day – Sep 11
    • Show your grandparents how much you appreciate them by giving them sweet gifts with a personal touch.
  • National Video Games Day – Sep 12
    • Gamers, go wild with discounts on the games you’ve been dying to play and consoles you’ve been longing for!

10. October

With October comes the spooky season. But there’s nothing to be afraid of, for October has its fair share of upcoming sales.

Items to look out for :

  • As the season change and the weather gets cooler, most people start spending more time inside. So expect a drop in prices on outdoor furniture like picnic tables and grills.
  • Halloween is just around the corner, which means everyone’s begun preparing for trick-or-treating. That means online stores too! Get great deals on candy and candy combos.

Holidays in October

  • Columbus Day – Oct 10
    • Mattresses, appliances, and electronics will see many great discounts on this day.
  • Halloween – Oct 31
    • Enjoy bone-chilling offers on Halloween decorations, costumes, and accessories.

11. November

Christmas may just be peaking around the corner, waiting to enthrall shoppers, but November also has its share of special shopping dates. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday offers. Here are some sales you can expect to see:

Items to look out for :

  • If you love baking your own goods during the Holiday season, now’s the best time to get your supplies! November offers amazing discounts on baking supplies to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Pre-Black Friday sales are indeed a real thing. And they’re also the best time to purchase all those electronic goods you wanted!

Holidays in November

  • Veterans Day – Nov 11
    • These sales usually happen around Black Friday, so be on the lookout!
  • Thanksgiving – Nov 24
    • While Black Friday offers the biggest discounts, you can catch some offers during Thanksgiving as well.
  • Black Friday – Nov 25
    • Some of the best deals of the year can be found on Black Friday, on just about everything! Wake up early and get in before the rush!
  • Cyber Monday – Nov 28
    • If you happen to miss the Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday is there for you! It’s the biggest online spending holiday of the year.

12. December

It’s the most wonderful time/month of the year! December is the holy grail of shopping months and with competition high during this time every store has, its own special hook or deal to entice customers. So take full advantage!

Items to look out for:

  • The holiday season means giving gifts to your loved ones. What’s better and more practical than a gift card? Online stores like Amazon and PayPal offer great value deals on gifts cards during December.
  • With Christmas on its way, you get to play Santa for the kids in your family, and finding amazing deals on toys and video games will surely put a smile on their faces!
  • Clothes, electronics, home goods, and pretty much anything you can imagine December means Christmas, but it also means major after Christmas sales starting from the 26th through the new year

Holidays in December

  • Green Monday – Dec 12
    • You may not know its official name but we bet you shop a lot on this day! Green Monday is the second Monday of December. The term was coined by eBay in 2007 after they noticed that it was one of the busiest shopping days of the month. It’s the only day close-yet-far enough to Christmas when you can do some last-minute online shopping (considering the delivery time). You can find some amazing discounts on your favorite online stores!
  • Christmas – Dec 25
    • Celebrate the best day of the year with Christmas sales on everything.
  • Boxing Day – Dec 26
    • The day after Christmas is usually a great one to spend all those holiday gift cards on.
  • New Year’s Eve – Dec 31
    • Christmas clearance sales are real! Prepare yourself for next year by buying what you need at this time.

For some of us, shopping is fun, for some it’s daunting. But having a plan and a tool to help make your shopping experience more organized, regardless of which side you fall on the coin, will definitely make your life easier. In this article, we’ve shared with you the best dates to shop for 2022 so you can plan your haul around these dates. But becoming a truly savvy shopper means using tools that help you, and Carrot is that tool. It’s a free extension that allows you to save your carts across various websites, curate wishlists, track and compare the best prices across the web.

Try it out today and make 2022 the year you find the best deals and save the most money!