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6 Sustainable Brands Like Patagonia

6 Sustainable Brands Like Patagonia

The list of reasons to love Patagonia is a long one. Besides making impeccable outdoor wear and gear for nearly 50 years now, it’s deeply committed to sustainability. It’s even B-Corp certified. Patagonia takes a stand on environmental legislation and supports indigenous communities as well.

All in all, it’s one of those brands we wish there were a lot more of. And in this case, we’re in luck! Because there are some excellent outdoor gear brands like Patagonia to explore. Carrot aims to make it easier for customers to shop sustainably by hosting clothing brands like Patagonia.

6 Eco-friendly brands like Patagonia for your outdoor adventures

1. The North Face

The North Face

Based in Almeda, California, The North Face has a large number of loyal customers who love its practical, reliable, and yet, stylish offerings. Over the years, this brand has built up a reputation for good-quality products and customers have come to trust the instantly recognizable half-dome North Face logo. The North Face makes apparel as well as gear for rough, outdoor expeditions.

Price factor

Most of their products are priced similar to Patagonia but some of their more technologically advanced designs are more expensive. On average, their range of women’s jackets are priced between $100 and $700.

Environmental responsibility

  • In an effort to create a circular economy, they launched designs in 2022 that can be recycled at the end of their usable lives. You just have to return it to the company.
  • As part of their ‘Renewed’ program, they also refurbish pre-loved pieces and re-sell them.
  • They have also made sustainable decisions with regard to the materials they source, the packaging they use, and so on. You can take look at all these decisions here.

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2. Arc’teryx


Among one of our favorite brands like North Face and Patagonia is Arc’teryx. Named after one of the earliest bird species (the Archaeopteryx) to exist, this brand draws inspiration from the concept of evolution. The fact that they strongly believe in innovation is demonstrated by their research into developing new fabrics. Their efforts in this area date back to the 90s (long before sustainability became a buzzword). Arc’teryx is known for its rain gear, ski jackets and even winter outerwear. They believe in creating products that last and have a team of people specifically to mend your worn and pre-loved pieces from Arc’teryx.

Price factor

Price tags at Arc’teryx run higher than at Patagonia. But their products are considered to be an investment and last for very long. Women’s jacket prices range from $150 -$1000

Environmental responsibility

  • Design is mindful of creating pieces that last and these can be mended as needed.
  • It also has a space on its website that sells pre-loved gear.
  • It was one of the earliest companies to set a verified Science Based Target for climate action. Science-based targets give corporates a scientific, clear path to reduce their emissions according to the goals set by the Paris Agreement.

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3. Marmot


Marmot was literally born from a love of climbing. Its founders formed an outdoor club in order to meet other climbers and subsequently began sewing their own gear. The rest is history. Marmot has a small (compared to Patagonia) but fiercely committed following in the outdoor adventurer community. Their gear caters to hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and backpacking, among other outdoor quests. They offer plus-sized gear in some designs. Excellent for rain jackets and hiking boots.

Price factor

On average, Marmot’s products are less expensive than Patagonia’s. The price range for women’s jackets falls between $100 & $675. But some of their technical designs may be more expensive.

Environmental responsibility

  • Marmot has a number of sustainability programs already in place. They use innovation to improve their impact, read more about it here.
  • It also has developed some collections that are produced sustainably, for example, the EVODry collection is produced with a water-free process and uses upcycled nylon fabric.

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4. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer

A brand that’s over a century old, their commitment to good quality gear has stood the test of time. Eddie Bauer was one of the first brands to patent the insulated jacket (with goose down feathers) in 1940. They offer a wide range of clothing as well as camping and hiking gear so you can get most of what you need in one place. They even have everyday apparel including knitwear, shackets, and leggings. This is definitely the oldest clothing brand like Patagonia that we can think of!

Price factor

The price tags for Eddie Bauer products run lower than Patagonia. Women’s jackets from Eddie Bauer could cost you anything between $100 to $500.

Environmental responsibility

  • Eddie Bauer has always been committed to innovative versatile designs that last a long time.
  • They’re committed to making their production processes more sustainable including changing 50% of the cotton fiber used in their products to certified organic cotton or recycled cotton by 2025. The long-term goal here is to have 100% of its cotton to be organic by 2030.
  • Read their detailed sustainability goals here.

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5. Cotopaxi


Their original line of products was a series of backpacks made from deadstock materials. This range featured colorful block patchwork designs which have now become their calling card. Cotopaxi makes a wide range of outdoor apparel from puffer jackets to rain jackets. Most of their products are made from repurposed materials or recycled fabrics.

Price factor

Cotopaxi’s average prices are lower than Patagonia’s. You could get a jacket for as low as $80 or as high as $300.

Environmental responsibility

  • Cotopaxi has set the goal of using only sustainable materials to make their products by the year 2025.
  • This brand has a B Corp certification for its eco-friendly practices. This certification is issued by a non-profit B-Lab that puts these brands through a rigorous process to assess their environmental and social impacts.

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6. Hikerkind


The Hikerkind was founded during the pandemic of 2020 by a couple of friends. It aims to create fashionable hiking wear for women that is sustainably made and entirely practical. They are so committed to sustainability that their production takes its time to ensure it is done properly. Founders Allison Levy and Chelsea Rizzo are keen on producing and designing pieces with purpose. Their designs are size inclusive and run up to 3X.

Price factor

Hikerkind’s prices are a little higher than Patagonia’s. They also offer a more limited range. Just to compare, a long-sleeved shirt from Hikerkind is about $128 and a flannel from Patagonia is around $99.

Environmental responsibility

  • Their aim is to produce slowly and ensure sustainability right from the start. They are not in a hurry to launch new collections.
  • Hikerkind also produces clothes with recycled fabrics, right here in the US.

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