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Carhartt Return Policy: How to Get Your Money Back Everytime

Carhartt Return Policy: How to Get Your Money Back Everytime

Carhartt, known for its rugged and dependable workwear, offers a range of products that stand the test of time. From jackets to boots, their items are built to endure. But, when you’re shopping online, there’s always a chance that what arrives on your doorstep isn’t a perfect match for your needs.

Whether it’s the fit, the color, or simply a sizing issue, understanding Carhartt’s return policy can transform the return and refund process into a breeze.

In this blog, we’ve got all the answers you need about Carhartt returns, exchanges, refunds, and more! Dive in to ensure your online shopping experience is worry-free.

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What is Carhartt’s Return Policy?

What is Carhartt’s Return Policy

We all know that sometimes, even the best-laid plans can go awry. That’s where Carhartt’s return policy comes to the rescue. Let’s explore what this policy unfolds:

  • Returns, Not Exchanges: For now, Carhartt is all about returns, not exchanges. So, if you need to swap out an item, the return process is your go-to solution.
  • Time Frame: Carhartt offers a generous 60-day return window from your original order date. That’s plenty of time to decide if your purchase is a keeper.
  • Condition Matters: To ensure a successful return, your items should be in their original, unworn condition and still sporting all those tags.

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The Return Process

  • Form Filling: Inside your package, you’ll discover the Carhartt return form. This is your golden ticket. Fill it out, indicating the number of items you’re returning and the reason for each return (we’ll explain those reasons in a bit).
  • Form Inclusion: Don’t forget to pop that completed return form into your return package. It’s a crucial piece of the puzzle to ensure your return is processed smoothly.
  • Label Placement: Stick the return address label right on top of the original shipping label. This helps Carhartt identify your return effortlessly.

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Reason Codes for Returns

  • Defective Product (D): If you received a product that’s just not up to par, use this code.
  • Received Wrong Item (W): Oops, our bad! If you got the wrong item, this code is your friend.
  • Changed Mind (C): Sometimes, we all have a change of heart. No judgment here – use this code if you simply changed your mind.
  • Size/Color Issue (S/C): If the fit or color didn’t quite hit the mark, use this code for size or color-related returns.

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Can I Return Worn/Used Carhartt item(s)?

Can I Return Worn Used Carhartt item

No, according to Carhartt’s return policy, it is explicitly stated that the item(s) you intend to return must be unused and must have all tags attached.

When Will I Get My Refund?

The process of initiating your refund will typically begin within 3-5 business days after the distribution center has received your return. It’s important to note that in the case of gift card refunds, the timeframe may extend to 5-7 business days.

Additionally, please be aware that the refund amount will always be credited back to the original payment method used for the purchase.

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What is Carhartt’s Order Cancellation Policy?

We get it — the thrill of hitting that “Place Order” button is hard to beat. But what if you need to make changes or cancel your order? Well, there’s no going back. Unfortunately, Carhartt’s finely-tuned process doesn’t offer room for cancellations or alterations.

Once you’ve given that “Place Order” button a high-five, your order is on its way, and there’s no stopping it. So, before you hit that button, take a moment to review your order meticulously and ensure it’s exactly as you want.

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Does Carhartt Ship Internationally?

Carhartt currently accepts returns for purchases made on in Europe. And if you’re seeking a return in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, or Spain, Carhartt covers the shipping cost for you! 

How to Initiate a Carhartt Return Policy Online? 

You’ve just received your Carhartt order, but something doesn’t quite fit or isn’t what you expected. No worries, Carhartt makes returns a breeze. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to return your purchase and get it sorted out.

How to Initiate a Carhartt Return Policy Online

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Step 1: Find Your Order Number

Every Carhartt order comes with an order number. You can find this on both the order confirmation email and the shipping invoice that arrived with your gear. Keep this number handy; you’ll need it for the return process.

Step 2: Visit the Carhartt Website

Head over to the Carhartt website ( and look for the returns section. Once you’re there, enter your order number and email address. This helps the system locate your order.

Step 3: Select the Items and Reason for Return

In this step, you’ll be asked to pick the items you want to return and specify why you’re returning them. Carhartt appreciates your feedback, so honest reasons help them improve.

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Step 4: Include the Carhartt Return Copy

To make the return process smoother, remember to include the Carhartt Return Copy inside your return package. This little piece of paper helps Carhartt identify and process your return efficiently.

Step 5: Attach the UPS Return Address Label

In the return portal, you’ll find a UPS Return Address Label. Stick this label onto your return package. It ensures your return makes its way back to Carhartt seamlessly.

Lost the Packing Slip? No Problem

Misplaced the original packing slip? Don’t fret! You can still make a return. Just jot down a note with the reason for your return, your order number, your name, address, and telephone number. This extra info helps Carhartt process your return without a hitch.

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Special Cases: Defective, Damaged, or Wrong Items

If your items are defective, damaged during shipping, or not what you ordered, don’t use the regular return process. Instead, contact Carhartt at 1-800-833-3118. They’ll assist you in resolving the issue.

A Few More Details

Carhartt only accepts returns for orders placed on their official website,

Refunds will be credited using the original payment method.

Unfortunately, shipping costs (if any) are non-refundable.

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