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Be A Trendsetter: How To Find The Hottest New Products Before Everyone Else

Be A Trendsetter: How To Find The Hottest New Products Before Everyone Else

Picture this: You’re the one who always seems to have the latest gadgets, the coolest fashion, or the most innovative items before anyone else even knows they exist. How do you do it? How do you consistently find those trending products that make you the envy of your friends and the trendsetter in your circle?

Whether you’re a savvy shopper, a trendsetting entrepreneur, or simply someone who relishes being the first to own the latest innovations, this blog is your ultimate guide to finding those coveted trending products before they hit the mainstream.

Join us as we unveil the strategies, tools, and insights that will keep you at the forefront of the consumer wave, ready to ride the tide of the next big thing in the world of shopping!

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1. Free Shopping Tools (i.e. Carrot)

Free Shopping Tools (i.e. Carrot)

Suggestions on curated websites like Carrot are useful in spotting trends that are yet to reach large e-commerce sites. Carrot isn’t just another app; it’s the premier destination for savvy shoppers!

  • Your personal Pinterest for shopping, where inspiration meets affordability
  • Shop straight from celebrity wishlists for their latest loves (Paris Hilton loooves Carrot!)
  • Find exact or near replicas of outfits worn by celebrities (like Taylor Swift)
  • Find dupes and replicas using the AI-powered Deal Hop feature
  • Save a whopping 90% off the original product prices
  • Find coupon codes and compare product prices across websites
  • Receive product recommendations according to your style!

No more wondering how to find trending products! With Carrot, you can confidently discover and save all the items you love. Easily add to cart on any website and create a personalized wishlist that spans the entire internet.

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2. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics

Exploding topics is a website that can scan and predict trends before they trend. They analyze millions of conversations across the internet to assess potential trends. Although the platform says it’s made for entrepreneurs and investors, it’s a great tool for consumers or anyone who is has a reason to be seriously invested in finding the latest and greatest products. With this platform, you can type in any topic and have many options immediately shown to you along with a graph to show its growth.

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3. Amazon Suggest

Shopify Trending Product List

With Amazon Suggest, you can learn how to find trending products by simply typing keywords. For example, if you are looking at hair accessories, enter this into the search box, and you will see a range of keyword suggestions appear. These are the products that a majority of Amazon shoppers are looking for.

Moreover, for a quick insight into the hottest products over the past few days, Amazon’s ‘Movers and Shakers’ list is your go-to resource. This list conveniently categorizes trending items, making it a breeze to navigate and uncover the latest in-demand products.

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4. Shopify Trending Product List

Reddit Threads

Who amongst us hasn’t fallen through a Reddit wormhole and emerged hours later laden with information you’re not quite sure what to do with? What if we told you that you can make this work for you? With some direction and discipline, you can work through these Reddit threads to find products that users find fascinating.

What you’ll want to do is look at product-focused subreddits like ‘Shut Up and Take My Money’ or threads related to topics that are relevant to you. With these, you can find insider tips on the best products to buy.

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6. Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers

Many brands leverage influencers on social media to promote their latest products, making it vital to follow influencers within your preferred category. This approach helps you stay updated on the latest trends. Now, if you’re wondering how to find trending products on TikTok specifically, the same principle applies. TikTok influencers often showcase hot items in creative and engaging ways. To ensure you’re getting authentic information, look for influencers who provide genuine reviews.

Additionally, unboxing videos on YouTube, especially in categories like electronics and beauty, are a goldmine for discovering what’s trending. Simply add ‘unboxing’ to your category search, focusing on videos uploaded within the past week. Don’t overlook the comments and questions from viewers, as these can lead you to more exciting product finds.

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7. Google Trends

Google Trends

Trying to figure out how to find product trends on Google Trends? This tool helps to add a little depth to your research. Not only does it help you find products that are trending, but gives you a trend line that you can use to predict the future of that product. Typically, a line that has risen sharply implies that it’s a ‘fad’ that is likely to burn out as quickly as it began. However, a steady growth line indicates a longer-lasting trend.

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8. Meta Ad Library or Facebook Groups

Meta Ad Library or Facebook Groups

An underrated method of competitive product research. The Facebook Ad library is a searchable space where you can look through and find ads that are running across all Meta platforms. Ads appear in the library 24 hours after they receive their first impression. You can filter by country and category. For instance, you could apply a broad search term ‘sustainable’ or narrow it down to ‘sustainable bags’ and alter the location to ‘America.’ You can further filter the results by the time period they appeared in, media type, language, platform, and advertiser.

Brands generally begin marketing their products with a Facebook ad campaign. If you’re aware of the key brands in your category, all you have to do is keep an eye out. Follow them on social media and watch for the products that they launch. Look out for their updates to find a lead in their ads, copy, and creatives. As soon as a new type of product is trending, you’re likely to see it appear here.

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3 Key Types of Product Trends to Track

1. Short-term trends

Products that are catapulted into the limelight because of a viral video or a popular T.V. show/ movie. Remember fidget spinners? At one point, they were everywhere, but their popularity was short-lived. Fidget spinners were popular for about 6 months, and soon after, plenty of business owners were trying to get rid of their dead stock.

2. Long-term trends

These products are here to stay for at least a few years. Quirky phone cases are a good example of this type of trend. There are plenty of people selling phone cases, but they are still in demand. Long-term trending products tend to be those that offer real value as functional items in our daily lives.

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3. Seasonal trends

Seasonal trends are products that are popular every year during a particular time, like Christmas decorations and accessories or Halloween costumes.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

In a world where trends change in the blink of an eye, staying ahead is a skill worth mastering. With tips and tools like Carrot’s AI-powered Deal Hop feature, celebrity wishlists, and incredible savings of up to 90%, you’re equipped to uncover the hottest products before the crowd.

So, embrace your trendsetting potential and get ready to make waves in the world of fashion and innovation. Start your journey to finding the hottest new products today!

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