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8 Common Coupon Codes in 2023 To Try

If you’re like us, you can’t resist a mind-blowing deal.

Seeing that coupon code entices us to buy things, even if we’re not looking to. And, discovering a new brand or choosing one brand over another because they offer a great discount can often lead you to become a repeat customer.

This is precisely why companies use them!

Some companies simply offer seasonal coupon codes, while some offer different codes throughout the year, taking advantage of national events, holidays, and more.

For example, major holidays like Valentine’s Day, season changes, or widely followed events like the Super Bowl all are common times you’ll find coupon deals.

But to make it easier for you we’ve come up with a list of some of the most common coupon codes to try out the next time you’re online shopping to save a few bucks!

The 8 Most Common Coupon Codes in 2022

We’ve done our research so that you don’t have to. Go ahead and bookmark this page so you don’t forget these magic phrases!

1. Holiday Keywords

Most retailers offer coupon codes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The coupon codes during these times aren’t that inventive and are often as easy as CYBERMONDAY or BLACKFRIDAY.

For other holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day, common coupon codes to try are LUCK, LUCKY, or simply STPATRICK.

Other coupon promo codes are often related to the savings percentage. For example, 20 for 20% off. Other times, they have the year following the word like LUCKY22. And don’t forget to try the simplest one of them all – HOLIDAY. You won’t believe how often this works! In December, the most popular coupon promo codes are simpler than you can imagine – DECEMBER, CHRISTMAS, MERRYXMAS.


2. Seasonal Phrases

Whether you’re shopping on a budget or simply looking to get more bang for your buck (like we are), try using season names as coupon codes. SUMMERSPRINGFALL, and WINTER are all solid.

Here are a few common coupon codes to try when the weather starts to change:

Source: Pinterest

3. SAVE (Followed by a Value)

SAVE10 and SAVE20 are two of the most common coupon codes applicable on almost all retailer websites. While they won’t always work for everything you want, we say go for it! You never know, you might just hit the jackpot.

Other variations worth a shot: SAVENOW, SAVEBIG.

4. WELCOME Coupon Codes to Try

To entice you to sign up for a newsletter or mailing list, companies usually incentivize you to take action by mentioning you’ll receive an exclusive coupon code. The most popular ones that have a decent chance of working are WELCOME, WELCOME10 or WELCOME15.

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5. Event Keywords

Some retailers engage with their customers during events like the Super Bowl. When that time of the year approaches, try your luck with common coupon codes such as BOWL, SUPER or even just FOOTBALL.

6. OFF (Followed or Preceded by a Value)

When you use OFF on a seller’s website, make sure to prefix or suffix the phrase with a value. For instance, try out 10OFF, 15OFF, 20OFF, 25OFF, HALFOFF, or OFF10.

7. NEW (Followed by a Value)

Brands frequently roll out new products and encourage both existing and new customers alike to try them out with coupon promo codes. If you’re browsing a new collection on a retailer’s website, try common coupon codes before you press checkout!

NEW10, NEW15, NEW20, NEW 25, or just NEW.

8. FREE – Different Variations of Coupon Codes to Try

How many times have you abandoned your cart because the shipping cost was too much? This is a solid option for a chance at free shipping or a free gift from the seller! So, the next time you want a shot at getting more value for your money, here are a few coupon codes to try:


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