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Nordstrom Affiliate Program

Everything You Need To Know About Nordstrom’s Affiliate Program

Nordstrom is a well-known fashion retailer in the luxury market and offers their customers a lovely range of products. If you’re a fashion blogger who is interested in this market, signing up for the Nordstrom affiliate program is a great way to go. It’s ideal for bloggers who are on the hunt to associate with a big brand that offers a high-converting affiliate program.

So, what is the Nordstrom Affiliate Program?

When high-end designers are looking for a way into the mass market, they send out inventory to brands like Nordstrom. This way, they expand their ability to promote and market their designs. Nordstrom offers a wide variety of products and is very well-known for their excellent customer service.  

Influencers, tastemakers, and creators who are interested in driving sales for Nordstrom can sign up for their affiliate program. This makes you a marketing partner and provides you with special access to their popular products and their customer care.

You can pass on any insights you have about their products to your online community and in return, earn a commission on any sales that may happen through affiliate links.

How does Nordstrom’s affiliate program work?

Signing up for the Nordstrom affiliate program is free and your participation is not charged either. This is a CPS or Cost Per Sales program. The rates for the Nordstrom affiliate program commission are calculated based on the performance of your affiliate links.

Your commission could be between 2-11%. Since Rakuten advertising is in charge of their affiliate program, these commissions are paid by them on a monthly basis.

The referral fees you receive are calculated based on the net sales made from the products that were shipped out throughout the month.

Categories that are eligible for commissions include cosmetics, health, and beauty. You can also promote apparel and accessories.

Tracking affiliate sales

Rakuten is in charge of tracking the sales made by influencers. When someone from your community clicks on your affiliate link and completes a purchase, this is recorded.

Members of the Nordstrom affiliate program receive reports that will tell you how your links have performed and details of the commissions you have earned.  

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Essential rules to look up for Nordstrom’s campaigns

As veteran influences and tastemakers are more than familiar with, every affiliate program comes with its own set of rules. You would be wise to look at the Nordstrom affiliate program requirements closely before signing up.

The target markets vary for each brand so first, look up the list of accepted countries for this affiliate program and also, the platforms or traffic sources that are accepted. In this case, they accept both links as well as banner ads.

Nordstrom’s affiliate program has a cookie duration of 30 days. This means a cookie lasts for 30 days from the last time it was clicked. So if a customer purchases a product within this duration, affiliates re credited with the commission.

Nordstrom’s affiliate program policy does not encourage religious, explicit or political content.  

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The particulars of earning a Nordstrom affiliate program commission

Nordstrom offers single-tier commissions so you can earn a commission on the sale that you generate. They have a fixed structure and a minimum payout of $50. Affiliates of this program receive a commission rate of 10%.

As a Nordstrom affiliate, you can receive your payout on a monthly basis, straight to your bank account. In the United States, Nordstrom’s affiliate program employs the software of Rakuten Advertising to take care of its portfolio.

Creating an affiliate account with Nordstrom

If you’ve decided to join the Nordstrom affiliate program, first read carefully through both, the affiliate agreement as well as the Membership Agreement from Rakuten. Scroll down to the end of the application page to access these.

Once you’ve read and understood the terms set out for affiliates, the process is quite straightforward. Just fill in the application and await their response.

 The selection process to become a Nordstrom affiliate is rigorous and your website will be reviewed thoroughly before you are accepted.  

Some of the key things they are likely to consider include the niche area that your website is dedicated to. The style of your website as well as the age and area  (geographically) of its target audience.

Of course, they will also consider the traffic and content volume of your website. If you’re keen on getting into this affiliate program, it is worth it to prepare for this assessment and up your game in areas that need it.

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How can you make the most of the Nordstrom affiliate program?

What keeps your audience coming back for more? Relatable, interesting content that adds value to their lives. Let’s look at a few ways in which you can create content that stands out for the Nordstrom affiliate program –

Write articles that connect:

Articles that offer up useful information prompt audiences to click on them. Well-written articles that audiences can relate to keep them on the page, reading what you have to say. These articles push the traffic to your site up and increase the chances of readers clicking on affiliate links.

Don’t underestimate keywords:

The right keywords are crucial to getting you sailing through the ranks in terms of search engine results. It’s not unusual for bloggers and tastemakers to depend on SEO tools to help them find the optimal keywords.

Do your research on the products:

Your role as a Nordstrom affiliate is to promote the best products that Nordstrom has to offer. In order to do that effectively, you must first know the product inside out. Write out detailed and thoughtful product descriptions, and deduce how these products could be beneficial to your community.

Don’t forget to include the great features that Nordstrom offers their customers including a flexible delivery program, free returns, personal stylists on hand, and so on.

Don’t forget to include direct links:

Make it easy for readers to access the product once they’ve read your articles or product recommendations of it. Include direct links, especially to those really popular products. You can add these links nearly anywhere from your articles to your product description.

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