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7 Preppy Outfit Staples You Need in Your Closet

7 Preppy Outfit Staples You Need in Your Closet

Preppy style fueled by oft-quirky layering, stripes, precise silhouettes, and lively hues is making a resurgence but with a modern redux. It’s easy to see why: this aesthetic oozes an undeniable level of elegance and is fun to style.  

Nailing preppy aesthetic outfits is all about channeling that “Old Money” vibes that TikTok adores by wearing classic pieces. No, that doesn’t mean you must go full school girl– you can incorporate preppy pieces into incredibly casual outfits with a street-style twist. 

Ahead, you’ll find seven preppy outfits that are a must-have in your wardrobe to channel your inner Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, the Queen bees of preppy touches. 

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1. Pretty Pleats

Pretty Pleats


A wardrobe staple that has never steered us wrong is a tennis skirt. Hitting at about mid-thigh to show off those stems, pleated mini skirts became a frenzy in the 90s. Surprisingly, this skirt is popular even today and is a go-to pick for many fashionistas– all thanks to its crisp, clean pleats that evoke a quintessentially preppy look. 

Style it up with a camisole or a tank top for a sporty look or put on a polo shirt and toss a cardigan over your shoulders to bring back the 90s iconic look. Pull off your look with slingback heels, mules, or booties, or simply opt for biker boots for a cool, romantic look. 

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2. Pull on a Polo

Pull on a Polo


Sure, polos were aughts staple, but they gained cult status because they are a perfect blend of sophistication and athleticism. No surprise, it is regarded among the famous pieces of prep clothing. 

Throw on a polo shirt and style it with a flowing maxi skirt. Elevate your whole look with a pair of white sneakers. 

For a modern preppy vibe, avoid the vintage Y2K era double-layer polo-style shirt. Instead, go for an oversized polo because it is far more elegant than the vintage-style polo. 

Even 70s-inspired knitted polos are a great option. In fact, they have resurfaced in popularity for a larger throwback, with modern markings such as bold color-blocking signaling novelty and overstated collars. 

Styling a knitted polo might seem difficult, but it isn’t. Put on high-waisted trousers with a knitted polo, and you’re all set to make a statement. 

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3. Try Vintage-y Cable Knit Sweater

Try Vintage-y Cable Knit Sweater


An easy preppy outfit that looks good on almost everyone is a cable knit sweater. So, it’s definitely a must-have staple in your wardrobe. 

Combine a cable knit sweater with black jeans for an easy-breezy look. Or, add a hint of style by pairing it with an untucked button-down shirt. After all, an untucked button-down shirt looks charming when worn under a cable knit sweater. 

Add a pleated skirt to the mix, and you’ve got a look that captures the essence of effortless coolness, the one that makes a preppy outfit a standout. 

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4. Striped Separates

Striped Separates


Stripes are the go-to pick for many fashionistas because they make almost any outfit interesting. 

Create a prep fit by matching and mixing preppy materials and patterns with stripes. Toss a striped button-up shirt and pair it with blue denim for a casual work day. Or, throw on striped shorts with a cable knit v-neck sweater. Slip into a pair of metallic flats, as they deliver prep but with a twist. 

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5. Remix a Rugby

Remix a Rugby


Representing prep style at its core, a good rugby shirt looks gorgeous on almost everyone without being snobbish. Plus, it’s a versatile piece of clothing, as it can be styled on colder days and easy evenings. Aren’t these reasons enough to add a rugby shirt to your wardrobe? 

For preppy aesthetic outfits, people often stick to jewel-tone and nautical (blue and white) color palettes. But that doesn’t mean you cannot mix up things. Ditch the classic way of styling a rugby shirt. Instead, opt for a brightly colored shirt and pair it with matching bike shorts– a fresh take on an old favorite. 

For added flair and femininity, go for a waist-skimming crop or a puffy sleeve style. 

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6. Try Prep Sweats

Try Prep Sweats


Did you know you can pull off preppy outfits with sweats? Many don’t, either, so you’re not alone.

Since sweats make outfits preppy, why not give it a try? Put on your favorite sweats, a T-shirt, and a blazer, and tie a crewneck sweatshirt over your shoulders. For a classic prep fashion, wear a baseball cap. Coming to footwear, a pair of sneakers will do a great job of elevating your look. So, go for them. 

The next time someone says preppy can’t be comfy, prove them wrong by pulling this look. 

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7. Opt for a Trouser

Opt for a Trouser


Who said trousers are just for interviews and internships? You can pull off preppy outfits with trousers because they are both formal and suitably relaxed.  

Chinos, corduroy pants, and twill pants– all qualify as significant pieces in a preppy ensemble. Having any one of these can help you pull preppy aesthetic outfits in autumn or winter get-togethers and semi-formal occasions. 

For a laid-back preppy vibe, pair trousers with the coziest, fluffiest cardigan. A turtleneck sweater also looks great with trousers. Just make sure to go for the shade that complements the color of your trousers. Round out your outfit with boots and a puffer jacket. 

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