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5 Price Comparison Apps to Always Get the Best Deal

5 Price Comparison Apps to Always Get the Best Deal

Picture this: you’re eyeing a cool gadget, a stylish pair of shoes, or maybe that dreamy kitchen appliance.

You want the best deal, but who has time to check every online store?

That’s where these apps swoop in like your shopping assistants. They compare prices, show you where to find the hottest discounts, find deals up to 90% off(crazy, right?), and some even give you a heads-up when prices drop.

It’s like having a personal shopper in your pocket, and here are the five best ones of 2023, handpicked for you.

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1. Carrot

Carrot shopping Extension

Fashionistas, tastemakers, and super shoppers—if you wish to save a good chunk of money on your next shopping haul, Carrot is a must-have AI shopping assistant.

This online extension takes the crown because of its nifty features. Where you need to upload pictures on other price comparison apps, Carrot minimizes the hassle by tracking your shopping across the web and organizing it.

The show’s star is the “Deal Hop” feature, through which you can save up to 90% every time you shop.

Just enable it and browse whatever you need to get the best prices. The AI-powered feature offers similar options in different price ranges to ensure you choose the best and get the most bang for your buck.

Source: Carrot


  • Organize your finds into visually appealing collections, wishlists, or mood boards
  • The “Deal Hop” feature helps you find the best deals and dupes up to 90% off
  • Discover celebrities & Influencer’s shoppable collections
  • Access coupon codes for all your fav stores


  • Free for individuals

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2. ShopSavvy


Source: ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy helps users shop wisely and save more, which is why it made its way to our list. It offers two ways to compare the prices of your favorite items. You can use the search tool to find items you plan to buy. Or you can scan the barcode of the particular item to see where it’s available at slashed prices. 

As it displays rates from online and offline retailers, you can compare rates from tons of retailers before buying a particular item. And if there’s a sale at any major store, ShopSavvy will notify you right away. Cool, enough—isn’t it? 

But that isn’t all. One of the greatest features of the app is to track the prices of items on a graph, letting users see how the prices fluctuate. 


  • Allows you to set up notifications for your finds whenever a sale comes up
  • Summarize all customer reviews into easily skimmable pros and cons
  • Compare prices from millions of sellers and 70,000+ retailers across all marketplaces


  • Free to download and use

3. BuyVia


Source: BuyVia

On its main screen, BuyVia displays the recent bargains—well, who doesn’t like that? You can browse those deals or navigate to the barcode scanner and compare the prices of items you’ve been eyeing. 

What’s remarkable about BuyVia is that it displays prices from both online stores and nearby outlets. That way, you can make an informed decision. It also lists exclusive deals and coupons, which will help you save a few bucks more. 

Want to get notified about price drops on selected items? With BuyVia, it’s easy. All you have to do is set a price limit and create alerts. BuyVia will send you notifications whenever there’s a price drop. 


  • Brings forth the best deals every day from popular stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc
  • Offers access to coupons from nearby businesses, including restaurants and clothing store
  • Allows you to share deals with friends


  • Free for everyone

4. Mycartsavings


Source: Mycartsavings

Where other price comparison apps let you search by scanning barcodes, Mycartsavings allows users to use their voice to find what they have been looking for. That makes it usable even when you’re on the go. 

But that isn’t the only way to compare prices on Mycartsavings. Another way to compare the prices of your favorite items is to search for them by entering their names in the app’s search engine. 

What’s more? Mycartsavings allows users to track eBay, Walmart, and Amazon prices, too. Just add the product to your watchlist and click the “price tracker” option. When the price of a particular item drops to your expected range, the app will notify you via email. Thereafter, you can shop for the item without spending a ton. 


  • Emails price drop alerts and daily deals on your emails
  • Allows you to compare prices of items you want to shop from major retailers
  • Will direct you straight to the online store if you wish to purchase the displayed items


  • No usage fee, so anyone can use it

5. Flipp


Source: Flipp

All those flyers, circulars, and weekly ads that come along with the newspaper are found on the Flipp app. That means you no longer will have to wait for paper ads to arrive in your mail. Once you download the app, Flipp will display amazing deals from nearby stores. How? By utilizing your location. Rest assured, you’ll be presented with deals relevant to you. 

Want to shop from your favorite store? No issues. Just search for it on the Flipp app, and you’ll be redirected to it. You can also search for deals by typing product names in the search bar.

Noteworthily, Flipp helps you maximize savings by offering digital coupons. Loyalty points and rewards also help you save big. Just make sure to use your card during checkout to enjoy a little more discount on your shopping. 


  • Allows you to clip deals to your shopping list, which you can order later on
  • Brings forth deals from more than 2000 stores, including Walgreens, Dollar General, and Walmart
  • Lets you add your favorite stores in one place, so you can access weekly ads with a click


  • Free for all users

Grab Dupes of Your Favorite Products for Less With Carrot

Using Carrot Deal hop feature to find dupes

Source: Using Carrot’s Deal Hop to Find an Anthropologie Mirror Dupe

There you have it, folks! The five best price comparison apps that will help you grab the best deals. 

Each of these apps lets you grab the best deals. But for us, Carrot steals the show, and why not? None of these apps have got the “Deal Hop” feature, like Carrot. By enabling this feature, you can save as much as 90% every time you shop through Carrot. 

To help you understand how “Deal Hop” works, we searched for a dupe for the Anthropologie mirror. And guess what? Carrot brought forth tons of options at a fraction of the price. Even more surprising was that Carrot’s AI-powered feature displayed options that cost as little as $65. Crazy, right?

What’s more? Carrot notifies users about price drops of items on their wishlists without even having to set alerts. That way, you can then order them at low prices and save tons of money. 

Find Deals up to 90% Off every time Only With Carrot

Seek inspiration from pro shoppers like you, create wishlists, and shop items at the best prices always! The best part? It’s 100% Free!

So what are you waiting for?