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Puppy shopping

Puppy Shopping List: The Ultimate Shareable List For A New Furry Friend

Do you remember being a little kid and begging your parent to get you a puppy? Well, congrats on finally getting one! As a new pet parent, it can be pretty daunting to learn how to care for them properly. Good thing you have us! In this blog, we’ll help you create the perfect shopping list for a new puppy. Keep reading!

1. Dog Bed

Dog bed

A dog bed is probably one of the most important items on your puppy shopping list. While many pets sleep in the same beds as their pet parents, it’s always best to train them to get accustomed to ‘their space’ early on.

Besides that, a regular bed would be too high for a puppy to climb onto, which is why a dog bed is essential. New pups nap a lot, so it’s a good idea for them to have a bed they can climb into whenever they want.

2. Puppy Food

Puppy food

Maybe this should have been on top of our puppy shopping list, but that’s okay.

Today, there are so many brands to choose from, but it’s always advisable to choose age-appropriate food and treats.

Consult your vet or the puppy adoption agency on what will be the most suitable diet for your best friend.

3. Food and Water Bowls

Next on our puppy shopping list is bowls that will allow your pup to gobble all the tasty food you got them.

Initially, you’ll have to train them to eat from a bowl which means there will be a lot of spillages outside.

So it’s best to get them a no-spill feeding station which is a silicon mat with two in-built bowls.

4. Training Leash

Puppy leash

Obviously, it’s too soon to take your new pup on an actual walk outside the house. To prepare them(and yourself) for walks outside, you can use a training leash inside the house or in your backyard.

Training leashes are generally much longer than a regular leash. This gives the dog the freedom to move around while you still have control of them in case they get out of hand.

While this may not be a priority on your puppy shopping list, it’s good to keep one handy because you will need it.

5. Collar + Dog Tag

Puppy collars

You’ve probably already given your new family member a super adorable name! How about making it official with a dog tag?

Dog tags serve a purpose greater than holding their names. They carry your contact details, so you can be contacted if you ever lose them. Making this an absolute necessity on your puppy shopping list!

6. Bathing/Grooming Essentials

Puppy grooming essentials

Your pup will either love bathing or absolutely hate it. There’s no in-between. However, it’s still important for you to clean them every day so that they can remain germ-free.

Bathing essentials to add to your puppy shopping list: puppy shampoo, conditioner, and, cleaning wipes.

Besides bathing, you’d need to regularly groom your pet. This includes a hairbrush, doggy toothpaste, and a toothbrush.

7. Poop Scooper and Poop Bags

poop scrapers

This is probably one thing on your puppy shopping list that you’d least look forward to buying. But, it’s super important and not something you should be ashamed of 🙂

Although a relatively new invention, scoopers have quickly gained popularity. If you don’t want to directly hold the poop through the plastic, you can use a scooper to well, scoop it up.

8. Training and Potty Pads

Dog training

Before you reach the stage of pooping outside the house, you’d need to train your pup to poop where you want them to every time.

A great resource for that is potty training pads. These pads are highly absorbent and quick-drying. So these can be used to train them to go to the bathroom only where the pads are placed.

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