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spring fashion trends

7 Spring Fashion Trends To Add To Cart in 2022

This year’s spring fashion trends are light and sprightly, perfect for warmer weather! There are plenty of fun pieces to add to your wardrobe, like ultra-low-rise pants, miniskirts, and halter necklines. So go ahead and add to Carrot – whoops, we mean ‘add to cart’. 😉 Although, if you do shop with the Carrot extension, adding to cart will be as breezy as a floral skirt on a sunny day!

Buckle in, keep your credit card handy, and let’s begin shopping spring styles!

1. Y2K Is Back

Brace yourselves, Millenials. Gen Z has spoken. The 2000s are making a roaring comeback!

What’s so great about Y2K fashion anyway?

The Y2K aesthetic is futuristic and edgy, with a touch of retro – think chunky sneakers, baguette bags, and pleated skirts.

The new decade is about revival and optimism. Indeed the perfect time for celebrating the good old days of the dot com boom through fashion.

On the runway, brands like Miu Miu have embraced this aesthetic with micro-mini bottoms and low-rise trousers!

Y2K Fashion trend
Source: The Cut

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration for spring, here’s what’s trending in the Y2K world:

2. Dark Academia

Queens Gambit

This spring fashion trend is for the moody, literary, and cable-knit-loving shoppers. If you were sitting in a lonely library with high ceilings, what would you wear? The dark academia spring fashion trend is best described as a vintage Ivy League vibe.

If you want to go for a lighter look, try out pastels like soft brown or powder blue. Otherwise, shop for darker shades of brown, black and grey for an edgy outfit!

Love the show The Queen’s Gambit? The dark academia aesthetic is spot-on in the miniseries!

When you’re styling this crossover between fashion and intellect, remember to keep it minimalistic.
Get ready to explore top handle leather laptop bags, collared shirts, big glasses, and sweater vests.

3. Feelin’ The Fringes

The fringe is one of the hallmarks of spring fashion trends in 2022. Why? Well, because we’re all ready to march on in our most festive attire! From Burberry to Bottega Venetta, the fringe is a crowd favorite.

4. Athleisure

This sporty aesthetic was also royally approved by Princess Diana in 1955! What more could you ask for, really?

Don’t know how to pull off an Athleisure look this season? Well, dust off your leggings and pair them with some chunky sneakers. It’s that easy and comfy!

Thanks to the Kardashians, you can rock your loungewear as one of the hottest spring fashion trends in 2022.

5. Maxi Hemlines

Who doesn’t love a maxi body-con dress? On the runway, designers like Chanel are welcoming fashion for spring with maxi skirts and maxi dresses. We adore the way Chanel has hit the ‘what to wear in spring’ jackpot by combining two trending spring styles in one – a maxi hemline with fringes!

Keep it classy and budget-friendly with this beautiful floral maxi skirt from ASOS!

6. Get the Wet Look

Ah, the sand between your toes and the ocean breeze in your hair. If only you could live out your daydreams through fashion…wait! You totally can! We have the spring fashion trends of 2022 to thank for this effortless “wet” look that has us feeling we’re drowning in water – in a good way, though.

7. Mad Max Meets Fashion For Spring

Biker jackets are back in style! At Acne Studios, the biker jacket was slim-fit and lapel-free, with a single strap at the throat and a distressed finish. Prada’s version was oversized, with multiple zips. Vogue called this trend the Motorcycle Diaries, and we couldn’t agree more!