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sustainable athelisure brands

5 Stellar Sustainable Activewear Brands For You in 2022

In many areas of our lives, instant gratification is king. We’re only a few clicks or taps away from the latest news, entertainment, food, and shopping. Social media is the cherry on top — creating wildly unrealistic closet expectations. Even if Miranda Priestly never had you shaking in your last season boots… We have all felt pressure to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

It used to be the norm to shop for clothes on an as-needed basis… a new job, season, size, whatever it was, nobody trucked all the way to the store without good reason! About 20 years ago, everything changed. Manufacturers started mass-producing accessible, trendy, cheap clothes that us chasing the latest — and fast fashion was born.

Made up of dominating global chains, fast fashion supports our (relatively new) favorite hobby: shopping. The cost of this insatiable demand? Large-scale damage to humankind. We’re talking toxic fabrics and materials, devastating greenhouse gas emissions, exploited workers in dangerous environments, wildlife deaths, and mass destruction of their habitats.

So yeah, those $10 deals are tempting! But consider the true price — paid by the whole planet — for that rack of cheap t-shirts.

buy less, choose well, make it last

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Enter, the trend we’ve all been waiting for: Activewear

The best trend of all time. It’s for anywhere and everywhere — from the gym to your jams. Nothing beats activewear… Except, of course, sustainable activewear.

If you’re looking to maximize the awesomeness that is the activewear movement and make mindful athleisure purchases, you’re in luck. Shop this list of activewear brands that are taking a stand against fast fashion.

Refusing to compromise: Sustainable activewear brands are as ethical as they are comfortable.

The United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion states that sustainable clothing brands check the following boxes:

  • Transparent business practices
  • Social responsibility
    • Protect human rights, safe working conditions, fair labor, and wages
  • Minimize environmental impact
    • Reduce pollution, energy and water consumption, and overall carbon footprint
    • Minimize the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals
    • Utilize recycling programs, recyclable packaging, naturally grown fabrics, and dyes
    • Protect wildlife and their habitats
  • Give back on a local level: charity, programs for social integration, and the environment.
  • Style and longevity: items are crafted with wearer integrity and intended for the long haul.

4 Eco-friendly activewear companies to bring out your inner humanitarian hero

1. Girlfriend Collective

Washington | 3XS-6XL

Made with recycled water bottles and very high standards.

– GC

With a tagline like that, you know Girlfriend Collective is here to impress. Certified by the Social Accountability Standard International SA8000, size-inclusive, BPA free, body and planet-friendly, Girlfriend has something for everyone.

the girlfriend collective

Wanna save money and the planet at the same time? They’ve got bundles for sustainable activewear AND a rewards program: The Collective. They’re so dedicated to sustainability, they even offer rewards to utilize their take-back program: ReGirlfriend – so you’ll earn points on the same piece twice.

2. Summersalt

Missouri | XS-2X

If Clea and Joanna are wearing it, we’re in! Not only does Summersalt feature prints from their collab with Netflix’s binge-worthy organizational inspiration, The Home Edit, but they have a print (or a solid) to fit any personality.

summersalt collection

As for the fit… Summersalt prides themselves on functionality, inclusivity, and comfort. They collected over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women, to be sure!

Their commitment to ethically sourced and eco-friendly activewear is impressive. Summersalt utilizes recycled plastic bottles and materials – some of which is literally pulled from our oceans! The exact number of plastic bottles recycled to craft each piece can be found on any product page. For example, each sustainable activewear sports bra is made up of 8 plastic (16.9 oz.) water bottles!

3. Organic Basics

Denmark | XS – XL

It’s on us to change

– OB

Organic Basics holds themselves accountable in every regard. Working toward increased inclusivity means plans to expand sizes, refusal to photoshop the real people modeling their clothes, and a promise to work with and for their customers to be the change.

organic basics

Projects: The Low Impact Project was founded by OB, encouraging their customers to share bits and pieces of their journey to a more eco-friendly existence. The Organic Basics Fund is a program dedicated to getting direct funding to people and projects that aim to create long-term, real impact – environmentally and socially.

Talk about transparency! OB maintains the highest standards when it comes to reducing their environmental impact, from low-impact textiles to certified factory partners. Featuring pictures of their various facilities, customers are invited to explore the nitty-gritty of their global operations… down to the way they utilize their scraps!

Products feature a unique Impact Index detailing the brand’s environmental footprint – detailing the exact water conserved, CO2 and waste prevented. OB stands strong in their refusal to accept anything less than substantial sustainable measures.

4. Pact

Colorado | XS – 2XL + Kids + Home

Setting themselves apart in sustainable athleisure brands, Pact uses only organic cotton made in fair trade factories. They use zero toxic chemicals or dyes and their method requires 81% less water than non-organic cotton and sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people by using natural farming processes in over 45 countries. Pact is sweatshop and child-labor-free.


They’re also the only brand to make the cut that offers baby, children’s clothing, bath, and bed textiles.

With donation programs, carbon-offset packaging, and thoughtful shipping, Pact’s sustainable activewear materials are sourced with comfort, sustainability, affordability, and accessibility in mind.

Vote for Slow fashion when you buy eco-friendly activewear.

Every purchase you make casts a vote. When we buy from the fast fashion villains, we are supporting their domination. When we choose sustainable athleisure brands, we’re voting for sustainability, social change, and demanding change within the fashion industry. Where do you stand?

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With this many options for sustainable athleisure brands, it’d be handy to have all of your top picks gathered together on one page. Imagine being one click away from creating wish lists, sharing your collections, and helping the environment!

Root for Earth with Carrot (see what we did there?)

With this many options for sustainable athleisure brands, it’d be handy to have all of your top picks gathered together on one page. Imagine being one click away from creating wish lists, sharing your collections, and helping the environment!

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