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Top 20 Sustainable Clothing Brands You’ll Want To Buy in 2022

We all love the thrill of buying and wearing new clothes. While it’s hard to keep up with the Kardashians, most of us try to keep up with the changing fashion trends. However, this growing need for mass production of clothes at an affordable price has birthed earth’s ultimate supervillain— fast fashion.

Fast fashion keeps all of its consumers in the dark about sustainability, materials used for manufacturing, safety, wages, working conditions of the laborers, and the water footprint. Supervillain indeed! The good news is that many brands have started using sustainable design practices, taking advantage of renewable energy sources, and implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

So if you’re reading this blog, you’ve got a shot at being a superhero, and quite a fashionable one at that! So earth warriors, if you’re looking for sustainable clothing brands, you’re deff in the right place. Here’s a curated list of the best sustainable fashion brands of 2022 that you must explore to bring style and comfort to your closet without harming the planet!

💸 Pricing Guide

  • $- under $50
  • $$- From $50 to $100
  • $$$- From $100 to $150
  • $$$- Above $150

20 Sustainable Clothing Brands for a Guilt-free Wardrobe

pact sleepwear sustainable-clothing-brands

1. Pact

Need a sustainable clothing alternative to your regular basics? Pact gets you ultra-soft clothes without harming the planet. Their underwear and sleepwear are engineered to perfection for maximum comfort. The sustainable clothing brand is Fair Trade certified and also works actively with donation programs. Plus, it provides carbon-offset shipping.

Price Range- $

Size Range- XS to 3XL (up to US 24)

Product Range- Basics for adults & children, underwear, activewear, bedding, bath

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kotn sustainable-clothing-brands

2. Kotn

Kotn is a Certified B Corp offering some of the best organic cotton styles on the market today. Their range of premium collections is made of sustainably-grown Egyptian cotton. They also give back to Egypt by building schools in the country, funding over 2000 farms, and creating growth opportunities for their workers!

Price Range- $ – $$

Size Range- XS to XXL (up to US 16)

Product Range- Adult basics, loungewear, home goods, accessories

organic basics sustainable-clothing-brands

3. Organic Basics

Need comfortable workout wear for your daily exercise routine? Organic Basics is your destination. It is one of the most loved sustainable clothing brands for its constant innovation and focus on ethical standards. Their fashion mantra is all about looking good by feeling good!

Price Range- $$ -$$$

Size Range- XS to XL

Product Range- Adult apparel, loungewear, underwear, swimwear, denim, accessories

hass sustainable-clothing-brands

4. Hass

Hass is a sustainable clothing brand by Avocado Green. You can get stylish eco-friendly clothing made with organic and renewable fabrics. Their soft and breezy modal collection is bound to make you feel amazing. Every purchase goes towards feeding a person in need via the nonprofits City Harvest (New York) and Food Forward (Los Angeles).

Price Range- $$ – $$$$

Size Range- XS to XL

Product Range- Adult basics


5. Outerknown

Outerknown believes in being relentlessly sustainable no matter how hard it gets. This super-conscious team sources 90% of their clothing through recycling and regeneration. Their fully-recycled trunks are one of their many sustainable innovations to inspire the world of fashion.

Price Range- $$-$$$

Size Range- XS to XL

Product Range- Adult apparel, swimwear, outerwear, accessories, bags, shoes

reformation sustainable-clothing-brands

6. Reformation

If you are on the lookout for stylish and sustainable clothing brands, Reformation is the perfect stop! Get super trendy and eco-friendly clothing that will make you love yourself. All their pieces are made with sustainable materials following fair working standards. They also attach a note detailing the environmental footprint of every delivery.

Price Range- $$$

Size Range- XXS to 3X

Product Range- Women’s apparel, denim, outerwear, activewear, bridal, shoes

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people tree

7. People Tree

People Tree is one of the oldest sustainable clothing brands that has partnered with fair trade artisans and farmers worldwide. The London-based brand makes adorable eco-friendly clothing from lightweight sundresses to daily athleisure that keeps you coming back!

Price Range- $$-$$$

Size Range- S to L

Product Range- Women’s apparel, activewear, sleepwear, accessories


8. Quince

Quince promises to deliver you the best quality at accessible prices. Made with organic materials, you get all the latest, effortlessly beautiful styles. Their products are delivered with virgin plastic-free packaging- so you don’t need to worry about your carbon footprint when ordering!

Price Range- $-$$

Size Range- XS to XL

Product Range- Adult apparel, home goods, capsule collections


9. Boden

You have to check out Boden for the most dreamy and whimsical silhouettes! The sustainable clothing brand offers some of the most exciting fashion wear for adults as well as children. Plus, they are super committed to fair trade practices.

Price Range- $$-$$$

Size Range- XS to XL

Product Range- Adult & children’s apparel, shoes, handbags, accessories

tentree sustainable-clothing-brands

10. tentree

Every time you purchase something from tentree, 10 trees are planted to give back to the planet (and they have reached 61 million already!). The Certified B Corp takes ethical manufacturing very seriously to offer eco-friendly clothing for everyone in the family.

Price Range- $$

Size Range- XS to XXL

Product Range- Adult & children’s tops, bottoms, outerwear, bags, accessories


11. Vetta

Create a Glam capsule with Vetta, and you can have all the outfits of your dreams in one collection. Take their quiz to get your capsule wardrobe or you can customize your own wardrobe with their stunning eco-friendly collection. This unique shopping model makes Vetta stand out from other sustainable clothing brands by helping you build a thoughtful wardrobe.

Price Range- $$ – $$$

Size Range- XS to XL

Product Range- Women’s apparel

swimsuit summersalt

12. Summersalt

A travel wear brand that makes fashion fun and sustainable, Summersalt offers the most versatile range of garments made from WRAP-accredited factories. They are best known for their swimwear and athleisure made with recycled materials and sustainable fabrics.

Price Range- $$ – $$$

Size Range- XS to 2X

Product Range- Women’s apparel, swimwear, loungewear, sleepwear, activewear

able sustainable-clothing-brands

13. ABLE

ABLE is a fashion-forward brand that claims to empower women who wear their clothes as well as those who make them. By publishing their wages and creating their own evaluation system of the manufacturing process, ABLE collaborates with entrepreneurs and local communities of women across the world. Try their thoughtfully designed collection of dresses, jeans, and shoes made by fairly paid women.

Price Range- $ – $$$

Size Range- XXS to XXL

Product Range- Women’s apparel, denim, shoes, jewelry, accessories


14. Tradlands

Tradlands is one of the most purpose-driven eco-friendly clothing companies for women’s apparel. They aspire to create high-quality essentials for every occasion with close attention to fit and details. Following all the standards of ethical production, Tradlands makes unique collections in small batches with many independent artisans.

Price Range- $$ – $$$$

Size Range- XXS to 5X

Product Range- Women’s apparel

christy dawn sustainable-clothing-brands

15. Christy Dawn

Instead of using conventional fabric to create apparel, Christy Dawn creates fashion from waste. They bring to life fantastic pieces with deadstock fabrics following regenerative farming practices. Apart from including all types of sizes, they also have an excellent range of maternity-friendly pieces.

Price Range- $$$ – $$$$

Size Range- XS to 3X

Product Range- Women & baby’s apparel, footwear, accessories; maternity-friendly

two days off

16. Two Days Off

Get the most beautiful fabrics that will also fill your life with pure relaxation! Two Days Off is an independent sustainable clothing brand owned by women for women. Using natural fabrics like linen, hemp, and cotton- they promote a guilt-free carbon-neutral lifestyle with thoughtful fashion.

Price Range- $$ – $$$

Size Range- XS to 4XL

Product Range- Women’s apparel, outerwear, bath & body, home goods, jewelry

back beat sustainable-clothing-brands

17. Back Beat Co.

Shop the vintage styles of Back Beat Co. made with organic fabrics. The brand is built on the surfer aesthetic with vibrant colors and prints. Ethical and social responsibility is their top priority as they keep raising standards of sustainability. From sourcing sustainable fabrics to the final shipping, everything is handled with love and care for the planet!

Price Range- $-$$$

Size Range- XS to XXL

Product Range- Women’s tops, dresses, pants, sweaters, jumpsuits, sets, accessories

thought clothing

18. Thought Clothing

With ECOCERT certified pieces and fair & safe labor, Thought Clothing is one of the best sustainable clothing brands based in the UK. Forging a strong connection with suppliers and factories across borders, they continuously deliver classic silhouettes for sustainable fashionistas.

Price Range- $$ – $$$

Size Range- XS to XL

Product Range- Adult apparel, loungewear, intimates, accessories

girlfriend collective

19. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is all about creating functional apparel across multiple shapes and sizes. They use recycled plastic bottles to manufacture every piece, and with their take-back program, you can return the item to recycle again. You never have to worry about polluting the planet with this collective!

Price Range- $- $$

Size Range- XXS to 6X

Product Range- Adult apparel, activewear, swimwear, maternity, accessories

fair indigo

20. Fair Indigo

Sustainable fashion is not only about getting clothes that are eco-friendly, but also making sure they’re long-lasting. Fair Indigo promises longevity of up to 5 years as they use durable Peruvian Pima cotton. And they follow eco-friendly practices for everything from farming to packaging.

Price Range- $-$$

Size Range- XS to XL

Product Range- Adult & children’s apparel, loungewear, accessories

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