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walmart return policy

Walmart Return Policy: Everything They Don’t Want You To Know (2023)

If you’ve ever had to return something to Walmart, you know the process can be unpredictable. Sometimes it’s quick and easy, but it can be a real pain. Walmart’s return policy is more flexible than most, but there are a few catches that can trip you up if you’re not expecting them. Being aware of these can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. So before you buy anything from Walmart (or any store), make sure you know their return policy inside and out. That way, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road. To get you started, here’s a rundown of the Walmart return policy, along with some tips on how to make the most of it.

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What is Walmart’s return policy?

Like all retail stores, Walmart has its own way of dealing with coupons and returns. Everything from the condition it’s into its time and date of purchase to its product category can affect getting your money back. The Walmart return policy applies to products bought in Walmart U.S. stores,, Walmart Business, or from Marketplace sellers on

You have 90 days after purchase to exchange or return an item. You can return items for free in-store, by mail, or via a scheduled pickup from your home. To return the item, you must provide your in-store receipt,, or Walmart Business order number, and you’ll be refunded the purchase price and applicable taxes and fees to the original form of payment.

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How do I return a Walmart purchase?

Credits: Walmart

While you can only return Walmart store purchases in-store, the Walmart online return policy allows you to return purchases in-store or by mail. Most purchases can be returned for free by mail. Keep reading to learn how to start the return process by mail or in-store!

Returns in-store

If you do have a Walmart account:

  • Begin your return in the Walmart app or in your account history on
  • Select the item(s) you’d like to return & a reason for the return.
  • Choose “Return to store” to get a return barcode
  • Review the return refund summary & submit your return
  • Check your email for confirmation and bring it with you to the store along with your item

If you don’t have a Walmart account:

  • Have your receipt or order number handy.
  • Start your in-store return online
  • Select whether you made an in-store or online purchase
  • Follow a few easy steps
  • Check your email for confirmation and bring it with you to the store along with your item


If you’d rather not start your return online or in the Walmart app, bring the items you want to exchange or return, plus all original packaging & accessories, as well as your receipt, to the customer service desk at your local Walmart store.

Returns by mail

If you do have a Walmart account:

  • View your order history in the Walmart app or at
  • Locate the item(s) you’d like to return
  • Select “Return” or “Replace” for each item & provide a reason for the return
  • Select “Return by mail” to print your return label
  • Package the item(s) along with all original packaging & accessories, then drop it off at USPS or FedEx locations.
  • For larger items, you will be prompted with the option to arrange a pickup at your home
  • You’ll receive a refund or replacement once we receive the item

If you don’t have a Walmart account:

  • Start your return online for easier processing by visiting their online order tracking system
  • Have your email address & order number handy

NOTE: Only items from the same order can be processed in the same return. Multiple items from multiple orders will need to be processed separately.

Walmart return policy FAQs & everything you need to know

1. How long do you have to return something to Walmart?

Walmart customers have 90 days to return almost everything they buy in the store or online. You can’t return a few things, but most purchases can be sent back during this three-month period.

You can return clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. within 90 days for a full refund if you have the receipt. If you don’t have the receipt, you can get a store credit. You have 60 days to return prescription glasses and 30 days to return most items from Walmart’s online store that are sold by third-party sellers. Debit and credit card refunds will take 10 business days, or you can get a refund on your debit card as cash.

2. What is the Walmart electronics return policy?

You can return most electrical devices that you’ve bought from Walmart within the last 30 days, as long as you have the original packaging and a receipt. This includes electric scooters, hoverboards, and Verizon postpaid mobile phones. For other mobile phones, you have 14 days to return them.

3. What CAN’T you return to Walmart?

  • Firearms & Ammunition
  • Airsoft & Air Guns, BB Guns, Crossbows,
  • Pepper Spray
  • Gas Powered Recreational Vehicles (e.g., Dirt Bikes, Mini-Bikes, Go-Carts, Scooters, Ride-ons, UTVs & ATVs)
  • Used or Mounted Tires, Wheels, Rims, Snow Tires
  • Trading cards (opened or unopened)
  • Precious Metals (e.g., gold bars, silver coins, currency)
  • Prescription Medications and Devices
  • Items containing — pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, phenylpropanolamine
  • Sex Toys & Vibrators, Pregnancy Tests, Ovulation Tests, & Home Diagnostic Testing Kits (including COVID-19 tests)
  • Diabetic Supplies* including meters, strips, lancets, lancet devices & syringes
  • Hygienic Medical Equipment (e.g., bedpans, bath seats, sitz baths, eye drop guides, opened/unsealed breast pumps)
  • RV sewer lines, toilets, toilet bowls and urinals (used or installed)

Groceries and apparel

Walmart has accepted food returns in the past, but in light of safety recommendations relating to the Covid pandemic, the store has suspended returns on all grocery items. Walmart doesn’t want customers bringing food back into the store with them. If you’re not satisfied with an item, the store will issue a full refund as long as you have the receipt.

The Fresh Guarantee covers anything from produce, fresh flowers, meat, bakery, deli, dairy and frozen–as long as you have a receipt, you’ll get a full refund. The only rule is that you have to initiate the return before the “best by” date.

Clothing, swimwear, and shoes:

Similar to groceries, Walmart has always had a standard policy for returns. But right now, as part of the company’s response to the pandemic, they are not processing returns on any apparel.

Some other items that are ineligible for return at Walmart include but are not limited to:

  • Intimate massagers,
  • eDelivery software,
  • Video game download cards,
  • Fulfilled PINS or minutes of prepaid cellular,
  • Funeral products,
  • Ammunition,
  • Pepper spray,
  • Firearms, airguns or BB guns, and
  • Gas-powered items (i.e ATV’s, go-karts, and mini-bikes)

All sales of the latter are final. You can access an updated list of non-returnable items online. If you have any questions, contact Walmart customer care.

4. Can you return plants to Walmart?

Yup! You have a whole year to return trees, shrubs, and perennials as per the Walmart return policy, but you need the receipt. Walmart will take back any trees, shrubs, and perennials you bought from them—even if they’re dead. But, like some popular home improvement stores, you can only return them with your receipt.

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5. Can you return Walmart items without a receipt?

Walmart does allow customers to return items even if they don’t have the original receipt with them. If you don’t have a receipt, the store might also be able to look up your order by the credit/debit card used to make the purchase in-store. For online orders, the store might be able to look up the order by the email or phone number used to place the order.

While Walmart usually needs your store receipt or order number, the store says that if you don’t have either of those, you can put in a request to the store’s refund verification process. The process involves presenting some government-issued photo ID. The cashier will then check to see if your ID is in the Walmart system. If everything is alright and the return isn’t subject to one of the store’s exceptions, you should get your money back.

6. Does Walmart always accept returns without receipts?

Unfortunately, they dont! If you’re somebody who frequently returns items without receipts, they may not accept your return. Returns may also be rejected based on the item itself or how long ago you bought it.

7. What is the mode of refund on my return?

Walmart always processes returns in the same way that they were paid—except when that’s not possible. For example, they don’t give credit refunds for returns that don’t include receipts.

8. How much do I get refunded without a receipt?

Even though Walmart usually takes back returned items without a receipt, they do have a few deterrents. It’s WAY easier on the store and the customer if you have a receipt when you return something. If you return something to Walmart without a receipt, you might not always get a direct refund. For returns without a receipt, Walmart only gives cash refunds for items that cost less than $10. Anything over $10 and you’ll have to take store credit in the form of a Walmart gift card. You could also exchange the item you’re returning without a receipt.

9. Can I return items worth over $300?

The Walmart return policy states that the store will still accept returns for jewelry, watches, and items that cost more than $300, but there are some new rules. If you want to exchange a watch or piece of jewelry, you can do it at the store where you bought it, as long as you have the receipt. But if you want a refund, you’ll have to mail the item back. And for items that cost more than $300, you can’t return them in person—you can only mail them back. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for shipping.

10. What is Walmart’s holiday return policy – and how long does it last?

Holiday return policies just mean that the retailer will accept returns for a longer period of time. This is how Walmart’s holiday return policy works: For items that can be returned within 90 days (which is most of the store), there is no holiday return policy. The item must be returned within 90 days of purchase, with no exceptions.

For items with a 14-day to 30-day return window (electronics, items from third-party sellers), the holiday return policy starts on November 1st. This means that the return countdown is frozen from the beginning until December 26th.

11. Will I be able to receive a refund for every return I make?

In general, you should be able to get cash back or have the purchase price credited to the card you used when you make a return. But there are instances when you’ll only be able to do an exchange or get another form of payment. If you don’t have the credit card you used when you originally made the purchase, you’ll get a Walmart shopping card or gift card.

If you made your original purchase with a gift card and are returning it, the transaction will go back on the gift card, or, in some cases, a new gift card will be issued. With a regular refund, you’ll get the sticker price amount as well as any taxes and fees that were associated with the purchase.

12. What products does Walmart NOT allow a refund on?

According to the Walmart refund policy, you can’t get a refund on:

  • Unlocked wireless phones (14 days to exchange)
  • Air beds and air mattresses (90 days to exchange)
  • Medical equipment like walkers, crutches, and slings (90 days to exchange)

However, the option to exchange these items is still on the table!

13. Can you return gift cards to Walmart?

In most cases, unless your state requires it, stores won’t take gift cards back and give you a refund. So, if you change your mind after buying a gift card at Walmart, you’re out of luck, no matter if it’s a Walmart gift card, Visa gift card, restaurant gift card, gaming gift card, etc.

Now you know all about the Walmart return policy!

So now that you know all you can imagine about the Walmart return policy you can relax and rest assured—it’s easy to get a refund for any Walmart purchases you’re not happy with.

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