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travel shopping essentials

All the Travel Shopping Essentials You Need for Any Vacation!

Planning for your next vacation is super exciting! Packing for it not so much. No matter how many times you’ve traveled before, you may be confused about what to buy or pack. But no more! We at Carrot have curated the ultimate travel shopping list that covers all your travel needs – wherever you’re going. Take a look below!

1. Suitcase(s)


This is probably a no-brainer. Perhaps you need a new set of suitcases from the last time you went on vacation and still haven’t done it. This is your friendly reminder to add suitcases to your travel shopping list to avoid a mishap while traveling!

2. Backpack


A backpack is a travel must-have! And honestly, they’re quite underrated. A sturdy backpack can go a long way to aid you during your travels. Store all your personal belongings like your laptop, tablet, headphones, and everything else. This way, you won’t have to dig through your suitcase when you want to catch up on your favorite web series on the plane.

3. Power Bank/Portable Charger


Useful and underestimated, wherever and however you’re traveling. A power bank is a must for your travel shopping list. You may want to be about that digital detox when you’re on vacation, but using your phone is probably inevitable. From looking for a place to eat to booking your cab to a hotel —you’ll be needing your phone for just about everything. So make sure you have a portable charger so your phone doesn’t run out of battery right when you’re shooting the perfect vacay vlog.

4. Sling Bag/Fanny Pack


They’re the perfect thing to carry money and your phone in when you’re strolling the neighborhood. You don’t want to be penniless when you come across an interesting street food cart. At the same time, you don’t want to carry a large purse or backpack. Fanny packs are also great for keeping your valuables safe from potential pickpockets.

5. Flip Flops


If you’re going to the beach, this is an obvious must-have. But if not, they’re still something you should pack! Most hotels don’t provide complimentary flip-flops, so it’s a great idea to carry your own. Who would wanna roam around in shoes the entire trip?

6. Toiletries!


They seem super obvious to pack … until we forget to bring them. Not all of us have a supply of travel-sized toiletries at home, so it’s important to add them to our travel shopping list. These can include:

  • a toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • sunblock
  • moisturizer
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • a hairbrush/hair ties/a headband
  • deodorant
  • makeup
  • chapstick
  • personal hygiene products

…and a LOT more.

You can also add travel-sized containers to your list so you can simply transfer some of your existing toiletries into them, instead of buying brand new ones!

7. Medicine


Make sure to refill your prescriptions so that you don’t run out of your medicine while on vacation. Also, be sure to carry any over-the-counter emergency meds that you may require. These can include paracetamol, aspirin, motion sickness pills, and so on.

8. Sanitizers and Face Masks


Traveling during a global pandemic means that you have to take some other essentials with you on vacation. Add a couple of sanitizer bottles and a lot of masks to your travel shopping list.

9. Water Bottle


This is one thing that may not cross your mind when you think of packing for vacation. But a water bottle comes in handy whenever you’re thirsty, whether that’s at the airport or while you are sightseeing. Not to mention, it’s more sustainable!

10. Portable Door Lock

portable door lock

Even though your hotel room door already has a lock on it, it can be picked. A portable door lock stays in place even if the door is otherwise unlocked. This will help you feel secure and sleep so much better!

11. Travel Pillow

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Whichever transport you’re using, a nap is always a good idea! That way you will reach your destination refreshed and ready to explore. Of course, sleeping upright can be uncomfortable. That’s why investing in a good neck pillow is a wonderful idea! They also come in many different designs so you may as well be comfy and cute.

12. Money Belt


A belt that also has a secret money compartment? Yes, please! This belt is perfect for when you need to carry a bunch of cash but are scared of keeping it in your bag or pocket. It’s also great when you want to go shopping hands-free!

13. A Cute Swimsuit


A swimsuit is obviously a beach holiday essential, but don’t forget to pack one even if you’re going to a place without beaches! Nearly every hotel has a swimming pool these days. And is it even a vacation if you don’t take advantage of it?

We hope you found this holiday shopping list helpful! It covers all the essentials you need regardless of where you’re traveling to. Shopping for your next vacation couldn’t be easier with this list!

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